Don’t Just Work Out…Work In!

With New Year’s resolutions swirling around, “working out” in some sort or fashion will land on most people’s to do lists.  This year instead of just working out, make it a work in!  Take a moment to clear your mind and set a new intention.  Start by saying “I desire to…” and then fill in the rest of the sentence.  Intentions are very different than your typical daily wants and needs.  They allow you to set focused, realistic, healthy goals and then align yourself with the positive opportunities to move towards your passion.
This idea of intention setting is not a new concept to those in the yoga world.  Most of us already know the mind and body benefits that yoga has to offer- a fit physique, stress management, mental clarity, and overall health & wellbeing.  So the idea of combining our “work out and work in” New Year’s resolution is simple-DO MORE YOGA!  At the beginning of class as we step onto our mats, we close our eyes, bring our hands to prayer heart center, and set our intentions: for the class, for the day, for our lives.

tiny-devotionsHere is how yoga can help you reach your New Year’s Intention:

1.Surround Yourself with Positive People.
Yoga will allow you to align yourself with positive people who share similar goals.  Everyone in a yoga class enters into the room with different emotions, experiences, and stresses; however, once we are there it is the yoga that unites us.  We are united in movement, breath, and every last drop of sweat as we start to work and breathe through it to shift the energy.

Detoxification is not just for the body; it’s for the mind as well. Yoga will allow you to clear out old habits, behaviors, and patterns of thinking.  This is a critical step in setting new intentions. Think of it as streamlining your life, and keeping only that which aligns with your intentions, goals and passions.

3.Express Gratitude.
Gratitude is often left out of the process of goal setting, however, when you are setting an intention, gratitude is a key component.  Being kind, thankful, and appreciative will allow you to move towards your intention.  Just like the practice on your mat, each day you may feel a little stronger or a little weaker, but by showing up and being thankful for where you are in that moment you will get a little closer to your goal.

4.Pack the Positive.
You are responsible for yourself and the energy you bring, so pack some positive vibes. From a positive mindset come positive thoughts and actions which help you work towards your intention.  Not every day can be perfect, but have faith that if you are completing the first 3 steps you are exactly where you need to be!

While the New Year is a great time to make resolutions and set intentions, each day offers the same opportunity for a fresh start.  Life happens, so if you feel like your goals have been slipping a few months in don’t be afraid to start over. Your mat will always be there waiting for your return with a new opportunities and intentions.

My true belief is that there is a yoga practice perfect for everyone.  Find a style and routine that works best for you.  Wherever you are is the perfect place to start and all that you need, you already have.

Cheers to a beautiful start to a new year with plenty of time on our mats as we work out AND work in!

Written by: Jennifer Martin Jennifer is guided by love and driven to share her passion of yoga. She is the founder of Bodhi Hot Yoga. Find her on Instagram @jennifermartinyoga.



  1. Stephanie says:

    Well said. Happy New Year!!!

  2. I’m totally with you on the “surround yourself with positive people” thing. I listened to a great podcast this morning that was about “The Company You Keep.” It was basically saying that the 5 people you are closest to, the 5 people you really let into your life (sharing your heart, feelings, hopes, fears, dreams, etc) have a huge affect on how you grow and change as a person. One of my goals for 2015 is to be more of a type of person that people would want to let into their close 5 because they know that I am a positive soul that will help to uplift them and make them better, more joyful people.

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