Our Boho Ambassador: Jacki Carr

Our ambassador Jacki Carr is an adventure seeker, goalspirational speaker and life tweeker. We love her passion to live big and find beauty in all aspects of life. Find out what got her to where she is today!

What influences did you have to bring you to where you are today?

My big and amazing family has truly provided such a foundation of growth, choice and adventure.  I have the most youthful and supportive parents and two beautiful younger sisters.  Growing up, my parents made it a point to always have a big family vacation each year.  Be it at a Lakehouse in Missouri, a wild trip to Greece, or a short drive to a nearby beach in Texas, my life has always been vibrant, full and fun when we are all together.  And that connection, that support system, that huge love has really influenced my confidence, my ability to take risks and believe in myself to rock possibility all day, every day.

What is your most memorable yoga moment?

My most memorable yoga moments are when I first started to really dive deep into my practice.  I found a late night class that started at 10:30pm and ended at Midnight at the Santa Monica Power Yoga studio close to where I lived. I left my mat at 12am on a cloud and would walk out to the usually crazy streets that were then empty and dark.  I felt at peace, connected to my body and the clutter in my mind cleared, which was an absolute rarity in my early 20’s.

How do you balance all the work you do with your community around your life?

Oh the beautiful question of balance.  Balance is a custom made experience and looks different to each individual.  WOW, that was a life lesson to learn in itself.  My balance truly comes from knowing myself and what I love and enjoy.   Wine with friends, book clubs, walking my sweet dog, hiking with my main man in the Santa Monica mountains, BBQs in the Summer, time with the family, sweating in yoga or on a spin bike, and my feet in the sand.  Knowing these are what light me up, it is all on me to make an effort to sprinkle them into my weeks.  What I know now is that it is not necessarily about work or life, it is learning how to look at everything holistically and knowing that it is all actually part of your one big, beautiful life.  You choose what you get to put on the calendar, might as well make it awesome and something you love to do.

Any words of wisdom for the community?

Know that you are always in choice to rock your life.  Make time for love.  Be open to the path that looks different than you might have imagined.  And share, share, share you big, amazing goals!

Jacki chose the White Jade stone in the Strength in Numbers- 2013 Ambassador Mala. For Jacki her goals are big and she finds her brain wanders here, there and everywhere. White Jade supports in focus and clears your thoughts. It reminds her to pause, breathe and commit one moment at a time.

Website:  www.jackicarr.com

Twitter:  @jackicarr

All Photography by Ashley Streff.







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