Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: My Top 6 Baby Step Tips to Maintaining a Clean and Green Summer Lifestyle.

HJ88ifWpv-7DLXzqajDnZ15xspEYzxGtruLz7m_YXy8Hey Boho Beauties,

If you’re a yogi fashionista, beach babe or gypsy goddess, you’ve probably already got a green lifestyle that would make Kris Carr and Gabby B proud! Your lunch is filled with avo-toast and you go to hot yoga on the regular. You know where to find all the best fresh, local and organic produce, and you’ve got your fave kombucha tea on special order in bulk from Kombucha Wonder Drink.

When the sun begins to light up the bohemian sky and warm our skin for longer and longer during the summer, and there are so many more fun adventures to go on, sometimes we loose sight of our clean and green routines. Have no fear, boho bella, it only takes a couple of tricks to get and keep your green on in the summer. Every gal deserves to keep their green glow on!

Here are my top 6 baby step tips to maintain your clean and green summer lifestyle.

444eb06646e1b718702249038b0e5e711. Write it Down, Boho Girl!
Pull out your fave moleskin and pop down all of your healthy meal prep ideas. Being mindful and prepared for the week ahead keeps a goddess’ mind clear and her heart open to all the magical things that might come her way! Take a sweet Sunday evening and write down what you prepare to consume the coming week. This works like a charm and will keep your health plan in check. Don’t fret if you fall of track, the best friend a girl can ever have is herself, so be kind to yourself and check right back in with your plan if you had one two many Ahi tuna tacos or an extra green margarita last Saturday!

2. Move Your Fine Self
Find special and creative ways to get moving, all the time! You don’t have to join a gym to stay active, there are great ways to move everywhere. Whether you’re dancing in your kitchen, taking a jog through the local park, or checking out a new ecstatic movement class downtown, your heart rate is up and that’s all you need! See if you can get creative and find ways to keep moving when you can. Keep moving that beautiful bod, boho girl!

3. Take Adventures to Your Local Farmers Market
The farmers market is home to all things green and clean, so if you haven’t yet checked it out now is the time! From fresh dark green leafies to special healthy tonics, the farmer’s market has you covered in all avenues of health. The best part about the farmer’s market is that it’s totally magical. You may meet a new friend, hear some live music or get to taste test some uber healthy dark chocolate! This one is a must-do, especially in the summer, so go find the nearest one to your home on the double.

4. Flip Things Upside Down in The Morning
Headstands have been known to change a girl’s perspective, reduce stress, increase core, thigh and arm strength, and help with overall happiness. We’ve all got to wonder why everyone doesn’t do headstands every day! Ask your yoga instructor to demonstrate a headstand to you if you’ve never tried it, and start practicing it every morning. The morning is a great time for this super dynamic and wild pose because it starts your day off positive and playful.

5c1918c4fcdd899f048c1defa42e28235. Walk in the Sunshine with Your Gal Pals
If you’re planning on catching up with your besties for tea or coffee, why not turn it into a walk to somewhere new and adventurous? There’s always a new place where the sun is shining and the birds are chirping to explore with your greatest pals. Pick up a sweet iced chai and break free to the pathways with your girls. You’ll be pumping up your endorphins and getting in a gab sesh all at once.

6. Guzzle Lemon Water in the Morning
Every morning we have a new chance to start fresh, cleanse our beautiful bodies and put fresh, wholesome foods into them. The best way to start your healthy routine off right is to drink lemon water before anything you’ve consumed. This yummy, tart water will cleanse your pipes and leave your body ready for all of the healthy things you will be nurturing it with!

There’s so many ways to keep your lifestyle clean and green in the summer. The best way to do so is keep it fun, light and adventurous. I’m sure you’ve got some great ways that you stay glowing in the summer, and I’d love to add them into my bohemian routine! Tell me all about them in the comments below ;)

libpic-1Peace, Love and Magic from,

Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx

Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: The Top 5 Gal Pals You Need in Your Life, Right Now!

dZJ54rXNxB3j19d-yWofEWOsqsu-CYkYLvnpZDITVM4,xliu9KX70bRQAI9SZ-uMGEG5cDARN5_QHjdvb0oEpR4,BpNMbrQzVAjDV9j8xkg3xf-0yhYnUOncLVx2rFeVZrcHey Boho Beauties,

Like every yogi fashionista’s fine collection of gemstones and sacred silk scarves, a girl has got to have her go-to group of gal pals to lean on. From the wild haired bestie you’ve known since you were crackling pop rocks in grade five to the golden goddess you went road tripping with in college, we’ve all got a special collection of friends who help us through the peaks and valleys of life’s journey. There are a few types of magical boho friends that a girl has just got to have by her side to fulfill all of her auspicious dreams, create a life of wonder, and live completely fearlessly.

