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Ash2What do you do to inspire your community?

I do a lot of things light me up and encourage others to do the same! We all have different desires and needs, so I encourage people to listen to the voice of their soul aka their intuition; so they can take care of their own, unique well being.

I also surround myself with people who inspire me to do what makes me come alive and that alone has changed my life. I love being active through yoga, hip hop, walking, etc. I am also a big foodie, so I adore enjoying a gorgeous meal with people I love. Lastly, writing and speaking are my favorite sources of creativity at the moment, so I dive into those every chance I get.

What brought you to the mat for the first time?

I was inspired to try yoga in my early twenties. I had always been very athletic and was sick of the gym scene for more reasons than I can count. I was craving a different kind of connection with my body and was strongly desiring a more spiritual practice. Once I experienced the mind, body, spirit connection I was hooked.

Who and what inspires you?

My husband (Andrew Cebulka) inspires me everyday, his creativity, compassion and love for life keeps me excited and always ready for an adventure. My incredibly supportive and brilliant soul sisters (Danielle O’Hara, Kathryn Budig, Elli Boland, Kris Ward) inspire me by simply being who they are. They are creating amazing art in this world, in all their different forms and it encourages me to do the same.

My parents have always inspired me to listen to my intuition and follow my dreams, they are both rockstars in my world. I love my community, yoga, nature, the beach, travel and cooking all of which inspire me, to be brave, get out of my comfort zone and live life fully.

How do you set intentions in your life?

I set intentions daily, I love doing it with a cup of coffee after meditation. First I check in with intuition and think about my life purpose; from there I set intentions based on what lights me up and feels good. I think about all the areas of my life, relationships, career, fun, health, community, financial, etc.  Then I write out the steps that need to be taken in order to get where I am wanting to go, with feeling good at the forefront of every intention.

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What advice do you have for all the boho yogis out there!

Be a rebel! This is my definition…

Rebel: One who stands up for what they believe in, despite the good opinions of others. One who takes action based on what feels good to their intuition and makes decisions based on their unique purpose in life. Have fun and don’t take life too seriously.

Oh yeah… and what is your favourite Mala and why?!

My Favorite Mala is the Connection Mala, for several reasons. One of my biggest desires in life is to consistently feel connected  to source, to myself, the people I love and to community. I’m also a huge fan of agate!  

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