Astrological Gemstones – Sun Sign Crystals + What they Mean

As humans, we feel the need to understand + evaluate ourselves and each other on a daily basis. Our self awareness is what sets us apart from so many other beings in this world, and we are fascinated by it. I have long been interested in the Zodiac signs and their amazing ability to discern personalities and events based solely on birth dates. Recently, I have seen more and more people like me have started connecting with the universe and wanting to find out as much information as possible.

After thorough research, I learned that each of our Sun Sign’s have specific power gemstones that lend to our unique traits. Below is what I was able to gather. Remember, although these are suggestions on how you can better harness the power of your Sun Sign, gemstones + crystals often choose us before we choose them. Don’t discard a gemstone that you feel a connection with just because it is not listed with your sun sign. We all have our own paths.

Aries Power Gemstones:

With your ruling planet being Mars, you have a spark + fire that is uniquely distinguishable from the other signs. You are a pioneer and find excitement in competition. Although you do not quake at the idea of being assertive, you take great pride in your integrity—especially when it comes to your passions. As an Aries, you are independent, fearless, courageous, and a natural leader. Moreover, you are proud to have these qualities, and because of this it is important for you to de-stress and relax so that you can prominently be at your best. You find that you have a tendency to put an enormous amount of pressure on yourself, and it is easy to get caught in that if you do not take the time to pause and recharge.

To make the most of these impressive traits for yourself and for your presence in a crowd, we suggest you turn to your power gemstones for enhancement. The three best stones for Aries are Carnelian, Citrine, and Garnet. Carnelian is a reddish-orange stone is gives off a strong presence and lends to your intuition. Citrine is a yellow stone and has long been used for power in manifesting dreams and desires by connecting with your intentions. Garnet is deep red in color and ensures you reach your maximum potential by enhancing your personal and professional performance. Tiny Devotions has several mala beads and adornments that are perfectly suited for the Aries manifester.

Pisces Power Gemstones:

Neptune is your ruling planet, which correlates to your selfless, empathetic, and compassionate personality. By nature, you want to take care of others and often put yourself on the line to do so. Despite some people’s tendency to exploit your desire to help, you persevere and rarely ask for things in return. Often, you are creative and innovative. In the circumstances that you are not you have a unique ingenuity to make up for it. Unfortunately, as an empath, you are sometimes vulnerable to others negative energy or outlooks. They may drain you or effect a situation you are in significantly.

To protect yourself from this and to heighten your innovative traits, we suggest for you to find a way to connect with your Pisces Birthstone, Aquamarine. This gemstone can counter negativity + can deepen your own insights without being influenced by others. Aquamarine can also thin the veil between you and any resentments you may have harbored towards others or yourself, leading you down a road of forgiveness and a healthier mind. Another strong gemstone for Pisces is Amethyst. This purple and clear crystal can strengthen your spirituality, calm your anxiety, and bring you mental peace when used regularly.


Aquarius Power Gemstones:

As an Aquarius, those close to you know that you are a true original. You engage with the company around you in a way that makes them feel at ease and listened to. Since you tend to self-reflect and evaluate, you are sometimes uncertain how others perceive you. You don’t have anything to worry about though. The people that are lucky enough to be in your circle appreciate your energy, thoughtfulness, and (sometimes) bizarre humor. You are independent and your uniqueness is nearly rebellious. You are a free-spirit and do not conform to the norm.

With these incredible traits in mind, there is some stubbornness to you as well. You have a clear of idea of how you want things to go which sometimes conflicts with other strong personalities. We recommend you keep your power gemstones with you to ease these times. Aquamarine resonates with you highly due to its alluring light blue color and water qualities. This gemstone can be used to help you connect with your community and family values. It can also be used to call upon your forgiveness As an Aquarius, sometimes you find that you feel hurt or betrayed, and it hits you harder than most. Jasper is also very useful to you in this sense, as it is known to help you cope with old wounds that may still haunt you. Your Aquarius birthstone, amethyst, is also incredibly effective in the healing process. Amethyst is a favorite for many and can be used for an abundance of spiritual needs. Claim this beautiful birthstone and use it to balance your body + spirit, while looking gorgeous doing so.


