Wanderlust Wednesdays with Andrea Marcum. Lusting out Loud: How to Get Your Wanderlust On!

1415479_6635654_lzI am super stoked to be on the lineup at Wanderlust Festival Aspen this year! Once you’re all registered-up and ready to wander with me, I’ve got a few pre-festival tips for you, my fellow Lust-ers:

#1 Stretch out! Taste the myriad offerings on the schedule menu. Never been on a paddleboard? Perfect, here’s your chance! From hooping to hiking, slackline to speakeasy, meditation to music – there are so many inspiring experiences to slip in between sun salutations… not to mention Winederlust and Farm To Table once you’ve rolled up your mat for the day. It’s so much fun to mix it up and build your unique itinerary! I’ve spent days just gazing at all the options, and wishing I could be about five people at once.

images-1#2 Sunblock, snacks and something warm… Nobody enjoys a sunburned savasana, so have your UV protection handy during your festival fun. Tuck a few snacks into your mat bag. You’re likely to be on the move and in need of some fast fuel between chaturangas. Have your hydration handy too. (There will be rad booths to visit with all sorts of products to try when you have time to peruse.) Whether it’s the air conditioning on the plane or in the hotel, or a chilly night under the stars, it’s much better to have than to have not when it comes to something warm to wear. When I went to Oahu last year, I brought not one long sleeve. The North Shore winds kicked up, and the bikini, sports bras and Wunder Unders I’d brought didn’t quite cut it… not even when I put them all on at the same time.

#3 Pack your open mind. Wanderlust is about adventure, not agenda If you wander in expecting every class to be just like the one you take at home, or have decided the weekend will only be a success if you master that fancypants arm balance you’ve been trying to conquer, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Wanderlust is an opportunity to take a different path and end up somewhere new. When we become bendy in new directions, we’re much more likely to find our True North.

#4 Put on your Mala beads and dance! Rock your Adventure Freedom Friendship Healing Heart Chakra Love Motherhood New Beginnings Potential & Strengthwearing your Tiny Devotions reminder! Putting on our mala is a bit like setting an intention. Every stone has a different energetic quality, resonating with specific aspects of our self and our surroundings.

Whether you’re coming to Aspen, heading to Vermont or globe trotting to any of the other exciting Wanderlust locations, here’s to Lusting Out Loud, mala, mind, body and soul!

entry-96-andrea_marcum_1Andrea Marcum is a Tiny Devotions Ambassador, Owner of U Studio in Los Angeles, and contributor to Mantra and Origin Magazine. See what she’s been up to below!

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