Here are the top five gal pals you should have in your life, right now!

The Big Dreamer
 She’s writing her next novel, starring on a local television show, gets up every day at 5 a.m. and she’s seriously driven. This goddess has known her sweetest goals and aspirations since she was six, and she’s worked hard to make them a reality. She’s a staple in your life because she encourages all of your life’s hopes and dreams. She’s never jealous or catty, because she’s secure in her own dreams and trusts in yours.

gDWZRLy6DD3CX_tIf4NcFzI4S-W9mo28BQwgNvv5UdQ,JuggcsiYpcnRWW2ko29oCaHb_YVDphKaypXdJe6ULlI,UwDzm8U7awnqYXjXSes8IpXJmwXkEExrqcTH1YRk-6s The Soul Sister
 You met her when you were a little girl and she’s pretty much your family. You could spend months, even years apart but your spirits are connected like sisters, so it never feels like it’s been long. You’re intuitively connected—she can tell when you’re feeling blue, and she knows how to make it right. If, by chance, you didn’t meet this gal long ago, the stars aligned when you met and you knew somehow that in another life you must have danced together barefoot on a beach somewhere. This goddess is a serious gem. She is your soul sister.

 The Mama Bear
 You go to her when mercury is in retrograde, you tell her all of your secrets, she’s your shoulder to cry on. This mama bear is wise beyond her years. She’s got all of the answers; from avocado cacao mousse recipes to the sacred stories of Kali, she knows it all. She’ll pick up the phone when no one else does (you’ve got her on speed dial.) She’s a special force to be reckoned with-she holds the moon up and keeps all of her besties safe.

 The No Bull, A Type, Let’s Get This Done, I’m Talking Right Now, Kinda Gal
 This fiery friend has your best interest at heart. She knows all of your magic and won’t take ‘can’t’ for an answer. She’ll tell you her loving, stone cold, honest truth, if she thinks it will help you achieve your highest potential. She doesn’t believe in ‘no’, and she’ll always find a way. She’s a light worker and power mama, who will have you help you to unveil anything that’s blocking you from seeing all that’s good in you.

 The Barefoot Babe
 This barefoot bella is your very best friend. You take her on all of your most magical adventures, throw dance parties with her below the honeymoon, and share secrets that are never told. This babe is your bestie because there’s a childlike wonder that’s unwritten between the two of you, which will never grow old! You both know that life is for unabashed, full-out living, and you do it together with arms wide open, face a-glow.

All friends are precious, just like the sacred Malas and stones with which we adorn ourselves. These are just a few of the rare and important types of gals you should have in your life to keep it whole, auspicious and full. I know you have a friend-type that helps you to stay sane and golden, and I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!!

libpic-1Peace, Love and Magic,

From Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx

Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: Me, My Passport, and My Yoga Mat

8c4fadd830c30b6544ff46fae6f5245fIt’s no secret that a goddess has got to break free, bust out her passport, and hit the open road (or air) from time to time.  It’s our innate, bohemian right to see the sun kiss the sand on the shores of Kauai, snack on coconut gelato in Sorrento, and ride wild palominos through the Peruvian jungle. But there’s one small catch I know you fashionistas have all got on your brains: How do I keep up my yoga practice when I’m searching for my soul on the road? It can be tough to keep a daily practice when magical distractions are hiding behind every corner of your journey, but yoga comes in all shapes and forms, so let’s talk about some easy tricks to fuse it in where you least expect it!

Here are My Top 5 Tricks to Fuse Yoga into Your Next Boho Vacay. . . 