Capricorn Power Gemstones:

Your traits are true to your sign, the goat: Ambitious, driven, practical, and helpful. The people that know you would say that they have the most appreciation for your strength, stability, and your unwavering support. You have many desirable traits, which sometimes makes others jealous of you. Although you typically react to this modestly, sometimes you are angered by others behavior.

The best way to enhance your already heavenly attributes would be with your power gemstone, Azurite. This stone has been known to stimulate your own divinity. To practice this, find a way to carry this gemstone with you and enter a situation that would normally make you uncomfortable. You will find that your heart is more open than usual, and it is easier to accept others. Garnet is also a fantastic gemstone for you. As a Capricorn, Garnet is your birthstone, and you find yourself naturally drawn to this deep red stone. When worn, it will rejuvenate your chakras, your spirit, and is the most likely to manifest the blessings you have been wishing for.


Sagittarius Power Gemstones:

As a Sagittarius, you are well known for your consistent enthusiasm, optimism, and your honesty. Highly praised for these traits, they can also hinder your own personal happiness while you are feeding off your desire to bring happiness to whoever you are with. You find yourself sometimes restless and anxious. This is caused by your naturally high energy vibrations, but you do not let it impact you for long. People may often tell you that they are inspired by your free spirit and your fearlessness when introduced to an opportunity. Though this may be true, you find that you are always looking for a new adventure, which can feel like discontentment at times.

You have a powerful presence and can influence others. To build on this, we recommend you connect with your Birthstone, Turquoise. This attractive blue gemstone is powerful in itself and can help you as a Sagittarius is a meaningful way. This stone will enhance your natural intuition and solidify happiness with yourself. It is the perfect tool regardless of whatever adventure or challenge may be on the horizon. Bronzite can act as a catalyst for change and can aide in deciphering your true desires versus impulses. If you are hoping for change, Citrine, is an excellent choice. This light-yellow stone shows the universe that you are ready for the next phase or need help in your current circumstances. Any of your power gemstones are important for amplifying your strengths and balancing your shortcomings.


Scorpio Power Gemstones:

Anyone that has met you can tell that you have a powerful presence. Your energy is fierce with passion and loyalty. You are accountable, independent, and have strong opinions. As a Scorpio, you are not afraid to demonstrate these qualities in your everyday life. When you put your mind to something, nothing can stop you. Your impenetrable drive bulldozes over any obstacle! At times you feel like a perfectionist and can sometimes get carried away with your passions. Although no one can deny your proficiency in many areas of work due to these qualities.

Your Sun Sign is associates with the element water. You possess calming attributes of the sea but can also bring the force of a hurricane. Many say that you steadily flow in the middle of these two states of being. Your Scorpio crystals can assist you in many ways depending on what you are looking for. When you find yourself stuck in anger, citrine, amethyst, and malachite can bring in peace + tranquility. Citrine is an especially powerful crystal for you because it heightens feelings of joy, hopefulness, and serenity. Malachite is known to take negativity energy and create positive energy which is idea for emotional duress. Amethyst will be the most beneficial for when you need to get yourself out of hurricane mode. It will lend its power to the calm of the sea that resides within you.


Libra Power Gemstones:

As a Libra, you are known among your friends + family to be balanced and incredible at expressing an objective point of view in times of conflicts. Libra’s are associated with the scales which explains your desire for compromise and negotiation over conflict. This non-confrontational instinct is a prominent trait for the Libra, but associated with the element of air, you are also not afraid to stand up for what’s right. You are sociable, charming, loyal, and thoughtful. Your friends appreciate your listening ear and insight. Many say you have a way with words and your advice is highly sought after.

While these are admirable traits, you may also suffer negative effects from this strong moral and objective compass. Indecisiveness can make you feel guilty because you have a need to consider all sides of things. This leads to a delay in your decision making and can make you impatient with yourself. We suggest that you connect with your power gemstone, Lapis Lazuli to help combat this. This deep blue gemstone aides in feeling confident in commitments and decisions. Citrine can also be very helpful to the Libra as it can promote optimism and a balanced state of mind. Lastly, labradorite is excellent in clearing your mind, cleansing your aura, and lends a shield of protection.


