My Top Five Tips on How to Be Your Most Authentic, Bohemian Self!

GOhWa8zb9W0ckuiDhQAqZ2zqKSPO44KqW4lRTqqS6DE,RvqGUxCmrMsnMcnltmCVA1eVXM2K1NV1q2stTIMjbzI,vjThbzOd2uFsCdV0dobGI4bqPkTTIm623l0wgz1p1LE,6vgk4qVbp8wleiHgOK8ljVPbLqx--EV0_rE0x-JnyFENothing feels more freeing than living an authentic life. To reach the point where are you fully YOU, the real you, the true you, more times than you are not – more times than you are trying to “fit in,” more times than you are trying to “be cool,” and more times than you are holding yourself back, is living an authentic life.
But getting to this freeing, peaceful place of just letting your true, authentic self pour out of you takes a little bit of conscious choice-making, conscious pain-feeling (and sometimes some conscious tear-shedding.) The reality is, it’s not always easy to spread your authentic wings and fly – especially if you’ve been flying with your status-quo wings for oh so long. Here are five ways to live your truest, freest, authentic bohemian life:


1.) Get real with yourself. 

If you want to start letting your real self shine, you’ve got to figure out, well…who your real self is! Believe it or not, this is much more challenging than it may seem. Think about it – there are so many aspects that make up one’s SELF. And most of us don’t give much contemplation or even dare to challenge if the way we’ve been living is who we really are and how we really want to be. So this first step is all about looking at who you are right now. Your values, your hobbies, the way you respond to life, your moods, your interests, your pace, your career, your looks, your diet, your clothes, your environment, your friends…everything about your existence. Are you living the way you truly want to live? Are you giving yourself the freedom to be who you truly want to be? Or are you just doing the same thing you’ve been doing forever? Are you just fitting into your environment? Into your family? Into who you were in college? Into how you think you have to be? Get clear on the answers to these questions and expect to feel more liberated, more afraid, more lost, more found and overall much closer to your freedom.

2.) Prepare to deal with some sh*t.

Shifting from your current self with your current life into a life more aligned with who you really are takes a lot of change. And for the most part, change ain’t so easy. You might find that your authentic self desires to live on the other side of the city, state, country or world. You might realize that your authentic self wants a totally different career path, wardrobe, hairstyle, diet, significant other. You might learn that your authentic self doesn’t want to be friends with the people you’ve been surrounding yourself with. Or, believe it or not, you might learn that your authentic self takes her coffee in a completely different way! Take it slow, make small shifts at a time, and be prepared to feel some resistance from yourself, your loved ones and society. Keep that vision of your truest self in the forefront of your mind and let it guide you to make the necessary changes.

3.) Stay true to yourself. 

Life will throw stuff at you. Decisions, experiences, wins, losses. What’s important is that you stay true to yourself along the way. It’s safe and easy to live your authentic life in a bubble – when you create your picture perfect life and just stay there. But eventually you’ll encounter experiences that challenge that safe bubble, that make you choose between going with the status quo and going with your authentic truth. Choose your truth, always. One choice after another choice leads to a peaceful, freeing, happy, REAL life.

4.) Maintain a sense of humor.

Nothing feels more like freedom than letting out a blissful laugh. Being able to maintain a sense of humor about yourself is key to living an authentic life. Someone who is authentic CAN laugh at themselves, because they are THAT comfortable with themselves to be able to be playful and relax about their flaws. They’re THAT ok with themselves for slipping up. Someone who is uncomfortable, who’s tense, who’s clutching and controlling their every move, who’s insecure and questioning themselves, they can’t laugh at themselves. Don’t be that person. Be the person who’s confidence, elegance and authenticity bleeds through their joyful laughter of living in the moment, the person who’s truth comes out of the giggle from the mistake they just made, the person who’s laugh is so infectious they bring out the best and truth in OTHER people. Be that person, and you are being authentic.

5.) Trust that what’s meant to be, will be.

When all else fails, trust that the universe has your back and will help guide you in the right direction. When you feel lost, confused, or scared, trust that what’s meant to be, will be. That you will wind up just where you’re supposed to be. That you will find a career most aligned with your true self. That you will find a group of friends and a significant other that loves the real, authentic you, even if that seems like a pipe dream…and scary. People who are authentic as heck live their lives knowing and trusting that it’ll all work out for the best. And so it does. :-)


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