Cleansing your Mala Beads

When is it time to cleanse my mala beads?

There is no right or wrong time to cleanse your mala, it’s all about following your intuition. If you feel your mala hasn’t been sending the right vibrations, or is misaligned with your intentions, it’s probably time to cleanse your beads. As you wear your mala beads they can pick up different vibrational frequencies given off by those you spend your time with, from how you personally have dealt with a situation + from the environment that you are in. If you feel that your mala isn’t giving you the positive energy that you need, it might be a sign that it is time to cleanse your mala beads and realign them with the proper intention in mind.


How do I cleanse my mala beads?

Here are a few of our favorite ways to cleanse mala beads of their vibrational energy:

  • Place them under the sunlight or moonlight. This will help to recharge them and release any of the unwanted vibrations (don’t leave them too long – to avoid fading only place them in the light for a couple of hours). Leaving them in the sunlight/moonlight can also help to kick up their energetic qualities. Some say that to lay them out under the full moon can help to give a more natural, long lasting recharge.
  • Burning sage in the presence of your mala will also help to cleanse out any energies that don’t serve you.
  • Surround your mala with some of your favorite gemstones and allow them to give off their energy to your mala.
  • Chanting or other sound vibrations can also help to release negative energy.
  • Rinse your Mala in a bowl of warm water with a touch of sea salt.
  • Cleanse your Mala Beads in the ocean if you’re lucky enough to have the sea by your side! Our friend Natalie MacNeil shows us her favorite way of doing this here:

What’s next? Resetting your intentions:

After cleansing your mala, it’s time to reset its intention. It might be the same intention as before, or it may be a completely new one. Be sure to focus your energy into the mala of what it is you are trying to manifest. Do you need some more calm + relaxation in your life? Do you need guidance on your journey of motherhood? Are you looking to add more love + light into your relationships? Whatever it is you are trying to manifest, be clear with your intentions.

Happy cleansing + happy manifesting!

Your Essential Guide To Manifesting with the New Moon

The New Moon and the week leading up to the New Moon are magical times to spark exciting beginnings, energetic projections and clairvoyance. You’re going to create space to reboot, renew and reset your desires and intentions. Journey inward, write your goals down and prepare to manifest new beginnings. Prepare to create your own destiny, get clear on your purpose, and attract what you desire. The New Moon is a moment to conjure what seems out of reach, and creating the vision is the first step to making it a reality.


New Moon rituals allow you to connect with your inner being, cultivate new goals + plans, while reflecting upon what no longer serves you. In this New Moon ceremony you’ll create the space to recharge your energy and gain clarity, grounding + alignment.

Your Sacred Space 

Make sure you are in a space where you will not be disturbed. Turn off your cell phone. Diffuse some essential oils; rosewood, cedarwood, tea tree, geranium or sandalwood release negative energy. Turn on some soft music. Now sink into this stillness and breathe deeply. As you breathe in soak up the grounding, healing and energy around you. Breathe out, releasing emotion, distractions and any tension.

Once your space is cleansed, it’s time to set up your Altar.

Set Up Your Altar

An altar is a sacred way to call spiritual energies into your ritual. It energizes your intention to invite more peace, serenity, and love into your space. It can be used for prayer, meditation, cleansing, or just a place of sheer beauty and a connection to the Divine. Your altar will change with each moon phase. The intention of your altar during the new moon would be focused on new beginnings.

Your altar is the perfect place to lay out your sacred objects – crystals, photos, mala beads, etc. Using herbs + essential oils with healing therapeutic properties adds to your ritual. Candles add magic. They contain all four of the elements of our universe.

Cleanse your Space

Sage your space to push negative energy out and make room for positive, fresh energy. We suggest using a clearing Mantra that is spoken aloud.

“Dear Universe,

I welcome transformation, growth + abundance.

May I now clear this space so that my intentions can flow clearly from my heart onto paper.

