Our top five boho beauty tricks that every goddess should know!

eIZny2SPnVaQN0MdZyiwhOFpg5QiHDlKHdum78cPk38Hello Boho Beauties!

I’ve been wondering lately, what is it about beauty that we are all so enamoured by?

When we see something that we consider beautiful, be it a person, an outfit, or a piece of art, something magical happens within us.

Our hearts beat faster and our breath pauses, suddenly we feel captivated by its presence.

We intuitively feel this depth of power held within that feeling, but very few know how to tap into it.

We all inherently know that beauty is not just the way you wear your hair, it is not the colour of your skin, and it’s not the cute boho frock you just bought from that vintage shop either (although I’m sure it looks fabulous on you!)

Beauty is much deeper than the visual context in which we often see it.

It is alive, it breathes, it expands; like lungs taking in deep, fresh ocean air.

It takes more than a keen eye to capture it, and more than fashion sense to express it.

As a Brand expert and Photographer, it is part of my core purpose to explore and share beauty in all its many forms.

And while I love how it manifests through colors, shapes, design and the coming together of elements that compliment one another, I want to share with you how to fully embody beauty in a way that will enhance your life more than you ever thought possible (awesome heart racing feeling included!)

Photo Credit: Ashley Streff Photography

A True Boho Beauty knows that:

  • When she compliments another person, her own beauty both outwardly and within is amplified. Of course this compliment must be genuine, heartfelt and coming from a place of pure love and the desire to see another person feel truly beautiful by such a compassionate reflection.

  • Beauty is a gift. When we experience it our lives are instantly heightened by it’s presence. Be it from the simplicity of a flower, to the perfect pairing of prints of prints, there is something about it that soothes the soul.

  • Committing to a path of beauty takes daily action, but when those actions are taken, something profound and magical arises.  For what we feel within ourselves is what we draw toward ourselves, and the more beautiful we feel, the more beauty will arise in our lives.

  • Receiving a compliment is as important as giving one. When we learn to receive the universe is able to provide us with even more, to the point that our cups are so full we are able to give tenfold.

Here are 5 Easy Boho Beauty Actions you can take today:

1. Connect. Reach out to someone you know that would benefit by you sharing what you truly see in them.  Tell them what makes them special, why you appreciate them, and that you really believe that they are beautiful inside and out.  This act alone can heal, transform and change lives.

2. Nourish. Take time to nourish your inner beauty through a self care practice. It can be a nourishing meal, a walk along the beach, a deep yoga practice, or a movie night with friends.  Whatever it is that makes you feel at ease on every level of your being.

3. Adorn. Put on an accessory or item of clothing that makes you feel beautiful, something that when you see in the mirror you feel radiant and confident wearing. The act of adornment is a sacred process, we honour our bodies and our self expression through the art of fashion.

4. Clear. Clean up your space. Your environment is just as important as your physical and inner beauty. A beautiful environment is like a fresh breath of air, you are able to peace more at ease within the space, which leaves more room for true creativity and peace.

5. Create. Make art, you don’t have to be a professional artist to create something beautiful. Grab some pencil crayons, paint or clay, and have some fun. Allow yourself to be free with what comes through. Put on some good music and release the need to control. You may surprise yourself with how talented you really are!

To help you with this practice I recommend the Awakening Mala as it helps you to fully embody your own inner potential while appreciating and feeling gratitude for the beauty that already surrounds you everyday.

Share with us what actions you’re going to take today to become a Boho Beauty and other ways you feel will help the community embody beauty by commenting below.

With love,

Heather aka The Essence Oracle

Heather is passionate about helping others live a life of purpose and beauty. As a Brand Visionary and Photographer Extraordinaire, she’s been spotlighted on Elephant Journal, Conscious Divas, 303 magazine, and Awakening Source. When she’s not helping conscious-preneurs increase their visibility and hone their brand, you can find her dancing at a music festival, rafting down a white water river, and traveling around the world. Spots for her personalized Brand Strategy sessions are now open for applications. Learn more at www.heatherpennell.com

Photo Credit: Ashley Streff Photography