Fresh Intentions

Each year, we are given a chance for rebirth. A date on our calendar in which we can restart ourselves, reset our dreams, and remind ourselves to focus on what matters most.

tiny-devotions-mala-beadsThis thought reminds me of the end of a yoga class. At the end of most yoga classes, we end in savasana, or corpse pose. This signifies the end, the stillness in life. Yet, shortly after, we are awakened by our breath and put into “fetal pose” or lying on our sides with our knees in our chest. After we end our class, we are given the chance for rebirth. We are given the opportunity to restart our day each time we practice. And in a way, each yoga practice is a celebration of a new you; a brand new day.

So now that we have had a huge reset in our calendar year, and we are given the opportunity to focus back on our goals through our yoga practice, what speaks most to you? What intention are you able to bring your attention to? Instead of making a list of items that revolve around topics such as ‘sticking to our diets’, why not create some long term goals?

Allow yourself to realize that your yoga practice can give you fresh intentions each time you step onto your mat. It can give you a chance to find you intention, and repeat your mantra in your head. This year, I am focusing on this idea of a daily intention practice. My mantra in 2015 is something that I can tell myself as I awake from savasana each day. I ask myself “what is something you didn’t do yesterday that you can complete today?”.

Resetting my intention with each practice allows my mind to stay focused, my dreams to stay set, and my body to reset.

We are ready for you, 2015!

Written by Lacey Calvert. Visit Lacey’s website here, or find her on Instagram @laceycalvert.

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