Virgo Power Gemstones:

The Mermaid of the Earth, the Virgo is a connected to nature and water in a way that is unique from other Sun Signs. You are grateful for the beauty around you and are known to find appreciation in the small things that some may not see. Radiating compassion, you are selfless, kind, caring, and intelligent. Your friends + family appreciate the light you bring to any room you enter and would say that you find the good in everyone. Negative traits of this water sign include being reserved, often with your walls up when interacting with people. This does hinder you in some ways, and you wonder after a conversation how you came off to the other person. However, it also makes the people you have let beyond those walls feel special and prized. Self-preservation can be considered a negative and a positive, but mostly you feel it is the latter.

Both your nurturing, loving side and your reserved side can be helped with your power gemstones. The perfect gemstone to ground yourself with and enhance your confidence is Jasper. Kyanite brings protection which makes you feel less inclined to have your walls up so high. Jade is your true power gemstone, as it can open your heart without exposing yourself too much, and it has been said by many sources to attract abundance, prosperity, and happiness. At the same time, Jade is a wonderful tool in centering yourself and understanding your own needs while you tend to focus so much on others.


Leo Power Gemstones:

Leo, your sign is considered masculine among the other signs due to your strength in character and in personality. You are bold, regal, and have an enormous heart. The people lucky enough to be close to you appreciate your artistic mind, charm, and energy. Many would argue that the Leo is the most sociable of all the signs, although not always easy to get along with. Your energy vibrates high which draws people to you, but you are not often prepared to reciprocate the attraction.

Your charms and creativity make you a crowd pleaser by nature, and your power gemstones can increase this trait even more for you as well as bring you prosperity, luck, and fortune. Garnet is known to fuel the inner fire for the Leo and is a deep shade of red. Tiger’s Eye, much like the Lion, is unique, fierce, and lends to the leader you were born to be. Carnelian is also suitable for you if you are on the more creative side because it charges you own inner strengths and stimulates creativity. Enjoy the bountiful life has to offer you, Leo!


Cancer Power Gemstones:

Some people say that the Cancer is exactly like the crab that it represents: Hard on the outside, and goo in the middle! It is no secret that you are the most nurturing and sentimental of all the signs. However, not everyone gets to see this side of you. In fact, you keep it under very close wraps until you feel that the person is worthy of the best version of yourself. This is a strategic and intelligent move, but also leaves a lot of people that have come into your life wondering about you. You are intelligent, easy-going, adaptive, and loving. Everyone that is close to you knows it was worth the initial struggle to get to know you.

With so much going on in your mind, there are a few power gemstones that you would benefit the most from. Moonstone is connected directly to the moon and is known to lend the moon’s energy and protection to the wearer. Jasper is essential for enhancing your endurance, overcoming adversity, and sharpening the mind. Abalone shell is connected to the changing tides and emotions of the sea, which responds to your naturally empathetic personality.


Gemini Power Gemstones:

Gemini, you are naturally playful and have a young heart. People would say you find fun in almost every circumstance. As you know, there are two sides to you, and people better be careful not to get on the wrong one! Often gorgeous and magnetic, others find themselves envious of what you have and your high-spirited attitude. You are also known to vigilantly seek the truth and explore your curiosities. You have found that you are talented in many different ways and want to expand upon those talents whenever able.

To connect with the curious and ambitious side of you, we recommend wearing Jade. This gemstone disintegrates negativity and introduces peace, balance, and good fortune. Quartz would also be helpful because of its ability to connect with your spiritual side. Carnelian is your third power gemstone, which helps the wearer feel joyous and powerful. Any of these gemstones are sure to enrich your life, Gemini.