1. Stay Open
 Just because you’re not in a yoga studio with an uber toned, soft voiced yoga babe highlighting how to get your vinyasa on, doesn’t mean you can’t get into the flow. There’s so many ways to practice yoga sans the studio. Your hotel bedroom floor, the beach’s edge, or poolside, are each highly appropriate studio substitutes, and you don’t even need a mat! Just spread your fingers wide, take a deep breath and roll into your fave pose. Something else to consider is that you don’t need to practice a full-length class to receive all of the benefits. Just get intuitive with what you’re body and mind need that day and choose a few appropriate postures! For example, if you’re feeling super tight, take some hip openers like pigeon or fire log. Or if you’re stomach is aching from all the rad food you’ve been divulging in, take some twists and call it a day!

2. Sneak Off
The most magical places exist on our wildest adventures, so sneak off and find them! Go, gypsy babe, and find somewhere that really vibes with your soul. Set up your spot and start some pranayama, right there! You’ll be in awe of the seriously soulful vibrations you create when you sneak off to a secret place.

b9ab811d84ebf4906a628384058cb46c3. Get Creative
 As I mentioned before, yoga can happen anywhere and you don’t need to take an entire class to reap all of the benefits! If you’re really needing a yoga fix, but can’t find some alone time, pop into a gentle baddha konasana and do a five minute yoga nidra meditation. Even this practice will untangle any stress and tell your body that it’s cool to chill out! This can be done anytime, anywhere, yogi babe!

4. Gather the Group
 If you’re travelling in a group, round up the crowd, take them to a pretty spot and guide them through some of your fave poses! They’ll be sweating, giggling and super grateful—I promise! The beauty of moving and breathing with a group is indescribable, especially if your travel group is bagged from the journey.  You’ll be Zen’d out and connected to one another in a special way that you weren’t before you started your practice. Pick out some simple poses and move through them with your gal pals and fam!

5. Visualize and Set Those Intentions, Boho Babe!
 Many of my greatest teachers have told me that even visualizing yourself moving through your most favourite, relaxing postures will put your heart and bod in a state of ease. If you’re really in a pinch and there’s no place to practice, pick a meaningful intention, start some pranayama (low, diaphragm breath), and move through your vinyasa in your mind.  If you have your most beautiful Mala nearby, roll your fingers over it’s beads, close your eyes and visualize yourself moving through each posture with grace!

Your sweet and soulful journey should always be met with an open heart (and relaxed bod!), boho babe ;) Take these easy tips with you on your next adventure and remember that you’ve got all the tools that you need!

libpic-1Peace, Love and Magic from,

You’re Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby

Wanderlust Wednesdays: How to Prep for an Epic Adventure with Katie Brauer!

Katie B WL 2Photo Credit: Micaela Malmi

1.Get your tickets (don’t worry if all your friends are coming up with excuses of why they cant make it, book anyway, new lifelong friends await you!)

2.Book your accommodation, get close to the action, but not too close. You want to be close enough that you can nick back to your room throughout the day if needed (to change out of sweaty clothes after an incredible heart thumping ecstatic dance or go take a nap after a hike in the mountains and absorb your day for far, before hiting the afternoon/evening festivities. Beware not to get too close to the action as it can be noisy at night. Ask people that have attended before and find out where they stayed and if they would stay there again. Book it, book it now.

wanderlust-farm-to-table-dinner3.Book your Farm to Table Dinner (this sells out quickly and is offered at most, if not all of the Wanderlust Festivals). You will be sorry if you don’t, bc they are always the talk of the town. Amazing delicious food and wine, great connection and conversation and above all you are supporting the local farming communities making this a must. (Again, do not fret about booking this solo, you will meet others and have a blast. One of my all time favorite memories was coming down the hill in the gondola at Tahoe with Steve Gold amongst the 80 people on board with his guitar. He started jamming and the entire gondola was dancing and screaming at the top of their lungs. You never know when a golden wanderlust experience is about to hit, so be open, receptive and let if flow).

4.Now the Yoga – look at the schedule. See who pops out and what teachers you definitely cant live without. Rather than scheduling 3 classes a day, book into 1 or 2 and go with the flow for the rest. I have run into way too many people that are “stressed out” bc they are running from one thing to the next, with out any opportunity to enjoy and soak in. Chill. Trust that you will get where you are meant to go and the rest is in the flow. Choose at least one person on the schedule that you have never heard of, Wanderlust is full of hidden gems beyond the big names and some of my favorite experiences have been with teachers that have not been on the cover of magazines or in the lime light.