I know what I need. I am ready.”

Pick Your Mantra

Choose a Mantra and guide yourself through a cleansing meditation. Choose 5 cards from the Intention Deck that resonate with your feelings in this moment + your intentions.

Illuminate and Bless

The eternal flame has played a role in spirituality since fire was first discovered. Lighting a candle during the New Moon can help you start anew with a fresh outlook. The flame symbolizes your inner light. As you gaze at the flame it will help you create stillness and focus on your core intention. Candle burning can be so meaningful, different colors symbolize different energies.


Light your Crystal Candle and write down what you are wanting to attract on the paper provided below. A big part of success with New Moon intentions is what comes after. Find ways to keep your intentions in the front of your awareness. Put them in a visible spot, or keep them close. Make notes in your journal about your progress.

At the Full Moon, find ways to take action on those intentions, and celebrate any signs of growth.

Set Your Intentions

Write down what you want to manifest. Hopes, dreams, desires. Write them with a strong will + meaning: I will, I am, dates + deadlines. Once you’ve finished, read the list aloud to the New Moon.  Thank the Gods + Goddesses for listening. Cut the paper out, fold it up + keep it some place safe until you can read it again when the Full Moon comes.

How to gift the perfect Mala

Do you have someone truly unique in your life? Someone that inspires you? The gal pal that’s been by your side, or yoga instructor that’s encouraged you beyond words. Mala beads are spiritual forget-me-nots, carrying an abundance of vibrations, energy and intention. Choosing for a friend can be overwhelming, but not to worry! We’ve put together a simple way to make choosing easy and fun.


Let’s first focus on the basics of your gal pal in mind.

  • Is she into yoga?
  • Is she a mama?
  • Does she live a fast and crazy life, or travel to find her next great adventure?

Knowing the answers to these questions and similar ones will help you to determine how she will use her new mala beads.

Looking at her lifestyle will help begin to narrow your focus. Try to find a mala that is in line with what your friends intentions are.

Mala beads help us to hone in on what is important in our lives, right now.

  • What’s she got going on in her life right now?
  • Has she just landed a great new promotion at her job?
  • About to embark on a journey?
  • Becoming a mother?

Perhaps she’s looking for a new beginning. What is your friend trying to manifest? Reflect on some conversations you’ve had in private, where she might have mentioned an area of her life she’s been struggling with, or is simply trying to improve.

Gemstones emit their own unique vibration and healing energies and are to be worn near the chakras, which are the energy centers of the body. Find a gemstone that is believed to carry an energy which aligns with her intentions.

The most important aspect of picking a mala for your gal pal is to follow your intuition. You know her best! Keep her in mind as you look through your options.

  • Which pieces speak to you?
  • Which ones remind you of her?

Reflect upon her energy, her lifestyle and her intention. If you need any additional help contact someone from our team for some further info. Each mala necklacemala ring and stack is lovingly wrapped and shipped in a beautifully printed intentional box to hold your piece in. We’ll even include a little love note if you request. Happy shopping + happy manifesting!

Remember, it’s coming from you with heart, inspiration and connection. She’ll be sure to love the story behind your choice as she adores her new precious gem (just as much as she adores you).


Authenticity in Spirituality – Remaining You in the Woo-Woo

New Age spirituality is everywhere now. Self-love is exploding and I guess you can say being soulful is certainly #trending. Psychic mediums no longer have little shops but have hit TV shows, there are certainly more life coaches than therapists and the New Age section in your local bookstore no longer collects dust. There’s an amazing open-ness to being connected to your soul and it seems like everyone is joining the party! If you’re part of this amazing movement there’s one very important thing to do — always remain YOU in the WOO-WOO.

The importance of remaining YOU in the WOO

Practice what you preach. Authenticity in spirituality is the MOST important thing to practice and to preach to others. Spirituality is the soul’s practice. It’s your identity and your unique fingerprint in this world. It should reflect only your purest self at all times.

