The Boho Blog: is your daily dose of inspiration and everything bohemian. We talk Mala beads, dreamcatchers, paisley, yoga, fashion, food and travel. "Peace, Love and Fashion"

The Boho Blog: is your daily dose of inspiration and everything bohemian. We talk Mala beads, dreamcatchers, paisley, yoga, fashion, food and travel. "Peace, Love and Fashion"

The “What’s Wrong With Me Today?” Question

How was your practice today? Did everything go smoothly or did you keep losing balance? Did you feel a tension somewhere in your body where it wasn’t yesterday? Every one of us has experienced this one day or another and felt frustrated with the fact that „we didn’t have that problem yesterday“ and „usually we can DO that asana“….Don’t panic , there is a reason for days like these.

We live in a pretty stressful world where everything around us affects our bodies in ways we are not even aware of. Work, food, relationships, traffic… It all takes a toll on both, our physical and mental state. Yoga, on the other hand, is your relationship with yourself and that’s why your practice is a place where all the consequences come to life. It’s hard to stay in balance in Natarajasana if the only thing on your mind is that fight you had with your partner last night or a stressful meeting with your boss this morning. “What is wrong with me today?” pops into your head causing you to stop thinking about the ‘the day you had’ but also creates a little cloud of negativity above you affecting your practice even more. “I had no problem doing this yesterday” pops next – well, try to think about what your day was like yesterday? Maybe you had an amazing lunch with your friends or received a praising e-mail. Your levels of serotonin (the happiness hormone) were high, your body was in a more relaxed state and, therefore, so was your mind. That’s why your practice was better and you could achieve more.

All of us experience good and bad days. They are a normal part of our lives but nowadays the lines between the two are getting more and more blurred. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of WHAT exactly caused our stress levels to go up, but all it takes is a rude gesture from a driver next to you on the traffic light to completely ruin your day. The trick is to not to let the bad days (or simply – part of the days) cause even more negative consequences than they already have by stressing about the signals your body is giving you. They are there for a reason – listen to them and try to figure out their meaning. Maybe they’re telling you to try to be less stubborn in arguments, eat a different diet or that you’re stuck in a routine that’s bad for you. Yoga is, as I’ve mentioned already, your relationship with yourself. Talk to yourself, listen to yourself, spend time with yourself. Leave all the baggage of the day before and the day so far outside your mat and get on it with a clear intention of nourishing and taking care of your body. Sure, we do not work on off/on buttons and some days it will be easier and some days it won’t, but as Sri Patthabi Jois said, “practice, practice, practice and all is coming.”

Karla Tafra is a yoga teacher from Croatia, now living in Malaga, Spain. She first encountered yoga due to having back problems over ten years ago, and has continued practicing ever since. Her love towards yoga pushed her to become a teacher, so she finished her RYT200 at Gaia Yoga School in Croatia. Find Karla on Instagram here.

Love And All Is Coming


Photo by: D Tufino

In collaboration with our beautiful Ambassador Talia Sutra, we have co designed the Love And All Is Coming Mala. The intention behind this mala is the simple reminder of self love first and foremost. This mala promotes self confidence + trust for oneself; which as a foundation allows for tremendous compassion, understanding and love for all beings.


Photo by: D Tufino

This Rudraksha, Lapis, Pink Moonstone and Pearl Mala, acts as your reminder to cultivate faith within yourself. When you truly believe in yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and actions, you will lead yourself towards the liberation that lives within you, always.

Lapis embodies inner truth, promotes self-awareness and the acceptance of that knowledge. It is one of the oldest stones used by healers and royalty to stimulate psychic abilities and inner vision.The Moonstone heart accent has the intention to take one on an inward journey. Taking one deep into the self to retrieve what is missing, the parts of the soul left behind or forgotten, then brought to light. A gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom.Pearl Accents beads represent the intention of purity, innocents, compassion and self love.