Taurus Power Gemstones:

Ah, the Taurus. You are well known for your stubbornness, patience, and determination. You are set in your ways and don’t much care for how others perceive things. You prefer a slow-paced life, where you can remain calm and level-headed in most circumstances. You are very anti-drama and could do without it all together. At the same time, you also greatly enjoy group projects and tasks. You feel a sense of accomplishment when working with like-minded individuals, which makes you a tremendous asset at your place of work. In love, you feel you are at your best, but you also don’t mind being single because you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. Your mind is strategic, and you like to have a plan in place before going into something new.

Your power gemstones and crystals can give you the power to connect with yourself in new ways and tackle any obstacle. Peridot is a lime green precious gemstone. It feeds off of positivity and can bring good things to new heights. Carnelian lends energy to you and can help you move forward from a bad situation. Pyrite is the best stone for the Taurus, as it is said to bring abundance in wealth, health, and love. With your hard work and perseverance, any of these gemstones can benefit you, Taurus.


For gemstones, mala beads, and crystals with your birthstone visit our sister site here.

The Best Gifts We’ve Every Received #giveintention




Dee: Friendship
Friendship is kind of like a party. Your energy draws people in. BFF’s that are always down for an adventure, sisters to soul speak with, besties that light a spark within us + a tribe to keep us grounded. Friends make us smile + allow us to be our authentic selves. They will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Katie: Intuition
I’ve learned that although following your gut instinct on something might feel scary or wrong, it always leads you exactly where you need to be. I like to remind myself of a quote which has stuck with me since I read it: “If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!”


Amy: Perspective
Volunteering with senior citizens and disabled adults at a nursing home made me realize the importance of valuing each moment – each day that we wake up healthy and free and surrounded by friends and family. It makes daily annoyances and minor issues seem really petty!

Renee: Travel
Exploring not only everything this beautiful world has to offer, but also exploring what you are capable of. Wake up, have no plan at all, get lost in foreign spaces and discover new things. Traveling has taught me to take nothing for granted. To stop, take a minute and appreciate everything around you.

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Calling All Yogis! Take the Quiz



What each Sacred Identity type does at a Yoga Class


The Boho Child (ENFP): Becomes besties with everyone around them in 5 minutes or less.

The Shaman (INFP): Calmly lights sage sticks ? cleanses the space.

The Truth Seeker (ISTJ): Just here for the Savasana.

The Yogi (ESFP): In the corner concentrating on nailing that Handstand Scorpion.

The Guru (ENFJ): Making friends with first-timers and teaching them the moves before class even starts.

The Life Coach (INFJ): Hosts a counselling session in the bathroom.

The Goddess (ESFJ): Calmly people watches ? learns.

The Light Worker (ISFJ): Walks around helping classmates nail down their poses.

The Gypset (ISFP): Crushing on the hot dude beside her.

The Risk Taker (ESTP): One-Handed Tree-Posing.

The Student (ISTP): Takes the advanced class on their first go.

The Warrior (ESTJ): Makes slightly inappropriate jokes for anyone who will listen.

The Planner (ENTJ): Somehow networks the entire class and wakes up with ten job offers.

The Creator (ENTP): Secretly wishes she was teaching the class.

The Sage (INTP): Accidentally wandered out of class and ended up in another town.

The Manifester (INTJ): Takes scheduled hydration breaks and basks in their happy place.

What’s your Sacred Identity?

Take the quiz here to find out, and share your results below!


Finding + Following Your Intuition


As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all born with the gift of intuition; it is our birthright. As babies and young children, we are accepting of our intuitive abilities, recognizing our “sixth sense” to be just as common and matter of fact as our five physical senses. It isn’t until we start to grow up and out of our soul, knowing and identifying more with this world and our mind-thinking, that we lose touch with this innate power.

For many of us, returning to this state is simply a matter of unlearning these limiting mind thoughts and beliefs around our intuitive abilities. We must come back into our higher self’s knowing that we have access to divine knowing and insight at all times. While only some of us are able to be psychic and intuitively dialed in for others, such as myself, ALL OF US have the potential to do so for ourselves. No one is more connected to you, your higher guidance and spirits than you are!

