Tiny DIY: Blanket Ladder

Predating the age of Pinterest I could justify my décor because I couldn’t exactly afford the corner section of Anthropologie. You know the one that makes your bedding seem like old newspapers when you get home. The dawn of the Pinterest era has had a way of making me feel like anything is possible. Pallets are coffee tables and decorating ensues purchasing 100 mason jars and using them for literally everything. Here is an easy way to make a blanket ladder. These guys go for about $200 at Pottery Barn. I was able to make this one for $26.


Decide how tall you want your ladder and get two pieces of identically sized wood.

Decide how wide you want your ladder and get 3-4 identical thin wooden steps.

Simply measure out the ladder and evenly place the steps.


Nail them in and voila, you have a blanket ladder.

If you like the look of unfinished wood like I do, simply secure the corners of the ladder steps with jute twine to achieve a rustic look.

You can also easily make a natural stain for your ladder with coffee or black tea.



DSC_0213Happy Pinteresting!

Written by: Nina Sijakov.

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