Tiny Devotions in Asia!

SONY DSCWe are the first in Asia to carry Tiny Devotions!!

In the last couple of months since we launched Tiny Devotions in Touch The Toes, we’ve had so many oohs and aahs… it’s been so encouraging.

We’ve had girls who fall in love with the scent from the sandalwood beads, boyfriends who buy for their better half, and a variety of customers who are drawn to a particular mala stack because it speaks to them. How much better it is to wear something that not only looks beautiful  and gently guides you on your life journey! A tangible reminder of your intent each time you look at it.

If our little store could ‘wear’ beads, we’d wear the Limitless Mala (confidence, creativity, potential) round our neck & the Ocean stack (dreams, heart, potential, releasing) on our wrist. The confidence and energy to see our dreams through, the creativity to take us to our highest potential, and the heart to embrace and love each new experience that comes our way!

Maybe this Christmas, we’ll wake up to a Tiny Devotions stocking with these, and more.


-Eliza, Kelly, Wuen-


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