luna-collection-tiny-devotions-mala-beadsThe energy of the universe is empowering. It inspires us to create, release and renew. It reminds us that everything is energy. It encourages us to follow our intuition. It leaves a little room in our hearts for magic and possibility. Our latest cosmic collection is here. Connect to the power of Luna and embrace your inner moon goddess.

Sun Star Mala
To be a sun star you must shine your own light and follow your own path. This mala is for the girl who beams with positivity. Her energy flows into the lives of everyone she meets. She is a conductor of love and light. Everything she does is infused with intention and positivity. Open up to the energy of the Sun Star and vibrate at the highest possible frequency.

Starlight Mala
Keep your eyes on stars. This mala is for the girl who sees the big picture. She knows that the darkest nights produce the brightest stars. She is inspiring; a true light worker + fire starter. Her imagination shines bright; she walks in starlight. Let your light shine.

Luna Mala
Embody the power of the moon. Awaken your inner goddess, she is magic. This mala is for the girl who dives deep into her soul. She dreams big and manifests daily. Her intuition guides her wherever she goes. She honors nature and lights up the world. Live life to the fullest moon.

Ariel Mala
Be still and listen, the universe is singing. This mala is for the girl whose soul is in the sky. She is a romantic and a dreamer: a total moonchild. She has a deep side of her everyone wants to discover. Her heartbeat matches the beat of the universe. Embrace the energy of Ariel and dream big in the moonlight.

Moondust Mala
Spread your magic wherever you go. This mala is for the girl who is fearless and lives her truth. Her true nature is luminous. She longs for the stars and loves by the moon. She leaves a little moondust in all of those she meets. Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.

Cosmic Goddess Mala
Let the universe empower you. This mala is for the girl who’s a total cosmic goddess. She’s both down to earth and in tune with the magic that surrounds us. She is a light worker and a total spirit junkie. Nurture your inner light.

Orion Mala
You are the universe expressing itself. This mala is for the girl whose soul is made of stardust. The cosmos are within her eyes. She is curious and adventurous; her heart is full of wonder. She sees the light in everyone she meets. Be humble for you are made of stars.

Spread a little moondust everywhere you go.


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