Remaining YOU IN THE WOO isn’t easy; it takes a lot of hard work. The ego loves to hate on your happiness and insert fear into anything it can. So the question is, how do you stay on track with your authentic self? How do you not let your ego run the show when your main shtick as being someone spiritual is all about how bad the ego is?

How can the ego get you trippin’ in spirituality?

The ego loves to trip you up in spirituality. I can name countless times my ego had me trippin’ hard in my soulful practices. Here are a few ways to identify the ego at work:

  1. The ego will make you believe that spirituality is a competition. Have you ever been in a yoga class and all of a sudden you started mentally competing against the person next to you? You felt the need to push as hard as they were and you weren’t listening to what your body was actually telling you? Oh, how the ego loves a good yoga practice and making everything an unhealthy competition.
  2. Are you running a soul inspired business? Are you a life coach or blogger? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others who are doing the same thing? The ego aims to put you up against others and inserts feelings of jealousy and fear.
  3. Are you new to spirituality? Are you just learning about intuition and manifestation and all of the good things that go along with it? Have you had thoughts of “why am I not getting this?” or “I must not have the intuitive gifts that others have” or “I feel so connected to this but I’m afraid I’ll be judged by my friends and family for believing in this”. The ego is afraid of change and never wants you to step out of what society thinks is “normal”.

Remember one thing and one thing only — the ego is NOT THE TRUTH. The ego is nothing but fear. Keeping it in check takes practice, but is guaranteed to keep you soulfully connected to yourself and to others.

How to keep your ego in check in spirituality:

  1. Marvelous Mantras – A mantra is a positive truthful word or sentence that you repeat on the regular. It’s believed that a mantra has psychological and spiritual powers to heal. Whenever you recognize your ego speaking, say your mantra.
  2. It’s not competition – It’s collaboration – It’s not you against the world when it comes to spirituality. It’s the COMPLETE opposite. Spirituality is all about collaboration and learning from each other. It’s creating new relationships with the like-hearted and making a difference as ONE and not as a solo act. Collaboration over ego, always.
  3. Magic mindset – Be OPEN to the world around you and never let the ego second guess a miracle in the making or one happening right before you. Miracles are real, the ego isn’t.
  4. Soulful Swag – Wearing something everyday as a reminder to remain centered and authentic. Whenever I put on my Tiny Devotions Mermaid Mala in the morning I can feel the positive energy cruising through my body. When I’m faced with anxiety or my ego starts talking serious smack I grab the stone, close my eyes and speak or think my mantra.

Everyone has a soul, and it’s time to rock it in the best way possible! Be authentic in everything you do, speak and believe in. It’s not competing its collaboration. It’s community and above all it’s love. It’s the root of you and everyone else. Remain YOU in the WOO-WOO of it all!


KELLY MISBIN BIO: Kelly Misbin is an internationally certified life coach, intuitive and medium from Brooklyn, NY. Kelly helps women who believe that they have something different and rare deep down inside of them. They’re ready to be navigated away from fear and are finally ready to come face to face with their most authentic selves. They’re ready to fix old wounds, accept the truth, discover magic and reach towards their goals or just reach towards being present in who they are and what they’re meant to do.




Which Goddess are you? Take the quiz!


The Goddess of Protection, Courage and Victory, she represents the power of good over evil. She has many arms for protection and 3 eyes to see all. With her fierce heart, she rides a lion, representing power, will + determination. This warrior Goddess of inner strength assures you that there is freedom from fear. She encourages truth, risk-taking and personal empowerment. She is a reminder of the feminine energy which protects you from negativity.

She is the goddess of love + beauty, she exudes kindness + compassion. She adores the sea and feels at ease when the yellow rays of the setting sun warms her skin. Awaken your inner Goddess Aphrodite and embrace your feminine wisdom. Aphrodite carries a mirror and a seashell everywhere she goes, guiding her to use her intuition as she flows through life. She encourages us to experience more passion in relationships + balances our yin-yang energy.

