The Boho Blog: is your daily dose of inspiration and everything bohemian. We talk Mala beads, dreamcatchers, paisley, yoga, fashion, food and travel. "Peace, Love and Fashion"

The Boho Blog: is your daily dose of inspiration and everything bohemian. We talk Mala beads, dreamcatchers, paisley, yoga, fashion, food and travel. "Peace, Love and Fashion"

I Am Rooted

You are powerful, rooted, safe + strong. You believe that the Universe is a safe and loving place. The I Am Rooted mala promotes love, relationships, and self-development. The Rainbow Obsidian guru stone is a natural volcanic glass that has been known to bring those who keep it close profound joy. It is believed to help one manifest love and light.

Nurture your inner growth with Rainbow Obsidian, a gorgeous stone that embodies a wide array of colors, its intention is to help one ground + center their roots. Rainbow Obsidian is associated with the Root Chakra. Cultivate a strong foundation with this mala, and look great while doing it.



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Photography by: Erica Dallman. Erica is a portrait photographer based in Arizona. Check out some of her captivating work here

Bohemian Morning

Collect Good People


Meditation for Children: Calming Jars

tiny-devotions-mala-beadsThis fun meditation comes from Peaceful Piggy Meditation (Kerry Lee MacLean). They can also be known as Calming Jars.

Have each child fill a jar with water and notice how calm and clean the water is. Add some glitter, rice or sand into the jar. Each piece of glitter put in the jar is a “thought”.

Secure the lid and have the child shake their jar up and watch all the glitter fly around the jar.

Then let the jar be still and watch all the glitter settle in the bottom of the jar. When the glitter is flying around the jar this can be explained to the children as what is happening in their mind as they hurry from one task to another or are very busy.

When the glitter settles back down in the jar this can be explained to the children as to what is happening in their mind when they relax, take time to breath and enjoy each moment.

Note: Remember to REALLY secure the lid on your jars!! We love using plastic bottles instead of glass jars just for safety reasons with the little ones!

Amanda DeGrace is the Founder & Creator of Little Lotus Yoga. LLY specializes in Pre/Postnatal and Childrens Yoga classes as well as Teacher Training programs. You can find them online here and on Facebook here. When Amanda isn’t getting her OM on with her amazing clients she is at home with her two young children and brand new baby girl!

Manifesting B-School? (Time Sensitive)

B-school banner

Hey Soul Sisters! 

We know you’re busy. Every day, you’re working hard, moving closer to your true desires and goals. 
Maybe you’re working towards your YTT, opening your own studio, becoming a health coach or pursuing some other kind of entrepreneurial venture. If entrepreneurship is the vision you’re holding for yourself, we’ve got a sweet giveaway for you today…

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Maybe that someone is… you?

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Spring Clean Your Soul

Three Ways to Find Self-Love; Enter the Spring Feeling Happy, Healthy, and Whole! 

Spring is coming! Finally, right?!? Spring is wonderful because it allows for us to do a self-love re-birth. While many people make New Year’s resolutions, I personally find that spring is the best time to spring-clean the soul and set new intentions for the coming months and weeks.

Here’s how to let go the winter blues and open yourself up to a bountiful springtime!

1. Grab that Journal!

It’s time to start your emotional engine with my favorite writing exercise. You will need an old-fashioned piece of paper and a pen.

Here’s what to do:

  • Write down EVERYTHING that makes you grumpy or unhappy. Keep writing until you have written everything possible about your grumpiness and have exhausted the topic. Don’t stop until you have filled at least a page!
  • Start a new page. This time write down EVERYTHING that makes you happy. Keep writing everything that makes you happy until you have a list that it is at least a full page long–preferably at least three.
  • Read over both sets of pages and feel whatever comes up. The good, the bad, the ridiculous, maybe even the sublime.
  • Go back to the list that makes you happy. Circle at least THREE THINGS you can do in the next week from your happy list. If you can’t actually accomplish them, find three baby steps to help you get there!

The trick: write down those three happy things somewhere else! Now, put those happy goals somewhere you will see every day! I like to put them on my fridge. But you could put it as a reminder on your phone, on your computer, on your bathroom mirror, your steering wheel. Just put it somewhere obvious. And then make sure to make them a reality during the week! And then maybe go back and repeat the entire process next week! :) Feel free to comment below with your goals to help keep you accountable!

2. Lotus Mudra

When it comes to leaving behind the winter blues and entering the spring with compassion, joy, and self-love, I believe in practicing lotus mudra paired with a brief self-meditation.

