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Styling Your Intentions: Fall 2014

Upon thinking about being in the moment I immediately envision myself being outside; Day-to-day we are constantly running around balancing our work with our perBe Present Malasonal lives, it is rare that we are able to sit down and remember to truly be in the moment. We forget to notice the world around us; the naturally occurring colors and beauty that fill our world and give us purpose.

I was recently promoted at my job as the Assistant Store Manager of Free People at the Garden State Plaza. This is my first experience with working full-time as well as being a full-time student. While I am more than excited to be growing in my career as well as getting an education, I must say it has become easy to forget about myself, as well as the world around me. I have to admit there is no better feeling than getting out of a long day of work and looking up at the sky as the sun is setting, feeling the wind through my hair and watching birds and little creatures enjoying the earth. I have been searching for a way to find balance; in order to feel less stressed out we must remember how incredible our existence truly is. We must realize that we are lucky enough to live in harmony among the bees and the trees; and that everyone on this earth is here for the same reason: to adventure and enjoy our lives to the fullest extent.

Coming across my first Tiny Devotions piece has become a constant reminder to find peace in Boho Daily Mala Beadsmyself throughout my day by reminding me that what I am doing has purpose and is strengthening me in more ways than I realize. I decided that the best way to style this piece is by choosing the colors that occur on our earth naturally. I chose to use earth tones and cozy textures to fully feel balanced.

Lately I have been all about layering heavy textures with delicate lace details; whether it be in your sleeves, straps, or socks. Big sweaters and knee high socks are always a go to for fall days when weather is so unpredictable. Having a flannel around your waist also helps in these situations; if you get cold you have an extra layer right on your waist, and if you get too hot it becomes an easy accessory to add some texture.

unnamed-4While this necklace is externally so beautiful, possessing perfect fall tones and a beautifully colored stone, its internal beauty is what truly wins me over. This necklace allows me to remain grounded, I remember that I am here and I am living in this earth; it allows me to put everything on hold for just a moment in order to take in all that is around me. These beads allow me to have a special peace inside myself, even between work and classes. Don’t forget to look at the trees and watch the birds flying. Remember that you come first in your life, and you deserve all of the beauty in this world.
Dylan Rose Muller

4 Simple Ways to Live with Intention this Fall

TDFW13shootLondonWEBREZ73It’s that time of year again. When the world seems to speed up even faster. Things need to be planned. To be scheduled. To be added into your already busy life.

It’s when the children are heading back to school and holidays become memories. And the time of year when we start to worry about all the things that need to get done, rather then of all the things we want to enjoy.

But my goodness, they are some of the most beautiful months of the year.

As we move forward into a busy-making time of year, I just want to remind you of the true nature of this time of year. 

While everyone is running around adding in weekly meets, daily schedules, monthly events and everything in between, nature is reminding us that this is the time to let go.

Surrender, transformation and letting go are all qualities of the world around us during the Fall months. 

And isn’t it ironic that while we feel the need to control, build, add-to our lives – that nature around us is taking its time, eliminating the non-essentials, letting go of the need to grow, push and expand.

The leaves slowly start to change from green to gold. The garden reaches it’s most bountiful. The sun falls a little sooner leaving us cooler and more contemplative.

Just as the Summer draws us out into the heat to grow, achieve, do, push and strive – the Autumn season calls us back into receiving, allowing and surrender.

Even when we don’t feel like we have the time for it. 

We are reminded to slow down and dress with a little more mindfullness – warmth and comfort in mind.

We are blessed with the fresh vegetables as they come into the end of their growing cycle – nourishing us a little more deeply.

We are invited to reflect on all the things that we need to let go of in our lives – as we begin to restructure our daily lives.

Today I want to share with you a few things you can do to step into the next part of the year with grace and ease.

Especially in those moments when you feel like you need to do this or need to be there.

This week – choose to be on purpose with the things you add to and release from your life. 

It can be way too easy for us women to allow the world around us to dictate what we will do next, where we should go and how we should spend our time and energy.

But as always, we have a choice. And with that choice, we have the ability to offer the people around us the best version of ourselves.

Maybe taking some extra time out will make you a better partner. Maybe saying yes to yourself will make you a better friend. Maybe investing in yourself will make you a better person.

Maybe you matter more then you are willing to admit. And saying you will take care of your body next month, next year and next is very different then actually setting the intention to make the change. 

In this moment, choose to live with Intention this Fall and repeat after me…

“This week I will live with intention by choosing…

 The Way I Spend My Time – I will schedule in non-negotiable time early in the morning and just before bed to relax, nurture my body and take time for meditation and reflection. If this means getting up earlier or cutting back on television/internet time I will make the changes I need to in respect for myself.

