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Dee: Friendship
Friendship is kind of like a party. Your energy draws people in. BFF’s that are always down for an adventure, sisters to soul speak with, besties that light a spark within us + a tribe to keep us grounded. Friends make us smile + allow us to be our authentic selves. They will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Katie: Intuition
I’ve learned that although following your gut instinct on something might feel scary or wrong, it always leads you exactly where you need to be. I like to remind myself of a quote which has stuck with me since I read it: “If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!”


Amy: Perspective
Volunteering with senior citizens and disabled adults at a nursing home made me realize the importance of valuing each moment – each day that we wake up healthy and free and surrounded by friends and family. It makes daily annoyances and minor issues seem really petty!

Renee: Travel
Exploring not only everything this beautiful world has to offer, but also exploring what you are capable of. Wake up, have no plan at all, get lost in foreign spaces and discover new things. Traveling has taught me to take nothing for granted. To stop, take a minute and appreciate everything around you.

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Meet McKenna and Nikki: Two twenty somethings passionate about bringing the world’s vibration to a higher level!

McKenna and Nikki Standing

How we got here

Nikki and my friendship blossomed from the first day we met after being placed together as roommates in our college dorm. We both loved Bob Marley, small businesses, were vegetarians and of course avid yogis. Nikki went for Bikram then, and I was all about power Vinyasa at Yoga Pearl in Portland.

Random roommates? I don’t think so: the universe definitely had a plan when we moved in together.

In college, Nikki and I would brainstorm together about different ways we could change the world for the better. Nikki’s business-meets holistic style and my creative, community-loving mind were the perfect balance for conjuring up some good ideas (a vegan bakery cart) and some not-so good ideas (late night Taco Bell delivery service, anyone?) during our late night talks over almond butter and tea.

When it came time to graduate, Nikki followed her love to Bend, Oregon, teaching yoga on the way. After researching dozens of companies, Nikki suggested I apply to one that was in line with our lifestyle: lululemon.  Cut to a week after graduation, I packed up my car and drove from Portland to L.A. with hopes of landing a job (don’t worry – I got it).

In the last two years we’ve both followed our passions.

Nikki has studied raw and vegan culinary under Matthew Kenney, traveled to Peru with David Wolfe, and (finally!) joined me down in Santa Monica as co-founder of PoppyandSeed.com, a digital media and e-commerce site dedicated to building community, supporting local small businesses and educating on health and wellness.

I now work as a Community Leader for the lululemon Brentwood store in addition to working as a freelance community connector in West L.A., building relationships between local small business owners.

When I got involved with imagine1day, Nikki took the leap with me as we decided to commit to raising $14,000 to build a school in Ethiopia, and visit the country in October.

Getting involved with imagine1day was a no-brainer for me. As a student of political science and journalism, I learned how vital a sustainable education system is in developing countries, as opposed to simply dropping off supplies and leaving. As a manager, I learned that it’s through leadership training that sustainability in an organization can happen — whether it be a country, a company or a school.


What is imagine1day?

Founded by Chip and Shannon Wilson, imagine1day began their work in 2007 in Vancouver, B.C. and is launching in the U.S. this summer from their offices in Santa Monica.

Since 2007, they have funded 123 primary schools, trained 1,700 teachers and built 126 schools from the ground up.  Even better is that all of the proceeds raised go directly to the Ethiopian communities – there are no administrative costs.

Screenshot 2014-05-20 15.44.25

How you can help

We have a shared fundraising goal of $14,000 to build a school for children grades 5-8 in the Southeastern Meda Welbu community in Ethiopia, which currently has only one school for grades 1-4.

Tiny Devotions has offered 10% of every African Jade Mala sold to our fundraising, so sporting one of the necklaces is a huge help and keeps you looking like the boho goddess that you are at the same time.

What’s better than supporting a crazy good cause and doing it in style?

Why we love the African Jade Mala

Screenshot 2014-05-20 15.31.14

Nikki and I know that friendship is one of the most amazing tools in loving your life. This mala’s intention is to bring you good friendships, which can be hard to come by. We also dig how it brings you peace and serenity as you take control over your life – because we both know that our lives are what we make them.

Our quote to live by right now:

 “Alone you can go fast, but together you can go farther” – African Proverb

 Check out imagine1day at www.imagine1day.org


Check out PoppyandSeed.com at www.poppyandseed.com

Screenshot 2014-05-20 15.38.11



mckenna-koonYou can also donate directly to our fund-raising on Paypal, using our contact: McKennaKoon@gmail.com

By: McKenna Koon




5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing a Mala

There is nothing we love more then when our community shares the same values and passions as we do. Angela Kukhahn is one of those lovely ladies. Here are the 5 reasons she believes you should wear mala beads.

1. It is a reminder of the infinite in the midst of the mundane. When I wear my mala it is a reminder of something true and good, regardless of whatever else may be happening at that moment. It reminds me to take the high road, even during those times when let’s be honest, I would rather kick someone in the shins. It reminds me that there are forces greater than me working together for my good. That I am a spiritual being in this human experience. That even though I may not see it at the moment things are working out exactly as they should.

2. They have healing qualities. My Tiny Devotions Mala is made of Rudraksha beads and the Guru Bead is an Amethyst. They say that crystals choose you, and in my case I am starting to believe it is true. This is the third Amethyst that I have been given this year. They are said to have a spiritual quality to them aiding in meditation, restful sleep, conquering addiction and healing of all types.
3. They are stylish and beautiful and add a bohemian flair to any outfit you put on. I am constantly in yoga clothes, in fact without yoga clothes on people barely even recognize me. Sometimes it is challenging to look stylish and cute when you are constantly wearing some type of spandex and sweating all day. A beautiful mala is just the thing to add a little flair to any outfit whether you are teaching a yoga class or headed out for the evening.
4. They are excellent for meditation adding a tangible and tactile way to count your breaths or chants. I am a bit of a baby meditator and have only been meditating now since last October. As anyone that has tried meditating knows staying present is hard work! One minute you are meditating and the next thing you know your mind has wandered and you are obsessing over what you are going to make for dinner later. Malas have  long been used to keep the hands busy and help to focus the mind by running your fingers over each bead as you meditate, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…you get the idea.
5. Stones create a magnetic field that our body responds to. Crystal healing works on the electromagnetic field around the body, known as the aura.  Any form of disharmony or disease in our lives can cause blockages or other disturbances in our aura, which may eventually manifest as illness and dis-ease in the body. Wearing a crystal balances your electromagnetic field keeping your body happy and healthy.


To find your own beautiful mala check out www.tinydevotions.com!
Angela Kukhahn
Website/Blog www.KukhahnYoga.com
Instagram @ajoyfulyoga
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