The Golden Seed Beads symbolize good heath and optimism. Also, known as the golden ray of the sun. Gold symbolizes wealth and success.Rudraksha Seeds are known for their protective and healing elements. They are believed to guide journeys and shield from negative energies. Rudraksha is known to increase abundance and prosperity. It’s believed to promote humility and focuses the mind to aid in meditation.

All the roads to truth, peace and love are within you. #loveandalliscoming


You Are Love

richelle-hunter-photography-tiny-devotions-photographer-paris-france-preview-36We’re here today to tell you that you are beautiful! Let your light shine. Practice self-love. Own your story. You are worthy of love and full of love for others. Value yourself, love yourself, and trust yourself to empower yourself.

Here are our top 8 ways to love yourself happy:

1. Get unplugged. Lock up your iPhone, disconnect, get outdoors, connect with nature.

2. Move that body! Run, climb, swim (because you’re a mermaid) and yoga every damn day.

3. Do something that invigorates your soul.

4. Grab that mala, pick your mantra and meditate! (I am love anyone?)

5. Do something that you love. (Read, craft, do whatever floats your boat!)

6. Practice self-care. (Take a bubble bath, get a massage, treat your self!)

7. Cook yourself a meal from scratch. Nourish that body!

8. Laugh it up! (Call your bestie, put on a comedy and let the good vibes take over.)

Accept yourself and own your story. You have the power to love yourself happy!

Tune Into Your Sacred Identity



Whether you are a creative body constantly looking for new ideas, a traveller patiently waiting to gypset off to her next adventure, or a yogi deep breathing her way to a regular practice, your identity is your special truth. It is a sacred spirit, and it is the key to your spiritual growth and intention setting. Uncover it, embrace it and tune into it.

We’ve created a special Sacred Identity collection to help you uncover your inner truth. Take the quiz and see which true self you’ve uncovered here. The collection pairs your Sacred Identity with a special piece you can wear as a daily reminder to live your truth


Tiny Devotions Workweek Playlist

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Weekend Vibes


It’s Friyay, Be Fearless

TD_150331_0012Happy Friyay Bohemians! We know how you feel on a Friday: a little bold, a tiny bit daring and totally fearless. You’re a bit of risk taker. You live for adventure. You love a challenge. Well, we’re here to encourage you to dive right into the pool of life, heart first, head second.

Here are our top 10 ways to embrace adventure and be absolutely fearless:

1. Listen to your heart and follow it.
2. Trust your intuition.
3. Let go of everything.
4. Live in the moment.
5. Make the most of every day.
6. Seek adventure and it will find you.
7. Enjoy the small things.
8. Go on a spontaneous road trip.
9. Make a new friend.
10. Do something you’ve never done before.

Be truthful, gentle and fearless.


Harmonious Shoulders

What do the shoulders and an orchestra have in common?

When I describe the elaborate structure of the shoulder joint to my patients and yoga students, I often reference an orchestra. I’m far from a musician, but I do appreciate music and the underlying details are intriguingly similar. The mechanics of the movement of the shoulder joint remind me of how all the musicians play their instruments in precise coordination to perform beautiful music. The shoulder has many players involved to create its own symphony of movements. Several joints connect for proper function, primarily where the upper arm bone (humerus) and shoulder blade (scapula) join together, called the glenohumeral joint.

There are several other joints as well that must harmonize together, including the clavicle and spine. This ball-and-socket joint structure has an enormous range of motion, making it incredibly vulnerable and susceptible to injury. Imagine a golf ball sitting on a tee. Pretty unstable, right? The importance of specific muscular support is critical to balance both stability and flexibility within the shoulder joint. How many muscles do you think are involved with reaching your arm over your head? It’s more than you think, at least 15! And they coordinate along with other instruments in this structure including: ligaments, fascia, tendons, and even the spine to create precise movement of the arm.