The Goddess of Wealth and Good Fortune teaches us that there are no tests or blocks in our way, only our own projection of fear.  Let go of worry and trust that your future is bright. Signifying love and grace, allow the spirit of Lakshmi to guide you through the manifestation of your wishes through inner cosmic energy.

This Goddess of Revolution and Empowerment appears in your life to prepare you for an awakening. She liberates the soul and encourages new beginnings. She comes to prepare you for the unknown, to break down barriers and rise up anew. She is the cause of all change, manifestation, and destruction. Her spirit reminds you that today is a great day to renew your thoughts and attitudes. Let the adventure begin!

The Goddess of Wisdom, Purity and Compassion, her love heals to bring health + strength. The 7 eyes on her hands, feet and forehead allow her to be all-seeing. She teaches you to acknowledge your sensitivity in order to avoid negative relationships and situations. She helps you connect with your inner light to focus on self-care. She purifies our thoughts, actions + intentions to help us find calm amongst chaos.

This Goddess of Learning, Knowledge + The Arts encourages spiritual growth and freedom. She holds a palmleaf scroll and wears a Mala, symbolising that knowledge has an everlasting life cycle. Her name means “essense of self”, and that’s exactly what she inspires. Her four arms represent the four aspects in learning: mind, intellect, alertness + ego. Her encouraging energy inspires growth, creatively and spiritually, to allow you to be happy and be yourself through speech, wisdom and learning.

The Goddess of Inner Wisdom, Strategy and Strength, she encourages you to trust your intuition and take immediate action on recurring ideas. With her olive leaf in tow and owl perched on her shoulder, she inspired peace and prosperity on earth. She teaches us not to second guess ourselves, for her energy is powerful and wise. She is compassionate and generous, yet protective and rational. She is a reminder of the power which resides in us.

An interview with Megan from OhmCulture

OhmCulture is home to a group of inspired wellness warriors. Their Chicago Studio, designed to calm the senses and focus the mind, hosts a large practice space with some of the best teachers Chicago has to offer and a separate meditation space.

Their motto? “We don’t do yoga, we live yoga.”


What is your most memorable yoga moment?
That is such a unique question! I’ve actually never thought about this before. I guess my most memorable yoga moment was in my early introduction to yoga in college. I was 18, and I forget how but I stumbled upon a little Kundalini Yoga Center in my college town at Indiana University. I was intrigued by this pre-sunrise yoga session, so I stumbled into this low-lit wooden room at 4am. This was before yoga pants were stylish, and few people had yoga mats. It was just me, a couple devotees, a guru, chanting, incense, meditation and an inexplicable sense of connection. It was quite the immersive first-time yoga experience, but I found it absolutely magical and sacred.

What inspires you?
My most inspirational moments have been traveling. Traveling to foreign countries, particularly with no destination or plan. Even just being on an airplane really puts me into a flow-state. Those have been the most inspirational and influential moments of my life. Im also inspired by knowledge, human stories, authenticity and unabashed creative genius.


How did you find Yoga?
I went to Indiana University Bloomington, and the campus boasted a really incredible array of worldly and cultural immersions. My first formal introduction to yoga was an old Victorian-style home turned Kundalini Center that I cant even remember the name of. I dont remember how I found it. I later started frequenting a small, local Buddhist monastery. My yoga journey started in meditation, contrary to current trends. I recall finding yoga on a gym schedule to be odd because at the time I didnt have much exposure to Asana. That came later, and having worked in politics for many years, yoga as a career came much later as well.

