It takes a Mala and Some Magic: A Boho Girl’s Guide to Intention Setting

TDFW13shootLondonWEBREZ296It’s Christmas Eve at the lake house, and I’m getting quiet under the moon with my full bloom mala and some serious intentions for 2014. Crisp nights like this with only the sound of waves breathing along the ice really get me reflecting.  The wide and unwavering lake water is magical and it has me thinking about my favorite yoga deity—Hanuman the monkey god, whose greatest power was also his deepest curse.

See, just like you and I, Hanuman had a fire for every experience, but he was blind to his power.

He could stretch himself across the ocean and squeeze long limbs into tiny places.  He was a small and mighty monkey who could take on secret identities, and bring back lost loves from far off mountains.

Everywhere he went, there was magic. The problem was, he was completely unaware of it.  We’ve all got this kind of magic; we just have to remember that we are magical.

To set your intentions for the year, ask for what your ready for, believe that you have access to it and surrender to receiving it! You have an ocean of power within you, now all you have to do is embody it.

I’m popping on my moccasins, wrapping myself in my Ibiza scarf and taking three simple steps to get clear about all that I am ready for in 2014—gonna to join me, Boho girl?

My 3 Simple Steps to Set an Intention:

Step One: Ask

If you haven’t asked for it yet, now is the time.  This is the fun part, gypsy gals.  Get silent with a hot cup of chai and think about your wildest dreams. Reflect on something you did, saw or accomplished that made you feel radiant—now multiply that by 108. Feel free to go big here, because after all, gypsy goddesses don’t play small. Now that you’ve asked, write it down for ultimate clarification.

Step Two: Believe

Believing it is the secret.  If you can visualize it and trust it without a doubt, you’ve clearly set your intention. Believe that you are completely deserving of your intentions—because just like Hanuman the monkey god, you have the power of the universe within you.

Step Three: Receive

Receiving can be tricky. Sometimes our intentions don’t manifest right away, or in the ways we thought that they would. Surrender to your intentions and remember that once you ask and believe, your intention has been set.  Avoid focusing on outcomes, and return to that radiant feeling that your intention brings you. The outcomes will arrive when you have surrendered and you’re prepared to receive all that you’re ready for in 2014.

This is your year, boho girl. Now go set your intentions, and remember that you are powerful beyond your imagination.

About the Writer:



Libby Clark is a 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), writer and health fanatic based out of London, Ontario.  She was born on Valentine’s day, so it’s fitting that she believes that bhakti (unconditional love) truly conquers all. You can find her rocking a mala, sipping green juice, or barefoot at the yoga studio.


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