Pssst! Which yoga pose are you, boho beauty?

fe83fd98d4646d81c780e2b527ccc6e3Yoga gives us the freedom to discover who we truly are. Time spent on your yoga mat is time to turn your attention inward, listen to what your soul is telling you and each pose (asana) is meant to open up new parts of ourselves.

If I could BE a yoga pose, I would be Tree Pose (Vrksasana). Just like the beauty in nature that this pose is named after you need a strong base to allow yourself to open up to the light. In the pose you need to press through your foot to activate your leg muscles to keep you supported, like the roots of a tree, but keep the knee loose to avoid locking, allowing you to bend without breaking like a young sapling. By creating a strong base and engaging your core you allow your upper body to move freely like the branches of a tree. You can inhale and float your arms up overhead and open them wide to hold the full moon, or bring them into prayer above your head or at your heart center, all while staying balanced.

I know a metaphor about trees and life is nothing new but I believe there’s never enough to say about being grounded. When we’re grounded in our life through family, friends, yoga and meditation is when we can truly open our minds, and our hearts, to all the Universe has to offer us.

I stay grounded through a daily meditation; holding my mala beads and saying the mantra “Open Heart, Open Mind,” through long walks to connect me to nature, journaling and conversations with my loved ones.

tiny-devotions-mala-beads-vrksasana-malas_largeMy favorite mala to help me stay grounded is the Vrksasana Mala. Holding this mala during meditation and having it near during yoga practice infuses the stones with your loving vibes; then wear it during your adventures to remind yourself that no matter what life brings your way you will stay grounded and strong like the ever inspiring tree.

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