What is your fave Mala?
I’ve already started a nice little Mala collection, but I’m still drawn to my Tiffany Cruikshank Mala, which was my first. I got it in the midst of opening OhmCulture, while I was simultaneously moving into a condo with my boyfriend, traveling to Costa Rica and turning 30 all in a matter of a month. I was all in my head, and the grounding properties of the Fire Agate and Labradorite attracted me. I find myself unconsciously pressing the guru bead to my lips or chest when in deep-thought or making a big decision. I still don’t know why.

Any encouraging words for the community?
I think confidence in your own authenticity and truth is the most attractive thing in a human. And, I don’t necessarily mean attractive in the commonly used sense, although that’s true as well. I mean that it attracts you to things you need and attracts things that need you, to you. The whole concept of manifesting and the “law of attraction” really starts with knowing your Self deeply…the greater Self, out beyond ego or perception. My advice is be authentic and give the Universe permission to let things fall into place.

Megan Trusnik
Owner, OhmCulture

When she’s not nurturing and supporting her Tribe at OhmCulture, Megan is traveling, boxing, crafting concoctions with her juicer and being an unabashed cat-lady.


Flourish Program: FAQ


Grow with possibility to create abundance in all aspects of your life. Join Katie Brauer and take the first step in letting go of who you think you should be, to embrace who you truly are.

With 20 years of coaching experience, Katie Brauer has mentored thousands of people just like you, to live more joyful, abundant, and connected lives. Katie guides you to create a new sense of normal that inspires your personal power by improving relationships with yourself and others.

Who is the Flourish Program for?
Everyone seeking growth in their life.
For those looking to step into their power and gain a greater sense of self.
For those who have been thinking of taking a leap and landing that dream job.
For those searching for love or a life partner.
For those who find their excuses are holding them back from creating the life of their dreams.
For those who wish to experience life to the richest, fullest, most joyful extent.

What can I expect?
A 3-month program with master team leader and inspirational educator Katie Brauer.
This program will take you on a journey of reflection, connect you with your calling and set you up for massive growth in 2016.

Who is Katie Brauer?
Katie Brauer travels the world offering women the unique opportunity to connect, transform and improve the quality of their lives. She’s a mover, a shaker, known as THE teacher of teachers. A leading expert in health + wellness, Katie combines two decades of experience offering wisdom and the tools to align, take action and create lasting change in your life.

What specifically does this program teach?
Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Going for what you want.
Exploring what makes your soul shine.
How you can discover: Passion. Creativity. Love. Abundance.
Connecting with your essential self.
Creating space for new experiences.
Affirming your truth.
How you can change your life, shift your mindset, and grow.
How you can reignite the fire within your heart.

What will I receive with Flourish?
6 Live 90 minute webinar sessions with Katie Brauer
6 Take on your own actionable training modules
Exclusive + Private – Intimate Interactive Community Facebook page
Printable Tools to make immediate action and create lasting change
$54.00 Intentional Tiny Devotions Gift

Want to connect with Katie and learn more about this program? We would like to invite you to sign up for a FREE live webinar on Wednesday, January 27th 2016 at 7:00 p.m. EST (4:00 p.m. PST). This free Webinar will guide you to a richer, fuller and more inspired life by improving relationships with yourself and others.


What are people saying about Katie?
“Katie ignites a version of people that inspires them to move mountains, create the seemingly impossible and be in alignment to their truth and higher being. All with a smile and a cute Aussie accent.” – Diana House, Founder at Tiny Devotions

“Katie Brauer has been one of the most influential people I have met in my life. She has an unbelievable energy and her presence shines through in all that she does.” – Jennifer

“…I will never forget my experience and it truly has impacted my life—in the most positive way I could ever have imagined.” – Tracey

“I just want to say how grateful I am. You’ve given me the chance to feel joy and love again, which is so incredible. What you do matters SO much! And the best part is that it will continue to be paid forward by people like me who are so inspired by you and everything you’ve taught me.” – Nicollette

“When Katie came into my life, everything started to shift. Almost as if a fire were under my feet, daring me to stand still. Katie inspired some of the most challenging and rewarding choices I’ve ever made in my entire life and I have never looked back.” – Micaela

“Katie is the real deal and leads from a place of grounded confidence” – Katherine

Registration Closes: February 16, 2016. Limited Spots Available.

