This Bohemian Holiday, everyone who orders from Tiny Devotions is a winner! From December 3rd to December 14th, ALL orders placed will be gifted a Boho Ticket for a surprise gift or offer with their next order.

Saturday’s Grand Prize:

Rachael Rice $275.00 Custom 14-Inch Dreamcatcher!

ALL orders placed Saturday, December 5th, 2015 are entered in to win this grand prize!

There will be ONE grand prize winner. Daily prize winner to be contacted by e-mail.

Sunday’s Grand Prize:

$88.00 Playa Star Hat from Green Pacha

+ Tiny Devotions Maui Scarf!

ALL orders placed Sunday, December 6th, 2015 are entered in to win this grand prize!

There will be ONE grand prize winner. Daily prize winner to be contacted by e-mail.


Love + Light Mala
Where there is love, there is life. This mala is for the girl who lives light and spreads love everywhere she goes.

Aqua Aura Mala
Aqua Aura people are known to be master healers. They have a gift for conveying their ideas + thoughts.

Rose Quartz Crystal Candle
Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, friendship + self-worth. Lavender + Pink Grapefruit Scented Essential Oil and Soy Blend.

Manifest Mala
Energy flows where intention goes. Dream big, and then double it. Close your eyes, hold your mala, and visualize having everything you want.

Our 5 fave ways to give love this season:

1. Share your appreciation. Tell someone how their light illuminates the world!

2. Be authentic. Ask real questions. Give others the gift of being their true self.

3. Give Presence. Give full attention to the person you’re with.

4. Hold someones hand + let the energy of love fill your souls. 

5. Say “I Love You”! Let the people in your life know how much they mean to you. 

12 Days of Intentional Giveaways starts now!


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Calling All Yogis! Take the Quiz



What each Sacred Identity type does at a Yoga Class


The Boho Child (ENFP): Becomes besties with everyone around them in 5 minutes or less.

The Shaman (INFP): Calmly lights sage sticks ? cleanses the space.

The Truth Seeker (ISTJ): Just here for the Savasana.

The Yogi (ESFP): In the corner concentrating on nailing that Handstand Scorpion.

The Guru (ENFJ): Making friends with first-timers and teaching them the moves before class even starts.

The Life Coach (INFJ): Hosts a counselling session in the bathroom.

The Goddess (ESFJ): Calmly people watches ? learns.

The Light Worker (ISFJ): Walks around helping classmates nail down their poses.

The Gypset (ISFP): Crushing on the hot dude beside her.

The Risk Taker (ESTP): One-Handed Tree-Posing.

The Student (ISTP): Takes the advanced class on their first go.

The Warrior (ESTJ): Makes slightly inappropriate jokes for anyone who will listen.

The Planner (ENTJ): Somehow networks the entire class and wakes up with ten job offers.

The Creator (ENTP): Secretly wishes she was teaching the class.

The Sage (INTP): Accidentally wandered out of class and ended up in another town.

The Manifester (INTJ): Takes scheduled hydration breaks and basks in their happy place.

What’s your Sacred Identity?

Take the quiz here to find out, and share your results below!


How To Host a Full Moon Party


…By hosting a Full Moon Party!


The energy of the new moon brings about a perfect time to energize your crystals, set new intentions, and cast away anything that no longer serves you. Full moons are symbolic of turning points, manifestations + closure.


During a Full Moon, the Moon is on the exact opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, bringing us a brightly lit spectacle. People used to plant, hunt, fish and even move by the seasons and cycles of the moon.

Living by the natural cycles of the universe and can keep you grounded and in a flow of abundance. Here are some simple steps to throwing your own Full Moon party:


1. Pick your venue:
Are you hosting the party in your home or outside? Lanterns, fairy lights, sparkly tinsel and starry decorations add moon-vibes to your indoor space. Drape your space in silver + white accents to bring light to outdoor settings. 
Tealight candles or a burning fireside will add a soft glow until the moonlight shines upon your party.


2. Recruit your Full Moon crew:
Rally together friends + family who motivate you, spark your soul and bring awareness. Invite those who may not be as spiritually advanced, too. You might be surprised and impressed by their Full Moon manifestations. 


3. Gather supplies:
Make sure you have everything you need for you + your guests to feel comfortable. Grab some note pads and pens for guests to manifest their intentions – or release baggage – by writing it down. After writing your intentions down, go around your circle of friends and share. Set up crystal grids with gemstones to direct cosmic energy towards a certain goal.
Cleanse your gemstones by placing them outside in the moonlight, or burn candles + smudge sticks to symbolize something you’re letting go of. Tarot cards are also a fun, spiritual activity you might wish to include.


4. Set the mood:
Cushions, blankets, incense burning, fire crackling. Play some soft, inspiring music and snack on fresh, detoxifying foods. Take your tribe on a stroll to watch the moon (or howl away!)


