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Get to know Kate, a beauty products fan- natural ones that is.

Who Am I? 

Who Am I? Well, I’m a bit of a paradox. They say, “Wherever your head goes when you have a spare moment, that is where your heart is”. While I don’t have many spare moments, whenever I do, I am on my mat. I am a yogi at heart and also, a passionate blogger. I write about wellness, natural skincare & cosmetics, and of course, yoga – you can find my online home at Living Pretty, Naturally. While I do all this out of love, the paradox comes in because I equally love my, what I would classify as, “the other side of the yogic spectrum” job. I am a businesswoman by day, with a hectic schedule and a love for big challenges – the kind that make your heard hurt.

Why I was Brought to the Mat:

What first brought me to a mat was a broken leg that wouldn’t heal. After months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation I still wasn’t getting anywhere fast (literally). I did some sessions of reconnective healing (a practice with similarities to reiki) and my practitioner suggested I try yoga. And so became my love of yoga. But I wouldn’t say this is what kept me there. While yoga healed my body, it also healed my soul, calmed my mind and brought a sense of peace with every practice.  No matter what challenges or difficulties transpire, as soon as I connect with my mat (both physically or figuratively speaking), I know I have the power to get through and find peace. It’s that connection to spirituality and faith that keeps me there.

My Inspirations: 

Growing up, I spent a lot of time on the ocean. At an age where most children won’t sit still, I was content sitting and watching the waves for hours. The ocean still captivates me and is a place where I feel I am renewed every time. It is a place that inspires me to reconnect, slow down and give thanks.

While Mother Nature inspires to no end, I would also have to say my family. The unconditional love we have for one another is something that I cherish dearly. It inspires me to bring that kind of love into every area of my life. 

What advice do you have for boho yogis out there?

I have two bits of advice. The first is simple: at least once in your life, travel to a foreign country alone. It will open your eyes in ways you couldn’t imagine and connect you with people that will impact your life in the most amazing of ways.


Second: I think it is easy to forget that yoga is a “practice”. Yoga never was, and never will be, perfect. That’s the beauty of it. It’s a place free from judgment, full of love and complete acceptance. The sooner one gives into the notion of practice, the more fulfilled his or her yoga journey becomes.

Favourite Mala:

My favourite mala is the Luminous Mala. The combination of amethyst and white jade make it a mighty one. The amethyst is soothing and calming but is combined with the white jade which helps you reset and refocus on what matters in life – the most pure and basic necessity.  When you act with a calm mind and focused heart the possibilities are endless.

Where you can connect with me: 
Instagram: @livingprettynaturally


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