Sign up for the FREE Live webinar here.


Manifest with the Full Moon


Crystal grids are an arrangement of gemstones + crystals that are placed with intention to bring forth a desired energy. Start your Crystal Grid with cleansed crystals to ensure they’re fully energized and vibrating high.

The Full Moon brings upon a perfect time to charge your crystals with lunar energy. Place your crystals in a bowl and leave them under the moonlight. In the morning, your crystals will be fully cleansed and ready for intention setting.

Now it’s time to charge your crystals! We love infusing them with a specific, desired intention. Hold your gem between your palms, open your heart and raise your voice. Share your intentions with the world. When we feel supported, we feel empowered, confident and radiant.

Think about which Chakra the gemstones you are using will compliment. Each gem is believed to emit its own special vibration and healing energy. When worn near the Chakras, the energy centers of the body, this further inspires manifestation + intention setting. For example, Rose Quartz inspires unconditional love of all types. Amethyst vibrates peace + calm, while Clear Quartz is said to provide clarity and focus. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure they assist in your big picture goal.

The arrangement of your gemstones also counts! Placing gemstones pointed inward is said to attract inward energy, while the opposite is said to draw those energies out.

This mindful meditation practice is a fun, relaxing way to boost your mood and help you manifest your greatest desires.

#coloryourintention Coloring Contest


Coloring Contest!

We want to see how you #ColorYourIntention

Show us how you relieve stress + inspire creativity using our gifted Crystal Grid Coloring Book (if you haven’t received yours, simply sign up for our e-newsletter here) for your chance to win a one of a kind Tiny Devotions prize pack valued at over $500.00.


Share your design on social media using #ColorWithIntention #tdme @tinydevotions with a short description of where you color, what colors you’re using + the intention behind them.

We’ll be selecting the most radiant, bright + magical submission as the winner on Thursday, November 12th, 2015.

One Winner will receive a Prize Pack Including:

1 Boho Mala
1 Love + Light Stack
1 Ubud Scarf
1 Walk with Intention Sock Bundle
1 Signature Sage Stick
1 Moon Phase Wall Art



Full contest rules:
1. Must be signed up for our e-newsletter on
2. Print your copy + show us your creativity
3. Submit your design using #ColorYourIntention #tdme @tinydevotions on Instagram
4. Ensure your profile is set to public
5. Write a short description telling us what colors you used + your intentions behind them
6. Contest open worldwide
7. We’ll be selecting the most radiant, bright + magical submission as the winner
8. Winner will be selected Thursday, November 12th, 2015, and contacted via social media



Karma. Every action has a reaction. Good deeds and good seeds lead to positive future effects and the opposite lead to suffering.

Your intentions affect your actions. If you take full responsibility of your thoughts, beliefs and actions – you take accountability for your reality.

There are believed to be 3 different types of karma:
Instant Karma (Parabda): How you act now affects your current or instant karma. Instant means the next few minutes, days, or months.
Acculumlated Karma (Sanchitta): This is Karma from earlier in your life as well as potentially past lives.
Future Karma (Agami): Unresolved Karma in the present can lead to future Karma.

Remember, karma can be both good and bad. It’s like a bank account. If you haven’t built up good karma start today:

1. Speak positive words
2. Be generous (with your time, thoughts, money and possessions)
3. Meditate
4. Be non judgmental and forgiving
5. Be a reflective student of life. Reflect on the lessons you have learned.
6. Think positively and be a beacon of good energy and vibes.
7. Love yourself. When you start with yourself you will love others deeper.
8. Connect – meet your neighbours, become friends with your dry cleaner – go deeper in the relationships you have with people you see each week.

Lots of love and good karma from xx