The People I Surround myself with – I will get really clear on the people I choose to spend my time with and energy on. This includes both in person and online. If there is someone I’ve been missing, I will call them up and set a date to meet. If there is someone who is draining me, I will limit or eliminate the time I spend with them, lovingly and with kindness.

The Places I Spend My Time –  I will be mindful of where I spend my time and how it feels to be there. If my living room feels messy and disorganized, I will take time to tidy it up and change things around till it feels fresh and inviting. If I drive the same way to work, I will change it up and walk. If my bedroom is a mess of clothes, old magazines and things I no longer need – I set time aside to create a sanctuary.

The Things I Put in and on my Body – I will be aware of the things that I eat each day and how those foods make me feel and the energy that they give me – including the water I drink. Equally, I will be mindful of the products I put on my body, always asking myself- are they natural? do they make a difference? is there something less-toxic I can use instead?

Here’s the the thing, you may not feel like you have the time to join the gym, do a detox or make it to yoga every week.   You may not even be prepared to simply start meditating or moving your body each day.

But you will still have to move through your life with the energy, wisdom and clarity to make a difference in the lives of the people around you. 

Because you care about your family. You want to be a wonderful partner and friend. You have dreams you want to reach and goals you want to achieve.

…and because if you choose to put yourself last, it’s not only your mind, body and Spirit that will pay the price.

It’s the people who care about you. 

So for this week and the rest of the year, I invite you to live with intention. Especially in how you spend your time, who you surround yourself with, where you live/go and what you nourish your body with. And let each choice be loving, kind and intuitive. 

Because in the end, you are really the only one that knows what’s best for you. 
amber86Amber Chalus is a Free-Spirited Adventurer, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Certified Yoga Teacher. She lives in the heart of Saskatchewan with her charming British husband and adorable rescue dog, Indi. You are invited to join her growing community of spirited women at her online sanctuary, AmberChalus.comHer mission is to help and inspire women to nurture their physical and spiritual health through yoga, holistic nutrition and radical self love. She believes that every woman deserves to feel connected to her body, radiate with confidence and live the life of her dreams – naturally! She is also the co-creator of the 30 Day Wildly Nourished Challenge at

How to set your intentions with Erica Rodefer Winters

EricaWintersHedIntention Setting 101

We’ve all heard it at the beginning of yoga class: “Take this time to set an intention.” When I hear this instruction at the beginning of class, sometimes my mind goes totally blank, and I become stressed before the asana part of class even starts. My mind starts spinning… I can’t even think of an intention!? Seriously?! That should be the easy part.

Other times, I sit there and think to myself, My intention is to be healthy–no, happy!… or more mindful? Wait! Is that selfish? Maybe I should be a vessel for world peace? Or dedicate my practice to orphans.. Yeah! Orphans! But what about the cancer patients?… and so it goes.. What can I say? I’m either a blank canvas or ideas (and guilt) come spewing so fast they can barely be contained. It doesn’t have to be this way. In my heart, I know that an intention can be a simple, beautiful truth about you and why you practice.

Here are a 5 simple tips for intention setting during yoga class and beyond.

1. Don’t force it. It nothing immediately pops into your head, that’s OK! It enough to just breathe and be at ease in the moment. (Isn’t that why you come in the first place? That’s a perfectly lovely intention!)

2.  Go with it! When something does come up, go with it! Intentions don’t have to be grandiose or selfless–it’s much better to be authentic and honor the thoughts that come up naturally.

3. To-do lists are not welcome here. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking about what you “intend” to get done later in the day, but intentions are more about connection than completing tasks.

4. Jot it down, and revisit it often. When an intention comes to you, write it down the first chance you get. Then, revisit it often and make adjustments as necessary. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is a great way to get clear about who you want to be and what you put out into the world.

5. Consider making your intention your mantra–something you come back to when you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or any time you need a reminder that you are a beautiful, talented, capable, strong person who is loved by many. You’ve got this! And the world is a better place because you’re committed to staying true to you.

And, yes, wearing a symbol that reminds you of your intention is also a lovely way to help you focus on it as you move about your day. One of my favorites is the Kris Carr I Am Love mala because my intention right now is to infuse my every action with love for myself, for those I love easily, and especially those who are hard to love.

Find Erica online at:


Daily Intentions with Lacey Calvert


We caught up with inspiring world yoga teacher and Oakley brand ambassador, Lacey Calvert, to chat intention setting. Here’s what this California girl had to say about her favourite ways to set intentions.

The Morning is the Best Time to Set Your Intention

Waking up each morning, our minds are clear, natural and organic. We haven’t yet been bombarded with news or to-do lists, and this is the most influential time to set our daily intention. About 8 months ago, I noticed myself waking up and immediately checking my email, instagram and anything else I could find on my phone. I realized my brain was getting inadequately stimulated early in the morning, and I wasn’t giving myself time to reflect, set goals, and ultimately setting my intention for each beautiful day I was given.

