Making the Impossible Possible: The Power of Goals and Rocking Your Bliss by Sarah Ezrin

Sarah Ezrin  |  Brentwood AmbassadorWhen Tiny Devotions asked me to pick a mala to test drive, it was not even a question that I chose the “Rock Your Bliss” mala co-created by soul coach extraordinaires Jacki Carr and Mary-Beth La Rue. Sure, they’re both good friends of mine, these sun-kissed powerhouses in the Los Angeles yoga community. And the white jade mala itself is incredibly beautiful.  But really it is the importance of living with intention and clear vision that drew to me to this particular piece.

Anything you want to do in this life, you can!

Where there is willingness, there is always a way. It is just a matter of identifying the path to get there and this is what goals are for. Setting goals aligns you with your truth and transforms dreams into reality.

To begin, they provide clarity.  Ideas become goals when they are measurable and have a clear timetable.  The more specific the better. A key piece to goal-setting is the “by when” date. Placing a realistic calendar on the goal not only helps motivate you to start manifesting, but it also puts it out into the universe in a defined way.

Goals draw the road map to a desired destination.  To get to the mountaintop, you must start by taking a single step.  Once you have set your big goal, backtrack the steps on how to get to get there with smaller sub-goals. Then break those down even further by determining what are called “next steps” – simple actions to be taken within the next few days or week.  Suddenly something that once seemed impossible and infinite is tangible and reachable.

Tiny Devotions Rock Your Bliss malaWhen we are on the path of living our truth, we are operating from the heart.  This generates powerful positive energy and momentum toward a desired future.  The “Rock Your Bliss” mala is a strong and potent reminder that we are the authors of that future and anything we want to do in this world is possible. You just have to set a goal and then go for it!

Sarah Ezrin, E-RYT-500, is a yoga teacher and writer based out of Los Angles. With a profound love of travel, she runs around the world teaching and doing yoga. For Sarah, the practice not about the tricks or the postures; it is about connecting to one’s center and living from your greatest truth.


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