How to French Kiss Life, A Yogi Fashionistas Guide to Falling in Love with the World

This week I was blessed with the opportunity to move into a new home. As the universe works in silly and mysterious ways (and certain planning aspects slipped through the cracks), we found ourselves playing house for a few days. With our mattress on the floor, make shift tables from boxes and Game of Thrones Season 1 rented from the library, laughter and joy filled our home. All this good cheer lead to staying up too late and waking up with a huge headache.

In that moment, I had two choices: fight it with a venti cappuccino skim milk & 2 raw sugars, or revel in gratitude and fall deeper in love with the world. I will ALWAYS fall deeper in love and I have a handful of tips to help you do the same.

1) Always choose gratitude.
As a yogini I rock mala beads, drink green smoothies and post adorable yoga photos on Instagram, but yoga is so much more than looking the part. It is walking the walk and embodying a yoga lifestyle daily. I always count my blessings. Currently I am participating in the Happy 100 Days Challenge, keeping a gratitude journal and always remembering to say thank you. It’s a simple gesture that reminds us of all the goodness in life.


2) Feel the sunshine on your shoulders and the sand between your toes 
Almost all boho babes crave the ocean. She runs deep in my veins, octopi are my spirit animal and I’m 100% sure I was a mermaid in a previous life. The ocean is my safe haven and I love the feeling of the sun on my shoulders and the sand between my toes. The beach, the sun and the sand are ALWAYS there in my heart even during a cold New England winter. I have learned to embrace every season and feel the sunshine throughout the year. As boho babes, we must French Kiss life by feeling the ocean in our veins all year round and living life OUT LOUD when summer finally arrives.

3) Always pack your crystals and malas 
As a self proclaimed “woo-woo” I am part of a beautiful tribe of women who believe in spreading love & joy through yoga and energy healing. One of our favorite things to do is tote crystals for good energy, especially Rose Quartz for LOVE!! Throw on your mala beads and choose the crystals that suit your mood for today.


4) Always be up for adventure

Being a yoga studio owner can tend to take a toll on my body. There are often days when I need rest and puppy snuggles. But when a friend calls for a last minute lunch date or my grandmother needs help finding a birthday present, you can bet your asana that I’m out the door with my good attitude in tow. Leave room for adventure and be open to spontaneity.

5) Look for the heart rocks and listen to the librarian
This week has been chock full of life lessons for me. My favorite librarian told me to let a book go after I explained I didn’t enjoy my current choice. She told me to only read to my age in pages because there are so many books, so why would I read one that doesn’t speak to my soul? I try to keep my eyes and ears wide open everyday. Keep your eyes open for signs, look for heart rocks, falling stars and 11:11. Listen to the wisdom of strangers on the street. Look up from your phone and be present. The world has so much to say to you.


Falling in love with the world is easy when you’re open to love, gratitude and surprises. Always be open to change, flow and the beauty of a new direction. Open your heart, count your blessings, wear your mala beads and bask in the sunshine. And remember to always listen to the librarian.
Jenny Ravikumar is the owner and a yoga instructor at Barefoot Yoga Shala.



  1. This article spoke to my soul. I totally enjoyed this.

  2. Jenny, this made me smile. :) And I love your tips! Very true. Love and light! <3

  3. This post made me smile and feel all grateful and mushy inside. You’re an inspiration!

  4. Beautiful tips Jenny! The one that I always go back to is feeling the sun and the sand. xo Sally

  5. Thank you for these beautiful steps Jenny. Feeling the sun and sand is one that I take with me every day! xo Sally

  6. I could TOTALLY relate to traveling with a rose quartz and mala beads…I have a heart-shaped rose quartz that my college housemate gave to me yeeeears ago, and still hold it dear to my heart. And I carry it with a mala braclet that a dear girlfriend gave to me before my husband and I left for our Bali sabbatical. I have a mini little ‘travel pouch’ where I keep these special gifts. And I DEFINITELY resonate with bathing sunshine-y ocean days!! xoxo

  7. I love this! I do need to visit my favorite beach on Lake Michigan SOON! Thanks for the beautiful reminders!

  8. Shawn Flournoy says:

    Great tips!! The simplest one stands out to me the most, “always remember to say thank you”. I was taught that at a very young age and it reminded me of how good it feels when it’s given and received. When I let someone out in traffic and they gesture thank you, I feel like a four door super hero!

  9. Jenny, I love all 5 of your tips. I can’t tell you which is my favorite as each one speaks to me as much as the other. I love the suggestion of rocking mala beads and keeping crystals close. I just bought myself two beautiful crystals and next on my list are mala beads. Thank you for the reminder to always be open to change, flow and the beauty of a new directions, I love this!
    With love and gratitude,

    • Thank you so much Susan! Thank means a lot. <3

      I'm sending you major love for all your crystals and your new flow. Make sure to super charge them this Friday during the full moon and manifest even more goodness.

  10. Being up for an adventure is at the top of my list. If it’s an adventure then life is so much easier to roll with.

    Great post.

    • ALWAYS be up for the adventure….it makes life that much more grand.
      Thanks for the support love. <3

  11. Holly :) says:

    Excellent words to love by, Jenny! Namaste.

    • I like your “mistake” of live to love…. because it’s SOOOOO true. We love in life, we live life…. dream big and have a magical Monday. <3

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