Have you heard of the rotator cuff? The rotator cuff has four specific muscles that provide the joint with stability and hold the humerus snug into the socket, while also rotating the arm in a circular motion. If one of these 15 muscles are out of tune (too tight, overly strong, weak, overstretched), the rhythm of the shoulder movement is compromised, the symphony sounds off key, and another musician may even compensate. It becomes unpleasant noise, and we just want to reduce the volume and return to what was once a sweet sounding symphony. How do we find harmony once again? The answer is simple: MOVEMENT~ properly stretching and strengthening the shoulder joint. Start by setting the foundation for your shoulder to accurately play by taking a deep breath in to straighten and lengthen your spine. With posture awareness, and mindful stretching and strengthening, you balance the joint to have both stability in order to do activities such as lifting, pushing or pulling items, and pressing to pop up on your surfboard, and mobility to move the arms for reaching behind you or overhead, as in the action of paddling or creating a flawless golf swing.

Like everything in life, there is a delicate balance within the shoulder joint and it requires fine-tuning to find perfect harmony.

Be the conductor of your shoulders and enjoy the music!

From my heart to yours,

Amanda Kriebel, DPT, E-RYT 500

tiny-devotions-mala-beadsAffectionately described by many as a yoga scientist, Amanda Kriebel is an innovative Doctor of Physical Therapy and Yoga Teacher who humbly claims to be a student of life. She inspires her patients and students to find JOY through creative techniques to optimize their physique and health. She developed a clinical collection of short yoga routines called the Surf | E x p a n s i o n Yoga Series designed specifically for surfers but perfect for any active person, those in recovery or anyone curious to explore yoga. Integrating yoga into your life will help you function with awareness, enhance your posture, keep your body flexible and motivate you to live mindfully. Amanda has assisted the sports medical team at World Surfing League events since 2011. As an adventurer, surfer, and snowboarder she is dedicated to promoting health and longevity so that you dwell IN JOY. Learn more about her and her exclusive videos here, and find her on YouTube. Stay tuned for additions to the video collection launching soon and follow her for updates: Facebook and on Instagram.

Photo/Video Credit: Micaela Malmi Photography

Using Smudge: Cleanse Your Space

Calling all yogis and spirit junkies, raise your smudge sticks! If you’re a bit of a bohemian then you’ve probably already heard of smudging. Smudging is the perfect way to make your space feel free of negative energy, and ready to set fresh intentions in. Smudge sticks are a combination of herbs (traditionally sage + lavender) used to spiritually and emotionally purify spaces. It is a great ritual for clearing a space of negative energies and setting fresh intentions for each room in your home. The theory behind smudging is that that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and clears the energy with it, releasing it. You can also use smudging to cleanse crystals or other objects of any negative energy.

Here are our top 5 tips for performing a smudging ceremony:

1. Clean Your Space
Begin the cleansing process by cleaning your physical space. Cleaning can be a very meditative activity. Clear space, clear mind is our motto. Let cleaning your physical space lift your worries. Try diluting lavender or other calming essential oils in water and washing your windows and floors. This will help clear your space and make it more therapeutic.

2. Be Open
The cleansing process involves opening yourself up to change and positive energy. Open up your heart, mind and soul. You may wish to invite the spirit of the herbs to join you and guide and assist with your intention. Dive fully into the process. Visualize what you want to gain from this process.

3. Open Your Windows
Open up all your doors and windows. You want to have as much airflow through the space as possible. This will help clear the energy in your home as it will help the energy attached to the smoke flow freely through your space.

4. Let It Go
As you perform the smudging ceremony, make sure you walk through your home slowly and spin the smudge in tiny circles. Visualize the negative energy attaching to the smoke. Let go of any of your personal resistance. By doing this, you allow the sage to cleanse your personal aura, as well as your home.

5. Set Fresh Intentions
When you enter each room, set a fresh intention for that specific space. For example, your bedroom could have a tranquil intention, your kitchen a happy one, and you can set the intention of community for your living room. Lastly, as you finish cleansing your space, set an intention for yourself, perhaps it’s embracing a new beginning.

A lot of people perform a smudging ceremony when moving, to fill their new space with fresh energy. You can perform this ritual whenever you feel the energy around you isn’t as vibrant as it used to be. Repeat the process as often as you need to.

Smudge it!