5.Go on a hike (or do one of the activities that’s offered and exclusive to the Wanderlust you are attending. It is great to mix it up.

Unknown6.Talk to strangers. While in line for a coffee or a class. There are so many incredibly amazing people that flock to Wanderlust Festival, you never know who you may meet. I remember having a conversation with Jeff Krasno the founder of Wanderlust Festival about this topic. He said he gets an overwhelming amount of emails, and feedback about people meeting their soul mate, best friend, business partner etc at Wanderlust. It is a mecca for awesome!

7.Pack for several changes of clothes and be sure to include a swimsuit – you never know where the day or night may take you. It could include a poolside party with acro yogis and live dj’s or a private house party with a hot tub and live drummers.

8.No matter what your dietary requirements, Wanderlust Festival has vendors to meet your every need, so nourishing your body is covered.

9.Pack sunscreen, hiking shoes, and an open attitude.

10.Relax, enjoy the music and performers as well as the teachers and informers, connect and enjoy.

IMG_2142Katie Brauer is an International Yoga Teacher, Inspirational Speaker and Director of Yoga Programming and Teacher Trainings for Yoga Six based in San Diego, California.  

See more of her below:
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A Headstand a Day Keeps the Doctor Away! My Top 5 Inversions and Why They’re So Cool.

89GE289rb-vf2kASdSPorQ6fq6rOUBdRNPeLQzlW5m0I like to say that magic happens when you take yourself upside down. A calm buzz of energy and happiness radiate through us when we flip our perspective and find balance in our body and mind. Here is why I love inversions so much and do them everyday!

When your mind is happy, your body is happy! When we put our head below our heart to invert, we experience changes at the emotional and cellular level.

Inverting literally flips our perspective and allows us to break away from habitual patterns of thinking and being that we hold in our minds. The patterns may simply be “I can’t,” or ”I’m not strong enough.” With time and practice these beliefs will begin to fade and we will experience a shift in our thinking and move in the direction of empowerment. As possibility begins to unfold in our bodies, we will see that we are stronger than we ever thought possible! This exhilarating boost of confidence is something we can take with us to every area of our lives; there are less limitations, which makes more room to see our own amazing potential!

Inversions will help tone and strengthen your core, arms, shoulders, and back, but the benefits extend so much deeper! On a physiological level, inversions can have many benefits such as increasing circulation, supporting the immune system, and stimulating our body’s parasympathetic nervous system. Many of us run on our sympathetic nervous system full time, which depletes the body of energy and leaves us feeling chronically tired and prone to illness. We make little time for relaxing, though our bodies and minds desperately crave it! However, when we learn to activate the parasympathetic response, blood pressure lowers, the heart rate slows down, stress hormones decrease, and we experience relaxation.

Being upside down increases blood flow to the brain, which is thought increase mental focus, clarity, and memory.


(Remember that practicing these poses under the guidance of a qualified teacher is recommended!)

1. Legs up the wall
This is considered a restorative inversion. It provides a sense of calm and relaxation and can help alleviate mild back pain and headaches and is a great pose to do after a long day or before bed. Turn off all electronics and find a quiet dimly lit spot and listen only to the sound of your breath.

2. Dolphin pose
This pose helps relax the neck and can relive mild back pain. Dolphin pose begins to warm the body and is a great stretch for quads, hamstrings, calves, and arches, and tones your shoulders, arms, and core. Dolphin pose is a great starting point for balancing inversions. Start facing the wall and lift one leg at a time and practice mini hops.

8HEoJ-PEX_UwUNTlQmcRFZywq2mIaL62j7yACjCMQvs3. Headstand
This is often considered the quintessential yoga pose. It helps you feel calm, strong, and balanced. Providing you with mental clarity, and a sense of well being, it’s a great pose to do before you have to make a big decision, or have a stressful event coming up.

4. Forearm balance
This pose is one of my favorites for feeling strong and empowered! Dolphin pose strengthen and tones the arms, shoulders, and core. It’s one of my favorites for when things get too serious and I need to bring a sense of playfulness back into my practice or day.

5. Handstand
Handstand is completely invigorating and fun! It’s my go to pose for a burst of energy. When I’m dragging in the morning, or find myself in a mid-day slump, nothing, not even coffee, picks me up like a handstand.

