Our Boho Ambassador: MB LaRue

We touched base with our ambassador MB LaRue to ask her some questions about what gets her inspired everyday. MB is a yoga teacher, writer, and lover of avocados, homemade chai tea, and hip hop! You can follow MB on her blog: Mary Beth LaRue: Everyday Bliss.

How are you working towards changing the world?
i believe every single one of us deserves a life we love, that lights us up. and whether it’s through a sweaty yoga
practice, a gratitude meditation, or a conversation over coffee about life goals, my mission is to lead people toward their bliss. sustainable, fulfilling, ohmygodilovemylife bliss. i teach group classes at two local studios i adore, and also in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and mental health facilities in the los angeles area. i developed classes held at the down syndrome association of los angeles for teenagers, newborns, and their family members. connecting with people in a genuine way is the most important thing to me in the world.

oh, and in the meantime i’m working hard to make sure i am living a life i am proud of and fulfills me because that’s the ONLY way i am able to inspire others to do the same. if you talk the talk, you better walk the walk.

What makes you free spirited?

saying “yes” to what makes me come alive; leaving everything else for the birds.

What do you do to live out what you love?

drink green juice daily, walk around with salty ocean water in my hair and on my skin, meditate on gratitude, brainstorm, drink homemade watermelon margaritas on our patio with my girlfriends, spend time with my special needs’ students stretching and laughing, photograph, watch black and white films, collage in my moleskine journals, teach sunset yoga on my rooftop, wear bright colors and lots of bracelets, try new classes that make me sweat, making out with my husband, play old school hip hop in yoga, sign up for workshops, buy a whole lotta books off amazon, go roadtripping with my english bulldog, try new restaurants in new neighborhoods, thrift shop (!), lead yoga retreats, tell my family how much i love them daily, write down my goals, hike in the sunshine, and, of course… yoga! lots of it.

Check out the Strength in Numbers- 2013 Ambassador Mala. MB picked Rose Quartz as her representation stone in this mala. For MB Rose Quartz means living from a space of radical compassion, openness and bliss while radiating that energy outward.


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