Each morning that I get the chance to open my eyes and breathe in the sweet air, I know that this is the day that will completely change the rest of my life. I ask myself, what is one thing today that I want to accomplish? How I can influence others to live their most extraordinary life? And, how can show my community how much I care and appreciate them? Finding the answers to these questions everyday allows us to have a clear and intentional outlook on our thoughts and processes throughout our days. We are setting goals and giving ourselves a purpose during our days. We are allowing clarity to start our day, and giving each moment the ability to shine.

I challenge you to set daily intentions. Do your mind a favor and take a few moments each morning. Open your eyes with a purpose, and set your daily intention as your body starts a new day. Dream up the adventures, the freedom, the friendships and the new beginnings that each day can bring us. You have complete control of the days that you live, and you can live a life that you love.

laceycalvertLacey Calvert

Lacey Calvert travels the world teaching yoga to athletes, while enjoying each day she is given. Having being diagnosed with a heart condition at age 17, Lacey found yoga as a beautiful balance between energy and ease. Her passion and enthusiasm shows in her classes, as she challenges your flow with lightheartedness and a smile. Join her yoga journey on instagram @laceycalvert.

Are you ready?


I am ready to have everything I want. I deserve it.
I am ready to revive my light.
I am ready to manifest my dreams.
I have realized my worth.
I am ready to tap into all the beauty that awaits me.


Whether it’s calmclarity or love you’re seeking, there’s a gemstone for that!
Gemstones are believed to emit their own special vibration and healing energy. Combine the abundance of energy in each gemstone and super-power your intentions to manifest anything you can imagine by layering single Mala Bracelets with your Mala.


If you want to experience significant progress in manifesting your dreams, you need to be intentional about the work you’re doing every day.Print your own downloadable Intention Setting worksheet to travel within, dig deep + honor your intentions. This worksheet will help you to set clear, attainable goals and make your dreams happen!

Manifest with the Full Moon


Crystal grids are an arrangement of gemstones + crystals that are placed with intention to bring forth a desired energy. Start your Crystal Grid with cleansed crystals to ensure they’re fully energized and vibrating high.

The Full Moon brings upon a perfect time to charge your crystals with lunar energy. Place your crystals in a bowl and leave them under the moonlight. In the morning, your crystals will be fully cleansed and ready for intention setting.

Now it’s time to charge your crystals! We love infusing them with a specific, desired intention. Hold your gem between your palms, open your heart and raise your voice. Share your intentions with the world. When we feel supported, we feel empowered, confident and radiant.

Think about which Chakra the gemstones you are using will compliment. Each gem is believed to emit its own special vibration and healing energy. When worn near the Chakras, the energy centers of the body, this further inspires manifestation + intention setting. For example, Rose Quartz inspires unconditional love of all types. Amethyst vibrates peace + calm, while Clear Quartz is said to provide clarity and focus. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure they assist in your big picture goal.

The arrangement of your gemstones also counts! Placing gemstones pointed inward is said to attract inward energy, while the opposite is said to draw those energies out.

This mindful meditation practice is a fun, relaxing way to boost your mood and help you manifest your greatest desires.

Tune Into Your Sacred Identity



Whether you are a creative body constantly looking for new ideas, a traveller patiently waiting to gypset off to her next adventure, or a yogi deep breathing her way to a regular practice, your identity is your special truth. It is a sacred spirit, and it is the key to your spiritual growth and intention setting. Uncover it, embrace it and tune into it.

We’ve created a special Sacred Identity collection to help you uncover your inner truth. Take the quiz and see which true self you’ve uncovered here. The collection pairs your Sacred Identity with a special piece you can wear as a daily reminder to live your truth


Crystals + Gemstones

They’re beautiful to look at, soothing to hold, and inspire intentions. Gemstones and crystals have been worn throughout history for both their beauty and healing qualities. Each is believed to emit its own special vibration and healing energy. When worn near the chakras, which are energy centers of the body, they inspire positive vibes + intention setting.

Here are our top 5 favorite gemstones. Which one do you find yourself drawn to?

If you’re drawn to Amethyst:
You are highly spiritual and connected. You often find yourself in tune with the emotions and moods of others. You are very sensitive to energy. You love to meditate and inspire good vibes. You love to inspire those that you meet, but you also enjoy time spent alone. You like to cultivate calm and tranquility after a long busy day.

If you’re drawn to Citrine:
You always have a smile on your face. It’s hard for you to not make light of every situation. You beam with positivity. You love spreading your joy. You’re a little bit of a social butterfly, and everyone loves you for it! You are a very strong individual and tackle all of life’s challenges with a happy heart.

If you’re drawn to Clear Quartz:
Your energy is inspiring! You lift the spirits of everyone you meet. You like to have fun, play and meet new people. When someone close to you is down, you will drop everything to cheer them up. You are very creative and insightful. You give great advice and your friends and family often turn to you in times of need due to your wisdom and clarity.