5. Place your written intentions somewhere sacred:

Perhaps it’s under your pillow, or placed neatly within a spiritual crystal altar. By writing your intentions down and verbally sharing them with friends, you hold yourself accountable to achieve them. The best part of this? It’s proven you’re actually more likely to achieve goals set this way. Take the time until the next New Moon or Full Moon to reflect upon how far you’ve come and what needs work.

We’ve put together the perfect kit for cleansing your gemstones! Check out the Full Moon Party Activation Kit



Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: 6 Ways to Kiss Summer Goodbye

mala-beads-yoga-tiny-devotions-photographer-photographer-richelle-hunter-photography-summer-of-soul-369Hey Boho Beauties,

We may be experiencing the final days of summer, but gypsy bella’s know that with the passing of every special season comes the excitement and wonder of another new one. For months we’ve been lounging under hot rays, learning how to ride waves, taste testing lime gelato, and going to the uncharted. It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but it’s time to say farewell to summertime. The best way to say hasta la vista to the sweetest days of summer is to celebrate the most cherished moments of the season and revisit them in style. Let’s talk about the top 6 things a bohemian queen should always do at the end of summer.

Drive Up to the Pier and Watch the Sun Set: You may not live in SoCal (or near a pier!) but if we all live under the beauty of the sunshine. So find a pretty spot with a boho boy or gal pal and watch the sunset while the air is still warm and the fireflies are still buzzing. Take a cozy blanket, some snacks and beverages, and share your most special memories of the summer as the sun makes it’s decent and the moon fills the night sky. These kinds of moments are magical, so be sure to take some snapshots to remember them forever.

Take One Last Long Day at the Beach: Whether you’ve been chilling on the coast since school let out or this is your very first day near the waves, this last day at the beach is imperative. Invite all of your fave friends to the water, pack beach balls, burgers, beverages, and beyond, and prepare for the best day of summer. It’s usually the final days of summer that you’ll remember for a lifetime to get ready to have the best day of the season. Make this one a noon to midnight ordeal, and prepare for lunch, dinner and even an evening bonfire! (Oh, and don’t forget your bathing suit, boho bella!)

Make a Seriously Magical Vision Board: This summer you’ve let your dreams and heart run wild, as all goddesses do. The ending of this season doesn’t mark the ending of such freedom, but is rather the catalyst to new and exciting adventures this fall. Make a vision board that expresses all of your desires and intentions so that you can carry the sweetness from summer with you into autumn.  Be sure to choose words and pictures that express the emotions you feel when you think of your dreams and intentions.

Have a Bon Fire with Your Best Gal Pals: On the very last weekend of summer, build the biggest, best bonfire a gal has ever seen! Invite all of your soul sisters over and stay up late in the evening enjoying one another’s best stories of summer.  As the flames roar, share s’mores, roasted dogs and popcorn, and remember all of summers’ magic with your besties.

Soak up One Last Weekend at the Lake House: Load up the car, jump in and jet off to the lake for one last weekend to lounge with your babe and besties. There’s still time to sit by the water, enjoy a beverage and go for a dip in the lake. As summer turns to fall the lake is perfect place to reflect on the best moments of summer and get ready for the exciting season to come. Invite your favorite friends and your honey for one last weekend to enjoy one another’s company with yummy food, fun games (like taboo or UNO), and the great outdoors! This is a serious must-do, so put it in your planner on the double.

5fcbf4fc856fa7fd745541b9faa9157dHave a Fairytale Kiss with Your Summer Love: Do you remember puppy love as a teenager, when the dog days of summer would wrap up and that cutie from camp finally gave you the peck on the cheek you’d been dreaming of for months on end? Let me tell you something: that sweet gypsy princess still lives in you and your fairy tale summer kiss is a must do! Go grab your honey, find a pretty sunset, and kiss them under the stars, just like highschool. You see, life may not be a fairytale, but magical moments happen all the time and it’s your birthright to experience them. Now go get that kiss!

These are the top 6 things you should always do at the end of the summer, but I’m sure you have a couple of staple things you do to wrap the season up, and I’d love to hear all about them! Comment in the pink section below and let’s chat about summer’s grand finale 😉

libpicPeace, Love and Magic,

From Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx

Confessions from A Boho Fashionista: Go to your Guru! 3 Soulful Steps to Get Closer to Your Inner Guru

_P9A9737They’ve got all the answers. Some wear beautiful scarves and gemstones from far off islands. They sing magical songs that speak to the sweetest part of your soul. She’s your yoga teacher, who can endlessly chatarunga with a little grin; She’s your green queen coach who whips up a kale smoothie in a snap.  She sits silently, channeling peace and love through her third eye into her heart chakra. She’s your guru.  We each have a guru that we adore with all of our bohemian hearts, but here’s the catch—the guru is you! You have access to an inner guru that’s inside of your yogi soul, and it just takes a few special steps to unlock her.

