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We connected with Vanessa Grillone from My Pen, My Voice to find out who inspires her and how intention setting has made her successful.

Who and what inspires you? 

It’s difficult to pin-point a single person or thing that inspires me, I can feel inspired after a conversation with a friend, after reading a great book, after attending a family function, after a great work out, or even on a subway ride to the city. I tend to feel the most inspired when I’ve seen or done something that never have before, walking down a new street, traveling to a new city, or even trying a new restaurant for dinner. I feel the most inspired when life throws something refreshing my way or when I make a personal discovery about myself, it’s in times like that that I feel inspired to write, that I feel motivated. At the same time I can even feel inspired by tough times, they make me pick up my pen and let me fill a page of pure emotion and then create something that others can relate to. In short, I think I can be inspired by anyone or any thing — the key is being open to it.

How do you set intentions in your life? 

My intentions somehow always revolve around the distant future, a future I can’t even see, so lately I’ve been trying to set intentions that will help me in the present or near future. As I take a look at my life I realize that it is full of comfort and that doesn’t garner any chance for growth or change. My intention for Fall is to get out of my comfort zone, to take chances, and a few risks.

What is your favourite mala and why?! 

The Tabula Rasa Mala is my favourite simply because it is the Mala of new beginnings and I feel as though I’m starting a new chapter in my life. I love the beautiful yellow jade stone that represents energy, protection, and courage (we all need a little courage when beginning something new) and the lovely pearl beads — they’re feminine, sweet, and help with your self-acceptance.

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