Calling all Dreamers…

We love hearing the inspirational and motivational dreams of our boho girls. Tell us about your dreams…your wildest sky-high hopes for yourself and your life.

Do you dream about a family, a career move, a pretty necklace, courage, starting a business? We can’t wait to hear it! One of our lucky dreamers will be chosen at random to have their story and blog featured on The Boho Daily. Simply comment below with your personal reach-for-the-top kind of dream and link to this post on your Facebook or Twitter account…

Richelle, and all of our Tiny Devotions team are self proclaimed dreamers. We try to push each other to fulfill those plans and move from hoping to “doing”.


  1. My dream is to become a personal trainer and I would also love to teach yoga on the side. I am currently struggling/trying to find my true calling in life. I just recently bought myself a mala braclet and just started to try meditation. Finding myself is something t I have been trying to do for a long time, I have been down the road where I abused drugs and alcohol and that is not what I want in my life anymore. I want to be and feel healthy, love myself, find inner peace and share it with the world. This i know is a big challenge and will take time and i am willing to take all the time I need to accomplish happiness and health. I do have that one motivation to help keep me on the right track and to push me and he is my boyfriend Ben. Right now I do feel a small disconnect and I believe it’s because I can’t truley open up my heart and give him all my love. I feel like if I don’t love myself how can I love someone else. This whole wanting to change myself and my life takes a toll on me but I just don’t want to give up. I try to attended some yoga classes but the money is a issue, as for my working out that’s different cause I do HIIT training so it’s something I can do in the comfort of my own home. I sometimes feel like I want so much in life that it becomes hard for me to stay strong and keep a positive mind. Reading and visiting your site gives me that enlightenment that if I stick to it that I can achieve my goals and achieve the inner peace I am looking for. I love yoga and working out so I want to make it my lifestyle not just a hoby, I have also noticed a small difference in my attitude since I bought the mala beads and have been meditating. I just feel like this all is my calling and what I am seeking in life so it must be seeking me as well. I am ready for a life change and I know I cant do it alone. I wish you guys the best in all the things you want to accomplish. :-)

  2. A dream called, “lost soul, found artist.” Well, the dream is built and gracefully becoming a reality. I dream of enlightening mother earth with a “beloved revolution.” I went through a sad, painful creative block a few years ago and realized I was not the artist I was fabricated for. I was slowly losing my passion for what I believed & breathes for. I started to write out my journey through what I thought was a phase. Soon to behold was resistance taking hold of my inner peace, happiness and drive to document. I watched the universe of portraiture become trendy, that was not me or my style. I yearned for more, more of me, more of what I valued and no more copied ideas from one another. In taking a sabbatical to renew my life, remodel my business and revive my muse; I hired a graphic designer in Australia. Seeing as she custom made the style I am felt for what I was procreated to do, I hired her. She stated the words I yearned for, font I connected with and designed branding that united with my art. In awaiting her time, I delved deep into “the fire starter sessions,” by Danielle LaPorte. I heard it was a book of divine interventions & kick your ars entrepreneurship. I graced the website of jesh and the “beloved movement.” As I neared the end of exploring beloved, creating my new brand and having my ars handed to my by Danielle; I headed for nirvana. This was it, I was made to enlighten the world with the new genre of photography called, beloved. I knew I was in love with life from that day on and my universe soon became the artist + storyteller I had always been. I finally was alive again. I had dreams of uniting with a business to explore. evolve & nurture both body & soul. Yes, I can share with all that I can on how life changing a beloved session could be, but I wanted more. I specialize in maternity & newborn portraiture and felt there was something more I needed to be connected to. Well, a local yoga studio approached me recently to co-partner. Guess what? They cater to expectant mothers and newly born. Perfect! So, it is all becoming a reality from a dream. No matter what all my accolades started as a dream, so do we ever stop the dream once it has been accomplished? I don’t think so, we just evolve to explore a part of a dream. Then nurture it into another stage of the dream. So, what I’m trying to say is not only is my dream to initiate a “beloved revolution,” but be a muse within this evolution to enlighten all the beautiful breathing to live your dream. In many ways we are interconnected because of dreams.

  3. I keep coming back to the quote on the wall… I really want to paint this onto the entrance of my home…. I’d love to know where it comes from! I can’t quite make it out on the photo :)

  4. Sondra Bloxam says:

    I dream of growing a career for myself in the yoga community. The root of what I love is yoga and helping others by building community. With gratitude I have had the opportunity of immersing myself in seva by helping with community outreach and marketing for my yoga studio, and a local yoga nonprofit. I have met so many amazing fellow Bohemians in the process and have seen with new eyes what I am truely good at, building relationships through yoga.

    At this moment, there is no sustainable position to harness my Passion. It is my dream to establish this
    transformational career and become a pillar in the community network of yogis that I have come to love.

    If I were to manifest something more specific I would say that to fulfill my dream I will: Build a position for myself as the Project Manager of Yogiroots, a Portland yoga nonprofit working to connect, engage, and evolve the Portland yoga sangha (community) by fostering collaboration and accessibility among yoga groups and individuals from all traditions, levels of experience, and backgrounds.