Here’s the skinny:

  • The Lotus Mudra belongs to your heart center and symbolizes pure love, affection, communication, and connection.
  • This mudra manifests prosperity, health, compassion, joy, affection, and love.

tiny-devotions-mala-beadsHere’s how to do it:

  • Bring your hands together at heart center so that the outer sides of your pinky fingers and thumbs touch.
  • Create a basket shape with your hands by opening the fingers wide but maintaining the contact of the thumb and pinky fingers.
  • Close the eyes. Focus your mind on your intentions from your happy list (above). Stay for several breaths and focus on the feeling in your hands. Let the heart open. And let the entire mind, body, and soul prepare to great love, kindness, and happiness this spring!

3. Open Your Heart

We’ve journaled, we’ve meditated. Now it’s time to let that heart open on the yoga mat!

Practice your favorite heart-opener. It could be a supported back-bend. It could be baby cobra. It could be camel. It could be bow. It could be…. The list goes on.

My favorite is the rockstar pose! (Also commonly referred to as “wild thing!”)


Find your backbend, breathe into your heart, call to mind your happy moments and goals from journaling. Shake of the winter and anything else you need to let go of. Let in the joy, happiness, success, and great abundance of the spring!

If you’d like to share your backbend on Instagram, be sure to tag us and use #bohodaily and #passlove so that we can see your posts and cheer you on!

Did I miss anything? How do you like to spring clean your soul? Let us know in the comments below!

All photos by Ashlee Hamon Photography.

Written by Lora Hogan. Lora is a yoga teacher, motivational speaker, and author provides yoga for runners, athletes and everyBODY. Founder of #PassLove, Lora also lectures on improving your wellness business, finding and living your passion, and self-love. Lora wants to challenge your body, connect you to the present, and promote self-esteem and compassion on and off the yoga mat! Lora’s yoga classes and workshops nationwide include Lora Love Flows, Yoga for Athletes, and Yoga for everyBODY. She believes that yoga is for everyBODY and loves sharing yoga with people who say they can’t “touch their toes”– as well as those yoga pretzels! ;) Find Lora’s website and blog here, or find her on Instagram and Facebook here and here.


6 Easy Steps to Creating Balance in Your Life

Have you ever wondered if your life is balanced?  Balanced in the sense that everything in your life is working harmoniously together to allow you to be happy, have peace, of mind, and feel free in all that you do?  If you answered yes then hats off to you my friend!  This type of “Balanced Living” takes a while to master, as it’s something I’ve been working towards for a very long time.  I seek balance in all that I do as it inspires me to steer my life in a direction that empowers me the most.

Life is constantly trying to throw us off our balance, and it’s up to us to know how to get back on track when things seem dim.  When we find this easy flow of blissful enjoyment in our lives we will be excited to live each day, and for the opportunities that await for us.  It might take some work at first, but once you get in the flow and discover the simple ways you can balance your life you will be more empowered then ever to live your life this way.

tiny-devotions-mala-beadsWhen you live a balanced life you can easily offset any negative events with positive ones.  Your light at the end of the tunnel is always bright, and you can blend together working happily with playing equally.  As a Libra my sign is the scales, which signifies balance.  I don’t know how much my “signage” plays into my desire to live a balanced life, but I do know that the more balanced I feel, the more free I feel.

If You Want To Live a Balanced Life Then There are 6 Essential Habits You Need to Develop: 

1. Cultivate Awareness
Cultivating awareness is the key to living a balanced life as it allows you to appreciate your life for what it is right now.  A mindful person cultivates balanced living, as they do not obsess over the past or future.  Of course it’s important to plan for our future and learn from our past mistakes but we do not need to worry about it too much.  Being mindful allows us to bring a form of excitement to our lives that allows us to celebrate who were are, and bring more joy to our everyday.  When you are more aware of the present moment you do not make decisions that you will later regret.  When you cultivate awareness you bring balance to your life and connect to your authentic self.

2. Love Your Body
Having mad love for your body is always going to be a balancing act.  I say “balancing act” because we are human and should allow ourselves to indulge every now & then.  Feed this one body you’ve been given with the most soul nourishing food so that it can perform the way you want it to.  Having love + appreciation for your body means making healthy life choices, exercising, eating a healthy balanced diet, rest when you need to, and pampering yourself every once and a while.  Treating your body with mad love & respect is an amazing way to live a balanced life, as you cannot do this without a healthy balanced body.

tiny-devotions-mala-beads3. Be Original
Authentic living.  It’s my new motto.  I have ONE life to be myself- so let me do just that.  Being aware of who you are, what your dreams are, & what really lights you up is a big part of “balanced living”.  If you are living your life for someone else, or if you aren’t being true to who you really are, then your life will never feel balanced.  Allow your creative authentic thoughts to be the driving force for what it is that you want out of your life.  When you allow yourself to be fully YOU then you are truly living authentically and no one can take that away from you.  Once I let go of my self-doubt, I could finally see my future brighter then ever before.  Give yourself the chance to shine bright, because you are so so worth it.