What I have found over the years in cultivating and strengthening my own intuitive abilities, is that I’ve had to constantly address my head/heart conflict. Often times what my head is telling me conflicts with what my heart feels to be true. I used to struggle with which one to listen to and obey. Every time I followed my head, it got me into trouble or made things a lot harder than they needed to be. Whenever I listened to and honored the guidance in my heart and soul, however, I was validated with answers, solutions, and outcomes that unfolded with grace and ease. It doesn’t mean the path was always easy or care-free, but it always resulted in me becoming wiser, stronger, and braver as a result of having followed my heart.

My Spirit Guides have taught me that what it really comes down to is getting out of our heads and into our hearts. Our “monkey minds,” as the Buddhist refer to it, create endless thoughts, opinions and judgments that often times are based in fear and come from our egos. This cuts us off from our intuitive guidance and knowing, which is based in truth and love.

The heart’s guidance, on the other hand, is simple, direct, and there’s no need for a lot of words. Our feelings are our best guidance, which stem from our heart center.

As a Spiritual Medium, I tune into the heart of both my client and the spirits, getting into the “heart of the matter”, thus obtaining a clear read on any person, spirit, or situation. Rebecca-Tiny-Devotions-Mala-Beads

A simple way to put it is this: the mind projects, while the heart directs. With that in mind, make it a point to retrain your brain into letting go of any and all fear-based thinking, surrendering these lower self thoughts to God and your Guides. Then, simply tune into your heart, checking in with your feelings, and paying attention to what these emotions are telling you in the moment. As you honor and follow the guidance in your heart, you will feel empowered and connected to a higher energy directing and acting as a guiding light in your life. You will walk in wholeness and complete alignment with your highest potential and highest guidance, thus creating endless opportunities to live and be your highest and best self!

Rebecca Rosen is an internationally renowned best-selling author, spiritual medium, teacher and inspirational speaker. You can follow Rebecca along on her journey of changing peoples lives, on her newest show, The Last Goodbye on LMN.


The Top Five Ways Being A Mama Made Me See Love Differently, With Mindy Willis-Menard.

We caught up with one of our favourite Mamas to chat about motherhood last November, and she had some amazing insights on Malas and Mama-hood. Check out our goddess gal pal Mindy Willis-Menard talking about Mama Malas and the sacred beauty of motherhood below.

After she gave birth to her precious boho bella, Mayla, we had the opportunity to ask Mindy what was so special to her about being a mother. Here is what she had to share with us.


What did I “LOVE” in my life before recently becoming a Mother?  I loved yoga, spontaneity, road trips, cooking, studying, going for long bike rides and runs, rock climbing trips, wine, going out to dinner, quiet time to meditate, and most of all getting a good night sleep.

It’s one in the afternoon but somehow it feels like 1am.  It could be sleep deprivation that has finally grabbed hold of me after 12 weeks of trying to cope broken bits of sleep here and there.  The last 3 months of my life has changed in every way possible.  Who knew?  Any mother that has been on this journey knows what I am talking about and they also know that no matter what comes up there is this undying love for their child that can not ever be fully expressed through words.

My vision of love has changed, how I see love is different after she (Mayla) came into my life.

IMG_0229Here are my top 5 ways Motherhood has made me see love differently.

  1. A smile.  I waited for a few weeks, through lots of full out ball fests for the moment that changed everything for me.  Her smile.  I have tears in my eyes as I type that because one smile from my daughter brings me to the depth of my heart and the love that I feel for her.
  2. Breastfeeding.  If I may be truthful there was really nothing natural about nursing, in fact I was very sore after the first few days.  I cried about not being able to feed her but with a lot of help from my midwife, doula and lactation specialist I managed to keep it up.  Now the fact that I am solely responsible for nurturing our baby and keeping her alive comes from a place of the deepest love for her wellbeing.
  3. Cooing.  Who knew that the innocent gurgle from our baby could blow me away.  Listening to my child learn the very first part of what will be her voice has me head over heels in love.
  4. A new love for my own Mother.  Years ago I realized I had some apologizing to do.  I was not an easy child.  Thinking about what my mom went through with my sister and I have only made me love and appreciate her even more.
  5. My Husband.  During the labour I was surrounded with love and support.  My husband has also been such an amazing supporter of me and my bright ideas since we met. Watching him with our daughter and how he supported her into the world makes me love him even more.