The benefits of inversions to your physical and mental health are incredible! Practice them as often as you can, but keep in mind that it may take months or years until you can find the magic of balancing on your hands, your forearms, or your head. There is a great lesson in patience and being present that can be found here that is magic of it’s own. We never stop learning, and we never stop growing, so enjoy the process and make sure to have lots of fun along the way!!

Rachel is a registered nurse and yoga instructor living in the Pacific Northwest. Besides being upside down, some of her favorite things include vegan cupcakes, juicing, beaches, good music, and traveling the world.

DSC04906You can connect with her below:
Instagram @rachelanna_yoga.

How to Be a Beach Babe: A Step-by-Step Guide with Brieezy Yoga.

_MG_0231It’s summer time! Ladies, you know what that means! Break out the bikinis, aviators, and short-shorts. Im about to give you the best step-by-step guide to becoming the hottest beach babe this summer!

First things first, being a beach babe doesn’t mean you have to live in Malibu, drive a Jeep, or be named Barbie. Having that sun-kissed look is a must, though! Brunette with caramel undertones will definitely be turning all the heads towards you this summer. For the babes rocking blonde, you really want a natural look; play around with highlights and lowlights, while still sticking with neutral colors.

So you want to be a beach babe? Have you ever tried a natural look? My choices for skincare and makeup all come from the same label—Lush. Lush is a cosmetic brand that is handmade with fresh ingredients. Plus, all their products smell insanely delicious. In this heat no one wants to see your caked face melting off due to summer sun. If you need foundation, be sure to stick with light foundation. Take advantage of shades and tones that bring out your personal eye color, add some mascara, and BAM your face is ready for the day! Going simple on your makeup will also help with easier touch-ups throughout the day, which is always a bonus in my mind. Another helpful tip to keep in mind: no one waiting on you to apply your face always equals happy friends!

Now, dress the part! Beach babes have a laid back, low maintenance, and down-to-earth kind of style. If you show up to any summer get together with your high heels, hair done to the nines, and your little accessory you call a dog stuffed into a purse it will definitely remove you from people’s “I want to invite her back” books. Relax; go with light fabrics in your shorts, tank tops, hoodies, and sundresses. This is what we’ll refer to as your new go-to-look. I know you’re fighting that princess inside screaming to let her out, so yes, accessorize (just not with a purse pup). Be sure to use minimal jewelry; a couple bracelets, stud earrings, some sweet shades, and your own personal mala will do just fine.

Are you with me so far? Yes? Good.

a9b247be5d2f521caeb7667dd2e84fb6Now, don’t think you can merely dress up, or make up your “beach body” for the summer. Living fit, having a routine workout, and setting up a healthy diet should be part of your lifestyle. Not only will you be a hit in a bikini this summer, but also a hit for many summers to come. It is key to find a routine that works for you. I pair a daily yoga practice with a regular gym routine and rock climbing. Maybe you have trouble sticking to a routine? Find a challenge (i.e. 30 day yoga challenge), stick with it and you’ll develop a routine in no time. Get to it, and most of all, have fun enjoying your beach-ready bods!

Last, but certainly not least, have the attitude.

Being a beach babe isn’t all about how you look. It is how you present yourself to others. Beach babes have the attitude of approachability. Go out there and be outgoing, fun, and friendly—maybe even a little flirtatious. Smile for no apparent reason aside from the fact that you are you. Above all, be yourself. Beach babes own who they are and are not afraid to flaunt it. So go out this summer, grab a cold one, and dance to your own beat!


tumblr_n6i8t942K21td935uo1_1280Brie from Brieezy Yoga is a Yoga Instructor, Headstand expert and blogger. See more of her below:

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Happy Fathers Day! xx

The Top 5 Goddess Tips on How to Rock a Work Week from Danielle Dowling.

CSI-8PKndaKHcqxMTlABDCpMB9dwiOx0UMzGDnrAScMAren’t weekends wonderful? Afternoon yoga classes, a tall glass of iced tea after a long day of surfing, hours and hours to meditate or journal or hike through the foothills with your friends.

And then Monday rears its ugly head and you’re back to meetings and conference calls and reheated leftovers eaten at your desk.