4. Persevere
When all else fails, persevere. My brother would always say to me: “Sammy you’ve got to persevere, because you’re a fighter”.  I would personally get a little annoyed at this comment but thinking about it now, I am a fighter and I have persevered through all the rough times in my life.  They certainly weren’t the easiest of times, but I’m a stronger & better person for it today.  Use that fire & fight in you when things seem dark, as perseverance is not a long race, but many short races one after the other.

5. Give Thanks
Bringing gratitude to your life is an essential part of balanced living.  If we are not grateful for our family, friends, job, house, food. Then what are we thankful for?  Gratitude is such a simple act that should come naturally to each and every one of us.  The thing is, gratitude has to be practiced to be effective.  We must give thanks to the smallest things in our lives so we appreciate our life for what it is, not what it’s not.  When we live our life wishing it were something else, we are missing out.  Bringing more gratitude into your life will allow things to seem more meaningful & important, and that is exactly what you need to live a balanced life.

tiny-devotions-mala-beads6. Simplify
A hectic and busy life does not allow for peaceful balanced living. When we build our life around a simpler outlook we can reduce the amount of out-of-balance things that disrupt our happy living.  Living a “simpler” life may sound boring or dull, but it really is the contrary.  Feeling pulled in more directions then you can count on your hands does not sound like fun to me!  I want to have a clear perspective of my life & know that I am in control.  Chaotic living doesn’t really appeal to me. Balanced Living well that just has such a nice ring to it….doesn’t it?

Here are the top 3 things you should simplify in your life right now:

Work:  Simplify your work schedule so that you don’t have to think about a hundred and one things at one time.

Relationships:  Simplify your relationships so that you are surrounded by caring like-minded people that have your best interest at heart, and lose the ones that are holding you back.

Diet: Simplify your diet so that you are eating only nutrient rich dense foods that are abundant in all the colors of the rainbow.  Eat foods that give you energy, not ones that take energy away from you.  Simplify your diet so that you are eating in balance with what your body needs.

Simplicity is the key to living a well-balanced healthy lifestyle. It makes life-balance seem so simple.  

Living in balance with yourself and the external distractions around you can take some practice.  Once you find your “groove” you will be lighting up your life in more ways then you ever have before.  These habits are ones that I have been living by more recently and I cannot tell you how different I feel.  I am more present, open, happy, caring, & content with my life.  I can only hope you give this “balanced living” idea a try, as it really has been my shining light at the end of the tunnel.

Shine bright my loves, 

In love + light,

Sammy Lynn, xo 

Sammy Lynn is a Realist Nutritionist. Her BIG message she passes on to each and every one of her clients is balance. Every one must have balance in their lives to feel healthy, wild, & free. She hopes to inspire individuals all over the world who seek their own unique balance in their lives. She lives in Toronto, ON and whenever she can she’s off seeking adventures learning more about herself & those around her.

Bohemian Chic with a Modern Twist

Personal fashion is a one of the most fulfilling and uplifting things for some women. Most of us love to feel like we are wanderlust hippies, who can wear tasseled kimonos; ragged denim cut offs and dance at our favorite festivals everyday.

Sometimes the reality is that we all have work and our real lives to go back to when we aren’t doing yoga, beaching it up, or hitting up Coachella! However it doesn’t mean day-to-day fashion can’t be just as exciting. I personally love dressing ‘Boho Chic’ throughout most days in my life and working where I do inspires me and others to dress this way. But what if a lawyer or a stay at home mum want to remain practical but still feel like a bohemian goddesses? There’s always a way to put a modern twist on Boho chic.

Workplace Fashion
I often get office workers of all ages coming in looking to add some more wow factor to their usually drab outfits. If you are needing something with enough coverage and professionalism I always start off with something black or a dark earthy colour. Yes, this may sounds boring but it’s all the little things that make up an outfit! A classic flared dress pant keeps it classy but still looks amazingly flowy and boho.

High waisted styles are often super flattering. Pair them with a cute patterned top tucked in, or if you are in an workplace which is strict you can keep to a blouse with nice features like crochet or embroidery, using a simple and earthy colour palette.

Whether it’s summer or winter you can mix it up with a casual fitting blazer or even a stylish kimono depending on your workplace restrictions. If you aren’t a flared style girl a straight pant or skirt looks just as good, with a leather or coloured belt to bring the waist in.

Add small hints of pattern to keep it fun like a Tiny Devotion’s pashmina scarf or a nice bright lip. When it comes to shoes at work comfortable is key! A comfy leather shoe is a great way to keep comfy but look cool. Depending on your outfit colors, a good leather tan or black boot, sandal or ballet flat will keep you looking professional and fab. Great quality shoes are something you will always need in your wardrobe! Good shoe tip: if you’re shorter and wearing long pants – go for a flat form style which is raised but not on a slant so still very comfy!

