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Who is Brittany Rae? She is a Yoga + Wellness Teacher dedicated to service and helping people live a SOULful lifestyle. We love her outlook on life and all of the tools she brings to our community. 


What do you do to inspire your community?

My purpose and passion is being able to bring different communities together to empower and inspire each other for a greater cause.  I jump at every opportunity I have to bring communities together.  It is so important to bridge the gap, work together and inspire each other.


I have virtual be SOULful Community filled with inspiring women who have either participated in one of my 5 Day be SOULful Community Detox’s or 21 Day be SOULful Wellness Program (both virtual programs).  I love seeing these women go through this life changing experience of finding themselves through eating well, yoga and goal setting.


In the past I have worked with lululemon Sagemore and Off The Mat Philly, as well as many local yoga studios in South Jersey to do a month long food drive.  Together we collected over 800 pounds of food to support the Food Bank of South Jersey.  I was blown away by the community’s willingness to work together and help this growing cause.


I was als

o invited to raise $5,000 to travel and help build a school in a small village in Nicaragua with Beyond Asana and buildOn.  I will be able to travel with them this February, when I meet my fundraising goal!


What brought you to the mat for the first time?

My mom started practicing yoga for her lower back pain and encouraged me to start practicing after having had shoulder surgery and nonstop neck pain.  I feel in love at first-down-dog ‘so to speak’!  Not only does yoga help my neck and shoulder pain, it has brought me confidence and inspiration.  I am so thankful.

Who and what inspires you?

Community! Everyday I am amazed at how awesome my community is.  From the people who come to my yoga classes, to my peers and mentors, to the strangers I see running on the street every day.  They inspire me with their willingness, kindness and dedication.


How do you set intentions in your life?

I’m a dreamer at heart.  If I don’t set an action plan, my dreams would just stay dreams.  Making lists really helps me to get clear about what I need to do in order to achieve my goals.  I also love making vision boards and being able to see my intentions every day.


What advice do you have for all the boho yogis out there?

To always follow your passions and dreams.  It’s so worth it!  Find a supportive and encouraging community and dive right in.


What is your favorite mala and why?

The Wave Mala connects with me because I grew up spending every weekend on the ocean.  To this day I try to make it there every weekend in the summer.  There is something so pure and honest about the ocean.  It never holds back.


Stay connect to Brittany through her Social Media outlets:
Twitter and Instagram: @YogiBrittany

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