I’m happy to announce that Motherhood has indeed changed the way I see, feel, experience and give love back.  It has also made me realize how much I Love to sleep but that will come back one day I’m sure.  Everything I do now has a deeper meaning.  I think about how I want to be a role model for her, teach her about compassion, share what I love with her and hope that she loves it too and most of all to teach about what is most important in this world, love!  The love of friends, family, nature, animals and good food.

Mindy is a seasoned yoga instructor and health coach based in Ontario, Canada. She’s a proud Shining Shakstar Ambassador and a valued member of the Tiny Devotions community.

555898_562607140417422_1995466591_nSee more of Mindy below:

Twitter: @mindywillis

How to Create the Life of Your Dreams with Papaya Wellness


Our bohemian pals at Papaya Wellness recently told us a little bit about how to live your bohemian dream lifestyle. Check out what they had to say to our team.

Let your true self shine, find your natural alignment- act from a place of balance, and calm- and joyfully expand from that place! Create the life of your dreams and do it with a smile from ear to ear, a smile from the heart.  Allow the bright fire within the center of your being to guide you along your path.

These are our mantras; happily recited with our favorite Mermaid Mala in hand (we are surfers of course)! From that perspective, our yoga practice has blossomed.

For us yoga is a lifestyle, a way of being that trickles into all aspects of life, relationships and work. We are easy breezy surfer girls and gypsy globe trotters, who have found home in a foreign and tropical land.

Yoga practice has become the constant, steady force of grace in our lives and in our business~ Papaya Wellness! Our daily practice keeps us on track. Sometimes the yoga is soft, and nourishing, offering some respite from the more stormy waves of life, and sometimes our yoga is fiery and challenging, bringing us to a place of vulnerability and ultimately a deeper sense of strength and self confidence.  Always our yoga is blissful, and with a sense of humor, a part of each day to be savored completely.

IMG_1096fxThrough regular practice slowly we begin to quiet our minds. We tune into the deeper and more subtle hum of our spirit- our inner wisdom, allowing that to be our guide through movement and actions.  Slowly we learn to listen, and to give our bodies what they really need.

We see the benefits of daily practice manifest in all things. More focus in our work, more mindfulness when relating to loved ones, and more compassion in our community, more love to share! And of course, our favorite piece of the puzzle- yoga provides us with more fluidity in the ocean. Our yoga practice allows us to flow with the waves. Not fighting the ocean and Mother Nature but rather connecting, and yielding when needed. In the ocean’s embrace we connect the body + mind + breath, it all becomes so simple.

Through our practice we learn daily to be present, mindful, and to embrace the bliss of each moment.  As our eyes begin to open to all the joy and abundance around us, we feel a deep sense of gratitude. We take time to make daily offerings of gratitude, for the small things~ for all things.

Waking up first thing, for deep and delicious yoga flows, we spend our days surfing in the waves, connecting with our community and allowing the ocean to dictate our rhythm, letting the warmth of the equatorial sun kiss our skin. We are grateful- for yoga, for our lifestyle and for the opportunity to live our dreams everyday!

With Love~ Namaste, Papaya Wellness!

radianceAbout Papaya Wellness:

India Reinartz and Carly Chivers joined forces resulting in Papaya Wellness Yoga and Surf Retreats. They are a dynamic duo of beautiful and strong surfer chicas pioneering a remote Nicaraguan village with world class waves on all sides.

A note from India & Carly:  ”We aim to deepen your well being through movement and breath, nourish your body with healthy balanced meals, and introduce you to new cultures, new people and new destinations.”

In hosting retreats Carly and India bring all elements together through yoga, community involvement, philanthropy and of course infectious positive energy. Check out their upcoming retreat dates here:


Finding your yoga pose personality with the Prairie Yoga Girls.

PrairieYogiYMCAThe Prairie Yoga Girls are taking the West by storm with their cheeky, hip, yoga inspired magazine Prairie Yoga Magazine.  These free spirited, imaginative gals know a thing or two about yoga, and they’re here to show us how to get creative through our yoga pose personalities! Check out what they had to share with us below.