Last of all..accessories! If you are like me you constantly have rings, bracelets and jewels on. But if you or your workplace is more minimalistic then a ring or two with a few cool bracelets or mala beads works great! It’s all about working on top of the base items; you don’t have to over do it! You can grab anything out of your wardrobe and add something fun to it. You want to look casual and professional as well as looking fresh and eye catching!

Here are a few looks I love for an easy workplace outfit:

Outfit1 (1)



Peace + Love

Remember to always be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Written by Viarni Bright. Viarni is a part-time model and a boutique manager from NZ. Check out her Instagram here.

Boost Your Monday With This Green Immunity Juice Recipe


Photo by: Ruth Tal


2 stalks of green collard leaves
2 stalks of curly kale
1 handful of baby spinach
1 handful of wheatgrass
1 celery stalk
1 english cucumber
2 medium sized apples
1 lemon (peeled)
1 inch of turmeric root


Cold press the above ingredients and strain the juice with a sift to take away the excess pulp (hairlike fibre), which will create a silkier and smoother texture. Remember to always have 80% vegetable and 20% fruits in your juices, to avoid any spike in your blood sugar level (which results in food cravings). Best to drink your green immunity juices daily or at least 3 to 4 times a week to keep illness and virus at bay. Which also means less doctor visits and bills! Serves 3 cups.

Written by: Alicia Lip. Alicia has been a raw vegan for about two years now, and is loving every second of it! She is the author and founder of “RAW VEGAN On The Fast Lane”. Check out her website here and find her on Instagram here.


All About Henna

Henna Tattooing is an ancient tradition going back thousands of years. Think about that, thousands of years. We still have access to it in its raw and organic form. We have the ability and freedom to wear an element of history; one that has transcended time, place, and in the last century, culture. At this point of time, the henna art form has pushed its way into an entirely new realm – Pop Culture. Remarkable, isn’t it?

10953293_1020782467937589_1008226205_nSo, let’s get back to where it all began…

Henna tattoos have a long history of use in Eastern cultures, particularly in India, Arabia and North Africa. Henna is not just mere body decoration, Mehndi (traditional Indian name), is of cultural importance in these regions. It is included in many aspects of daily, spiritual and ceremonial life (particularly at weddings for the bridal party, who are magnificently adorned in henna a couple of days before the big day).

While all henna designs carry similar characteristics, different regions cultivated variations of patterns, as well as the significance attached to them. Each culture’s unique designs have developed through inspiration from individual cultural experience, local architecture, indigenous fabrics, the natural environment, and spiritual connections. See below for regional design characteristics.

Asia – Indian11007865_431480167015018_1737007045_n
Fine, intricate lines of detail, mostly known for lacy floral and paisley designs. Mostly applied to the hands, forearms, feet and shins.

The Middle East
Larger and more spaced out than Indian designs. Depictions of leaves, flowers and geometric shapes. No figurative representation of human or animal bodies – Muslim religion. Commonly used ceremoniously at weddings.

Patterns are bold, using large geometric designs and angular lines. There are often large areas of solid colour. Common to find religious symbols eg. peacock, butterfly, fish. Intention to ward off supernatural forces

10914540_1519972024935846_737515528_nNever heard of henna? Here’s a technical run down…
Henna is a dried powder derived from a small shrub whose botanical name is Laesonia inermis. The plant grows to a height of between 8 and 10 ft, and is grown predominantly in hot climates such as Iran, India, Pakistan, Egypt and North Africa. The henna powder is obtained by crushing the dried leaves of the plant, which is then mixed with essential natural oils and fruit juices to create the henna paste. It is then used as a cosmetic application to the skin as well as a reddish-brown dye for the hair and nails. Henna is also known to have good conditioning properties hair, and has been used for medicinal purposes as well. It is known sooth irritated skin.

10995036_426554187499654_1255921610_nNatural henna always takes 2 days to reach full colour. It begins as a bright orange colour (once the paste has been removed), then deepens to a reddish-brown colour, due to the body’s oxidisation process. After 5 days, the stain will generally begin to fade. Most henna designs will last 1-2 weeks. This all depends on the level of aftercare and protection, and where you choose to wear your design will also affect longevity. Henna can only stain the top layer of the skin. Therefore when skin naturally renews itself, the henna will fade away.

Written by Louise Kafataris, henna tattooist at Henna Earth. Henna Earth is not just a mobile henna tattooing service – it is an art and fashion service, combined. As well as all natural henna tattooing, they also service stylized body art and tattoo design (the permanent kind). As a creative business, they aspire to divulge history’s secrets through the art and fashion world, and as always – keep on sharing the henna love. Check out the Henna Earth Instagram here