    This is a dream of my dreams, of my dreams. And so it is :)

  5. I dream of a great love that will last forever. Someone to travel the world with and stay in bungalows on hidden beaches and houses on cliffs edges. I dream of children ruling my house and being in awe of my creations and how could that possibly be? I dream of always being happy and following my dreams, no matter how far they may take me. I dream of passing on my happiness to those who need it most and those who don’t need it at all. I dream of dreams that lead me to my next adventure in life whether it’s an adventure of love seeking or soul searching. I dream of influencing others to stay positive because that is the only way to “success”, whatever you define success to be. I dream of having everything I’ve dreamed of and more, and yes it will be–my world of calmness :) <3 Namaste

  6. My ultimate dream is to create my own business with my blog, Bohemian Kate. It is my baby, my obsession. I write mainly about healthy recipes and natural homemade skincare. I would love to be able to live off of an income from my blog ultimately so I can spend more time on it :) I love inspiring others to switch over to a more natural skincare program, not just for better skin, but for their health as well. That’s super important to me. Eventually, I would love to have my own skincare line that is COMPLETELY natural. I also love coming up with easy healthy recipes and sharing those as well on my blog. It’s a goal of mine to someday have a cookbook too. The most important thing to me is that I spend my days doing what I love and showing others they can do the same. It’s so important in this hectic world that we live in, to slow down and enjoy life. That is my dream!

  7. I dream of sparking love through EVOLution. How can one spark? Through Spiritual Practice And Radical Knowledge. I’m not talking double sided rainbows or flying unicorns. We all have spark – fierce knowledge. We all don’t use it. Finding your spark would be a dream come true, so that we choose and react mindfully, always – even when we are having the worst day, dealing with the worst person in the world. Mindful choices shouldn’t only pertain to big-ticket items like taking a lifetime trip down the aisle, relocating cities or hop-scotching to that new job title. We all have challenges and choices to make – it’s how we choose to react to them that either helps with our footing or forfeits stability… with both oars in the water.

  8. I dream of being an inspiring yoga and pilates teacher, specializing in pre/post natal. I dream of incorporating and sharing my love for the ocean and traveling with my students. I dream of continuing to grow my little family and living a long and healthy life together. My dreams and goals always include a delicious meal and amazing friends and family!

  9. Right now I’m dreaming of teaching yoga full-time! I’ve just graduated from my RYT200hr teacher training, and would like to make the leap from part-time teacher to full-time, and really changing my life and the people I surround myself with… In the future, I’d also like to back to school and become a Holistic Nutritionist! This is something that I’ve really become interested in lately, and seems like my path may lead me there one day… Also, if we’re really talking about big dreams, I’d love to start an organic veggie farm with my husband… in California! “Living the dream” to me, would mean plenty of yoga, nature, fresh, whole foods and LOVE filling my days <3

    • Wow, that’s exactly my dream too. Yoga teacher training, going to Institute of integrative nutrition to become a health coach, California, farm, all that. I hope your’s will become true soon! X

  10. Marcy says:

    I have two BIG dreams!! My first is to meet Tristan Prettyman. I have been a fan for years and she is that “celebrity” (far away person) that has taught me that you can do anything you set your mind to. I just want to shake her hand and say “Thank You!”

    My second dream is, well, huge, I want to open my own school. Not just any school, but an outdoor school, where students are taught and encouraged to love and appreciate all that is around them. I have been teaching for 7 years and have learned that children really learn when they are doing and experiencing the learning. For this simple reason, I dream of one day opening a school for academically struggling students.

    • Are you a Montessori teacher? Can we combine dreams and build a school together?!

      • Marcy says:

        No, I am not a Montessori teacher, but I do believe in some of its philosophies. My experience is with lower-socioeconomic elementary students.

  11. i dream of days spent helping others find their potential.. to find their own heart and own love.. to find the way to heal themselves! I dream of creating a community of people who support, love, and connect with each other. I dream of having a “hippie camp” (otherwise known as a retreat center) filled with yoga classes, massages, saunas, hot tubs, rain room, and room to hike around and reconnect with the world around us. To have art studios for when the creative mood strikes you and a kitchen filled with nutritious and delicious foods… but mostly I dream of giving birth to this sweet boy I’m carrying and having him grow up in a yoga community, a caring family, and to have many adventures and explorations! That he will enjoy growing up surround with people who love him and support him.. even if he doesn’t love his momma’s “hippie camp”!

  12. Julie says:

    I am buying a Bed and Breakfast Inn. It’s my dream to be an innkeeper and practice hit-and-run hospitality unique to me and special for the folks I cross paths with. More than food and lodging, I want to insist on magic for the those I look after and add something to their journeys that they never knew they always wanted. My partner of fourteen years is in it with me and we are inches from completing the purchase of our dream property in Eugene, Oregon. Gracious and with intention, my dream is happening!

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