No matter how much you like your job, we can all acknowledge that there are moments we’d  rather be in bed/at the beach/in sukhasana than at the watercooler. But with a few tweaks and a good attitude it’s possible (really!) to enjoy your work week.

Here are five of my favorite ways to enjoy Monday-Friday, 9-5.

1. Really, actually take your lunch break
Raise your green juice if you’re guilty of working through your lunch break or eating some hummus in front of your computer while you mindlessly trawl Twitter. (Don’t worry. I’ve been there, too.)

You’ll be floored by how inspired and rejuvenated you’ll feel if you take advantage of your lunch break. Pack something delicious that you’ll actually look forward to eating and then munch on it in a park. Check out new cafes near your workplace. Go for a walk and listen to podcasts. Sneak in a quick class at the gym or meet a friend for a super quick bite. Really, just about anything other than sitting at your desk will help you power through the afternoon.

2. Make a list of things you love about your job
If your current job isn’t your dream gig (and for many of us, it’s not) it can be extremely easy to get hung up on the negatives. If you don’t love your job, by all means look for a new one, but while you’re doing that, remind yourself of the good things about your current workplace. Maybe you’ve got a flexible schedule or a boss who appreciates you. Maybe there are always good snacks in the break room or your coworkers make you laugh. Even something as simple as “I’ve got a great view from my office and my work doesn’t stress me out” can help you appreciate where you’re at.

3. Get to know a coworker better
Do you clock in, clock out, and make small talk during meetings without really listening? A lot of us do. But what would happen if you got to know a coworker a bit better? You’d probably enjoy your work a lot more if you had someone to split break room cupcakes with. This week, ask a coworker about her funny cat calendar or his plans for this summer. Invite someone to join you at lunch or send them a funny email on their birthday.

3f22b40d226615ae8747835b9dec39e24. Infuse your personality into your workspace and work wardrobe

When you work in a corporate environment, it’s easy to feel like you’re a cog in the wheel of vague job titles and sensible black blazers. Regardless of your job, you can add a bit of personality to your work attire and work space. Bring in some potted plants and photos from your favorite travel destinations. Download a screensaver that inspires you and drink out of a coffee mug that makes you laugh. Wear bangles you bought in India, some cute hipster glasses, or a necklace passed down from your grandma. Even the most stringent dress code can’t complain about a locket from 1920!

5. Remember the good you’re doing through your work

If you work in an office, it can be very easy to lose sight of what you and your company actually accomplish. But buried under all that paperwork and business jargon, you’re probably actually helping people. Strip away business speak and think about the good things that you’re doing through your job. If you write grants, you help deserving agencies do amazing things. If you work in marketing, you’re introducing a problem-solving product to people who have a problem. If you work at a restaurant, you’re feeding people, making them happy, and helping friends and family reconnect over food.

See? You’re doing amazing things – inside and outside of the office.

Check out more of Danielle below! 

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Confessions of a Boho Fashionista: A Boho Bridal Shower-How to Create the Most Magical Day for Your Best Gal-Pal!

e9fe7d3adeda137b6bb60a8b093983d2Hey Boho Beauties,

When your bestie decides to tie the knot, it’s a serious must to throw her the best boho bridal shower of the season! Every gypsy goddess who grew up dreaming of floating down the aisle adorned in flowers, feathers and sunbeams also hoped for the perfect bohemian bridal shower. This season, bohemian bellas are throwing the sweetest backyard showers for their gal pals and besties alike, with the most special DIY boho décor, gift bags and menu options. Let’s talk about my boho bridal shower checklist to make your best gal pal’s heart shine!

1.Fresh Flower Crowns: Every goddess wants to feel like one, so purchase beautiful flowers from your local fresh florist and make crowns for the bella bohemians who will be attending your shower. These crowns can serve as a beautiful take home gift, they feel so special when they’re worn, and they’re great for photo opts!

7ac91daa5329dfe7b97e1b5b9fe185902.Backyard Soiree: Set up your backyard like a modern-day, chic, bohemian slumber party! This means lots of outdoor pillows for gab sessions and laughs, organic candy stations, and beautiful Aztec blankets galore!

3.DIY Pastel Tassels: Adorn the backyard in pastel tassels that are beautiful and easy to make! These are seriously on trend right now, and they look great in pictures so add as many as you like to really make the backyard look like a fantasy.