To the naked eye, a yoga mat looks like an ordinary rubber workout accessory. But yogi girls know that our yoga mat is a sacred piece with endless potential. No matter where you roll it out, it can be your sanctuary from the daily grind, your journal with whom you share your secrets and fears, and the space you can achieve what you never thought possible.

Being creative gypsy spirits, we cannot help but appreciate how our yoga mats can act as a canvas, a place where personal expression is free, vulnerable, and authentic. The asanas you bring you to your mat, whether through personal practice or from the style of yoga class you choose to attend, are a reflection of who you are and where you are at in this very moment. So, what’s your yoga personality? We’d love to share ours with you!

Our yoga pose personalities are yin and yang, just like we are in business and in life!

Monique (Yin – Passive, Female energy, Moon)

I like to take my time to absorb. Experiences, feelings, people. My favourite kind of mornings are slow ones where I take my time to sip tea, stretch out on my mat and prepare for my day with meditation. My yoga practice definitely reflects my personality where I prefer deep, slow yin expressions. Restorative yoga is where I find I can recharge and connect to my creative, authentic self.

MountainMoniqueFavourite Asanas:
1. Water Fall orLegs Up the Wall Pose
2. Pigeon Pose

3. Savasana

Rachelle (Yang – Active, Male Energy, Sun)

I have a fiery, go-getter personality with a very active mind, full of ideas and opportunities that I actively spend my time chasing. Connecting each breath to movement on my mat acts as a moving meditation that focuses my monkey mind. I like to bring challenging arm balances and flowing mandala sequences to my classes and into my personal practice. By achieving silence through balance and strength on the mat, I am able to take that quiet, calm state off the mat and into my busy life.

Favourite Asanas:
1. Crow/Side Crow
2. Half Moon

3. Full Wheel

There you have it, in yoga (and in life) we are the yang to one another’s yin. Share in the comments below what your yoga pose personality is, we all have one!

Rachelle Taylor and Monique Pantel are the radiating beauties who run Prairie Yogi, an online community that believes in storytelling, creating experiences, and building community in the expansive prairie region and beyond.

shantiConnect with their community, including unique events and inspiring art and yoga wear:
Instagram: @PrairieYogi

Confessions of a Boho Fashionista: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


mirrormirror1 Hey Boho Beauties,

Last May I moved into my dream apartment. Something about it just oozed magic. It was my first time living without another person. Before I’d rented the place, which sat under oak trees and always smelled like maple syrup, I was dreading spending the summer solo.

But it didn’t take long before I realized that I’d created a sanctuary for myself. It was my own personal palace that I’d subconsciously designed in which to celebrate and support myself.  I’d unpacked plush throws, adorned the place in vanilla candles and hung flowing satin curtains. There was something sparkly about this space that was much different than any other home I’d lived in.  Every morning I rose, feeling excited about all of the synchronicities that might happen throughout the day, and late in the evenings I was inspired to write all of my greatest stories.

Friends from near and far would appear with gifts and stay late to drink wine, laugh and dance long into the night.  We would share stories of all of the places we’d been and the exciting people we’d met there.  One night in the thick of the summer, after cooking the largest fresh salmon I’d ever laid eyes on, we sat doe eyed around the stone fire.

“Your home is enchanting,” said one of my pals. “I noticed though, there’s something is missing.”

“What’s that?” I replied.

“You don’t have any mirrors,” she said, “None in the bathroom, no mirrors anywhere. What’s the deal?”

I looked around. She was right, there were no mirrors in my apartment. May had rushed into June and June shifted smoothly into July. Here we were smack dab in the middle of August and I’d not placed a mirror on any of my walls. I looked around the glow that lit up this circle of my closest friends. My gaze shifted lovingly from pal to pal: Their wide eyes, their open hearts, their curious minds.

Then it hit me: I had many mirrors.  The mirrors I’d placed around my home were much more valuable than any picture of myself in a glass reflection.  The home I’d created and the beautiful gal pals in it were the best mirrors I could have picked out.awakening

Next time you’re self-reflecting, pop on your Awakening Mala and remember that all that you have created in your life is a beautiful reflection of who you are, no mirrors required.


Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia xx

Confessions of a Bohemian Fashionista – Going Boho… It’s an Inside Job!

Hey Boho Beauties,

When you remember something sweet, it’s a crime not to share it.

A couple of years ago, I did a 30-day challenge. Attend yoga every day for 30 days straight. It seemed simple—all I had to do was plop my yoga mat down (back row, center), do some downward dogs and try not to wobble too much in tree pose.

It happened one evening, mid-challenge. I was sitting there post sweat, one eye open, wondering what all of these ‘yogi’s’ could be thinking about (other than grocery lists, next weeks to-do’s, or that fight they had last week.) They all just seemed so relaxed, so together.

As I left the studio, there she was.  I thought I’d seen her here before—or maybe it was at that café or in the market. In a glimpse she flashed me a crooked smile, shot a peace sign my way and danced off.

She didn’t have to say it. There was a glitter from below her eyes that told me she’d walked along the ocean’s edge, kissed an elephant in Bali and Om’d until her voice went soft. You could tell she was a light-worker. She’d been through tough situations and come out lighter and shinier.


She was so Boho.

It’s been years since I saw that girl who seemed like a real live goddess. She was practically wearing a crown. Since that sweaty night I’ve mastered my tree pose, learned to keep both eyes closed in my favorite yoga poses and most mornings I sing to myself.

It was one of those mornings today; I could feel it in the air.  Something stopped me in the mirror before I left for work. There she was staring back me, the soft glitter under her eyes, the divine intention in her smile. It hit me, hard—that boho girl is me, that boho girl is you.

I’m wearing my Divine Wisdom Mala as I think back on that night, and remembering that going boho is an inside job. So go ahead, boho goddesses, flash your beautiful smiles at a stranger and remember you’re divine.

Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia – xx

There is beauty in vulnerability

DSC02574Hey there! My name is Dana and I’m the founder of My mission is to help women to celebrate what sets them apart, and absolutely adore their life and the body they’re living in.
I’ve lived with Crohn’s Disease for as long as I can remember. Just over a year ago, I was told by my doctor that I would need to have my entire colon (large intestine) removed because it had become so severely diseased. So much so that not removing it would be fatal. This was an extremely scary situation, it meant that I’d be living with an ileostomy (a bag attached to my stomach that the you-know-what comes out of!) for the rest of my life. I don’t like to admit it, but at first, I thought I’d rather die than live with an ostomy. How would anyone ever want to be around me, how could anyone ever love me? It was paralyzing.  The hospital had become my second home, and my desperate attempts to resist surgery only made me more weak. On December 7th, 2012, I had my entire colon removed.

There are no words that can come close to describing the process that I have had to go through in order to accept and love my body again. It’s been a roller coaster. But, I find comfort in my faith, in returning to my mat, building my strength through working out, and feeling how much stronger my body has become without the disease weakening me. I am so passionate about helping other women to love and accept their own bodies no matter what they think their biggest imperfections happen to be.


I felt such a strong call to launch within months after my surgery. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to lead an amazing international community of women. I’ve found that allowing myself to be vulnerable is what heals me. Opposite of what we think, vulnerability draws us closer together than setting us further apart.

My yoga mat has become a sanctuary, a safe place, for me to begin to love my new body. My practice helps me to cultivate compassion for myself, my body, and for the community that I serve. I’ve found that yoga and meditation force me to be present, to push through the tough feelings that come up, and to be grateful, rather than resentful, of the obstacles I’ve faced.

There is beauty in vulnerability. Allow yourself to step into who you truly are meant to be, and  you’ll give others permission to do the same. Embrace your scars and express gratitude to the challenges in your life. Wisdom is a shift in perspective, and challenges arise as opportunities for growth. Allow each of your obstacles to soften your heart and expand your love.

“What shames us, what we most fear to tell, does not set us apart from others; it binds us together if only we can take the risk to speak it.” –Starhawk

All my love,