Foolproof Breakfast: Overnight Oats

DSC_0269I’ve never been a breakfast person. Breakfast, prior to the whole gluten debate was once a highly contested subject. Over and over I’ve heard the countless arguments in favor of the meal, but still I struggled to have anything more than a coffee and a banana in the morning. And by banana I mean that I’ve frequently used one as a utensil to eat my Nutella with, but I digress. It’s always been this way. I remember in grade school our teacher used to ask us what we had for breakfast and the crunchy granola kids would always run down their balanced breakfasts, which in comparison made my Boston Cream Donut sound worrisome. But at last, I’ve found a solution to breakfast: Overnight Oats. They require very little effort, taste like a treat, and are good for you. Best of all, look like they stepped out of a Lauren Conrad Pinterest post.


Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1 Banana
Dry Oats
Unsweetened Coconut Shavings
Honey (or Agave)


Literally toss all of the above into a cute mason jar and let it sit over night in the fridge. Okay fine, you don’t have to use a cute mason jar, but I know most of you will. Hashtag breakfast!

Written by Nina Sijakov.


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