9a386a6dddbe8d8b68848e57b4d449f94.Dream Catcher Station: Have an area where your pals can make dream catchers. Set up the beads, weaving materials and hoop and give some brief directions for your goddess friends. This is a great activity to do at a shower, because it’s all about new beginnings and dreams! When the girls have their finished result, share them with one another.

5.Pink Grapefruit Mimosas: Every shower needs a little extra something, something! To really make your mimosas special, pre-slice your grapefruits and freeze them. Use the frozen grapefruits as ice cubes in the mimosas for a serious hit!

6.Wish Jar: Have a special wish jar with beautiful, pre cut organic paper and feather pens for your guests. Then have your guests write their wishes or intentions for the bride and drop them into the jar. At the end of the afternoon, take all of your gypsy bellas and yogi friends and sit with pillows and candy and read all of the sweet wishes aloud!

These are my top tips for a successful boho bridal shower, but I know YOU have some magical ones too!! Share them with us in the comments below!!

I just can’t wait to try some of these ideas out at all of the bohemian showers I’ll be attending this summer. Remember boho bellas, there’s always a new way to set your intention, get inspired, use your creativity and harness all of the gifts you have!!

libpicPeace, Love and Magic from,

 Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx

Boho Girl on a Budget: The Top Ten Ways to Girls Night-the Boho Way!

_P9A9241There are a lot of things that every Boho girl needs to know. When she’s not out experiencing her favorite yoga class, catching some waves at the beach, or taking in a summer stroll, she’s with her friends, enjoying the best parts of life with the ones she cares about most. Though these are always the sweetest of times for any Boho beauty, they can be a big drain on the wallet, if you’re not careful.

The greatest knowledge that any Boho girl can possess for a night of fun is how to have an incredible time without blowing your budget. Finances can be tricky, but hey; truth, beauty, freedom, and love don’t have to come at a pretty price. It’s possible to spend a night with your closest girls and keep it simple. Simplicity is the greatest gift in life, and when we stay mindful of this practice, we can achieve anything (especially a sweet party).

In honor of the bohemian tradition of fun and fancy-free, here are ten ways to have a girl’s night, the boho way:

1.  In the beginning, make a plan. Get together with the gals and decide on the type of outing you’d like to have. Create a foundations of a perfect night and start building!

2.  Agree on a budget and chip in together. If you want to do something that requires a little extra cash, come up with an idea of how much it will cost per person and put your finances together. Sharing the cost will definitely lighten the load.

3.  Public transit it up! If you’re going on a getaway, meet up at the subway station, streetcar, or bus stop and travel together. Better yet, if it’s within walking distance, get your exercise on! This will not only cut down on costs, but it’s environmentally friendly and safe, should you choose to enjoy a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage together.

d5efea743a53fdaccbc20991ebe97fd64.  Pack a picnic. What better way to cut down on costs than to bring some delicious snacks and enjoy them together at a park? After all, everyone loves a potluck!

5.   Share your musical talents. Concerts can be super expensive these days, so grab your guitar playing, drum beating friends, and create your own concert! You’d be pretty surprised at how talented people can be when there are no judgments around them.

6.   Have a game night. Who doesn’t love delving into childhood territory and enjoying some of the boardgames you used to play when you were kids? Get everyone to bring their favorite boardgame to a pre-disclosed location and watch the hilarity ensue! (Hint: ‘Twister’ is a solid bet at any age).

7.  Three words; outdoor yoga class. Check out a class online and get ready to vinyasa in the open, evening air. If you have a friend who’s an instructor, that’s even better.

8.  Remember to be open to new ideas. Creativity is the seed of any great discovery. Be open to ideas, and be open to changes. A simple journey can result in the most incredible adventure, if you allow it to.

9.   A movie night is never a bad thing. Bring all the girls together and choose some of your favorite flicks, enjoying a night of snacks and laughs without bursting your bank accounts.

e197e679df907d616aef4d37a8cc815510.  When all else fails, a walk on the beach and a dip in the ocean is the perfect girl’s evening in the summertime. Add a bonfire and you are more than golden!

In a society that values money so much, we tend to forget that the best times in life are free. The Boho way, fortunately, will never let us down. Focus on the time spent with those you love, and you will be always be rich, regardless of your wallet’s girth. The rest will come in time. Namaste!



Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.

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