If you’re drawn to Rose Quartz:
You are very loving and giving. You love to be around other people. You’re very caring and show those in your life unconditional love and compassion. You are romantic and enjoy planning outings and events for your special someone. You are confident, sweet and very artistic. You have a wondrous imagination and tend to love wildly.

If you’re drawn to Jade:
You’re a total goal digger! You are very ambitious and truly believe that everything is possible. You’re a manifester, journaler and intention setter. You know that there is infinite potential available to you if you just set your mind to it. Your friends and family admire your drive and look up to you.

Grab your gemstones and get manifesting! Our exclusive Crystal Grid is now available.

Energize Your Mala

tiny-devotions-mala-beadsSpring is here and most of us have already embraced rejuvenating our minds, bodies and living spaces. There are also various ways you can energize and cleanse your mala. If you have been using your mala frequently all winter, the change of season is the perfect time to cleanse and energize it. Let’s fill that mala full of fresh light and energy!

Gemstones have been worn throughout history for their healing qualities. Each gemstone is believed to emit its own special vibration and healing energy. By placing your mala on a crystal grid with authentic gemstones, you are able activate and energize your mala. When setting up your crystal grid  there are some general tips that are helpful to follow.

1. Cleanse Your Environment
Smudge with sage, infuse some essential oils or light some incense.

2. Create a Sacred Space
Include something for each of the 5 senses. Here are some examples.
Smell: a scented candle.
Sound: put on a relaxing playlist.DSC_1068
Touch: your mala!
Sight: something from nature, such as a plant.
Taste: your favorite cup of tea.

3. Pick Up Your Gemstones
Hold them in your hand. Feel the positive energy they are vibrating. You are now ready to energize!

Place your Mala in the center of the grid and deeply focus on the intention you are currently manifesting. Arrange your gemstones pointing towards your Mala’s guru stone. Their vibration will amplify your Mala’s energy.

Happy energizing, manifesting + intention setting!

Don’t Just Work Out…Work In!

With New Year’s resolutions swirling around, “working out” in some sort or fashion will land on most people’s to do lists.  This year instead of just working out, make it a work in!  Take a moment to clear your mind and set a new intention.  Start by saying “I desire to…” and then fill in the rest of the sentence.  Intentions are very different than your typical daily wants and needs.  They allow you to set focused, realistic, healthy goals and then align yourself with the positive opportunities to move towards your passion.
This idea of intention setting is not a new concept to those in the yoga world.  Most of us already know the mind and body benefits that yoga has to offer- a fit physique, stress management, mental clarity, and overall health & wellbeing.  So the idea of combining our “work out and work in” New Year’s resolution is simple-DO MORE YOGA!  At the beginning of class as we step onto our mats, we close our eyes, bring our hands to prayer heart center, and set our intentions: for the class, for the day, for our lives.

tiny-devotionsHere is how yoga can help you reach your New Year’s Intention:

1.Surround Yourself with Positive People.
Yoga will allow you to align yourself with positive people who share similar goals.  Everyone in a yoga class enters into the room with different emotions, experiences, and stresses; however, once we are there it is the yoga that unites us.  We are united in movement, breath, and every last drop of sweat as we start to work and breathe through it to shift the energy.

Detoxification is not just for the body; it’s for the mind as well. Yoga will allow you to clear out old habits, behaviors, and patterns of thinking.  This is a critical step in setting new intentions. Think of it as streamlining your life, and keeping only that which aligns with your intentions, goals and passions.

3.Express Gratitude.
Gratitude is often left out of the process of goal setting, however, when you are setting an intention, gratitude is a key component.  Being kind, thankful, and appreciative will allow you to move towards your intention.  Just like the practice on your mat, each day you may feel a little stronger or a little weaker, but by showing up and being thankful for where you are in that moment you will get a little closer to your goal.

4.Pack the Positive.
You are responsible for yourself and the energy you bring, so pack some positive vibes. From a positive mindset come positive thoughts and actions which help you work towards your intention.  Not every day can be perfect, but have faith that if you are completing the first 3 steps you are exactly where you need to be!

While the New Year is a great time to make resolutions and set intentions, each day offers the same opportunity for a fresh start.  Life happens, so if you feel like your goals have been slipping a few months in don’t be afraid to start over. Your mat will always be there waiting for your return with a new opportunities and intentions.

My true belief is that there is a yoga practice perfect for everyone.  Find a style and routine that works best for you.  Wherever you are is the perfect place to start and all that you need, you already have.

Cheers to a beautiful start to a new year with plenty of time on our mats as we work out AND work in!

Written by: Jennifer Martin Jennifer is guided by love and driven to share her passion of yoga. She is the founder of Bodhi Hot Yoga. Find her on Instagram @jennifermartinyoga.