5 Habits To Build a Sustainable Healthy Platform with Hol:Fit

For as long as I can remember, I have adored the idea that “we see the world not as IT is, but as WE are”

As an intention setting community we are passionate about purpose. And I believe that in order to achieve greatness in your life – you need a solid healthy platform in place. Heading into a fresh new year, I want to share with you 5 habits to implement to build a sustainable healthy platform in your life.
Put the kettle on, grab your moleskin + sparkly pens – let’s do this:

1. Evaluate your last year: Look last year’s daytime/calendar or your instagram reel. What was the story? What were your achievements {and what habits were in place while you were achieving?} When did you slip off track {and what habits created this?} Doing this honest assessment will make your goals more realistic + attainable. There is no other area that we set ourselves up to fail more in than in our Health & Fitness.

2. Get Clear + Map it Out: Danielle LaPorte, in her book The Desire Map, explains how we approach goal setting all wrong. Start with how you want to feel and then build your goals around what is going to make you feel that way. Using health as the portal –  if you desire to feel adventurous, accomplished and quick in your step,  then perhaps signing up for your first 5k race or Irongirl this year makes sense. Plug it in the calendar and break out the baby steps each week to get there. If you want to feel strong in mind + body, capable and part of a community – head to your nearest Crossfit Box and commit to doing 3 group workouts a week.  If you’re struggling with this process then vision boarding is calling your name…the images & quotes you are drawn to will guide you. I have my clients create Virtual Vision Boards that they can save to their computer desktop or phone as a daily reminder.

3. Tap into Accountability: On a personal level – keep track of your health by journaling every workout and logging your food intake once a week. Ask a friend with similar goals to meet you at the gym, work with a trainer or join a group. You will always accomplish more as a group than you will on your own. I am passionate about creating online community connection and have two popular group programs that might interest you: The Ready, Set GLOW 7 day Detox and my 4 week series Eat Clean :: Get Lean.

image4. Consistency is key: How many times have you skipped your morning workout with a promise to yourself that you’ll stop by the gym on your way home from school or work later? Or pledged to eat only green things for lunch? We all know how that story ends. For the month of January – schedule daily exercise in at the same time every day {even if it’s 20 min of walking} and 3L of filtered water daily. After 2 weeks, these simple habits will carry you and you will come to crave how they make you feel. 

5. Self Care: Reward yourself with something other than a food cheat day. As a holistic nutritionist – I don’t advocate “cheats” when it comes to food {there are no cheats – there is just life}. Extrinsic motivation such as a weekly deep tissue massage, meaningful conversation with a friend over tea {and scones} or a new gym bag will help you get started and stay on track. 

HolFit Tip: Take time every Sunday evening to scrub your upcoming week. Ensure your time is spent moving you closer to the vision you have for yourself this year. Be bold and say no more often. Fall in love with baby steps.



Ange Peters AKA Hol:Fit


  1. Great list! I discovered the benefits of the holistic approach to health in 2013. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish with this new attitude in the new year!

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