Here are my 3 Soul Steps to Get Closer to Your Inner Guru

 1.Slow Down

It just takes a couple of moments each day to slow down and take a look at all of the extraordinary things in your life that you have to be grateful for. This is a practice, so when you’re firing up your ‘slowing down’ process, it can be tough. Don’t give up! Take a little but of time in the morning or before bed for your gypsy goddess-self to slow down and tap into all of the goodness in you. You’ll start to notice what a wonderful world your living in, and all of the guru qualities that you possess.

2. Listen Up

A modern day gypsy lifestyle has got bohemian babes moving pretty fast, and sometimes we don’t have the chance to listen up. What does this mean? It’s a little extension of your ‘slowing down’ practice, but this time you’re really getting to know your inner guru. Listening to all of the whispers and signs that appear on your auspicious path is an offshoot of slowing down. Suddenly you’ll notice inner encouragement when you slow down, listen up and trust yourself. Have you ever felt a whisper in you that told you everything was happening just as it was meant to? Did you ever just know that things were going to be ok? That’s your inner guru speaking to you, and that whisper (or shout!) happens when you listen up.

3.Move Your Boho-Self!

When we getting moving in ways that we feel passionate about, like dance, yoga, running, or hula-hooping, we’re getting into the flow. You may have noticed the last time you were breathing and moving, that you felt connected and things that didn’t make sense before suddenly fell right into place. This is because moving actually slows down your busy, boho-brain, and gives you the chance to get to know your inner self. Next time you find yourself questioning a decision, get moving, and notice the answers flowing.

We all have a guru (or two) that we love, but the real guru is you, boho babe. Take these 3 simple steps with you to connect back to your inner guru and get into the flow!


libpicPeace, Love and Magic,

From your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby. xx.

It’s a Crazy, Sexy, Month of Malas!


The Top 5 Bohemian Fashion Trends for Spring/ Summer 2014

Unknownwith Renee Warren

Whether you live inside a snow globe six months out of the year or wake up to palm trees and California coastlines every morning — there is one thing every girl, no matter their location, looks forward to every year.

The sun and blooms of Spring and the hot pavement and sun-kissed skin of Summer.

Oh — and the fashion!

It doesn’t matter if you’re boho 365 days out of the year or only with the arrival of warmer weather: this Spring and Summer’s fashion trends will take us back to a nostalgic time. As we saw at this year’s star-studded Coachella, now more than ever are styles from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s joining forces to create the ultimate bohemian look.

Now you too can create a perfect look for a Spring day or hot summer night.

Here’s how.

sfdJSI28TuCL55NMLjG6omkd3fLbKu0moE36CRXWcdU1. Floral is Back!

There is something so feminine and whimsical when it comes to flowers. If the 90’s could be wrapped up and tied in a bow, the gift to us would have been pretty, tiny flowers. Remember the Blossom hat? We all wanted it. Well lucky for us, flowers are back!

This season will see a number of floral prints on everything from summer dresses (I love the cut-out tulip-back dress) and skirts to shorts and business suits. Unsure about too much floral? Pair your floral skirts or shorts with neutral blouses or tank tops in this year’s hottest pastels: mint green, lavender, and blush pink.

Rather floral on top? We’re seeing the return of 70’s inspired tunics, with floral accents along the neckline and sleeves — perfect for those in search of a natural addition of flowers. Looking to be bold? Why not try floral overall shorts?

I promise —  you’ll feel boho in no time.

2. The Crop Top

As we saw at Coachella and at any of this Spring’s red carpet events — the crop top is back and here to stay. So how do you rock this look, regardless of your shape? Simple. It’s all about pairing the crop top with the right bottom.

If you’re throwing all caution to the wind, rock the crop top in its truest bohemian style with a pair of boyfriend jeans or cut-offs. Wear it loosely over your favorite bikini at the beach or by the pool. If you’re looking to keep it modest, pair your crop top with a beautiful high waisted, full skirt.

Whether modest or not — you’re guaranteed to turn heads this summer in your crop!

d7cd722b795847ec20592b9c79cd83cc3. Tassels and Fringe

When Tory Burch revealed her Spring/Summer 2014 collection this year, it unveiled the powerful return of tassels and fringe. While it’s not the return of the roaring 20’s and flapper era, tassels are subtly finding their way onto this year’s dresses, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

Headed to the beach or a music festival in the heat? Rock a bandeau bikini top with a fringe or tasseled bottom. Want to try your hand at the crop top? There will be plenty this season decorated in colorful tassels and fringe. Dressing for an evening out? Try a beautiful, short bohemian dress with a tasseled hemline and fringed ankle strap gladiators or boots.

I’m a huge fan of fringed-booties to complete the boho look!

4. Tribal Prints

If flowers aren’t your thing this Spring, perhaps you should consider the very in tribal print. Best suited for short dresses, flowing tanks, and handbags — the tribal print, traditionally reserved for resort and vacation wear, is making a comeback in everyday fashion.

While tribal isn’t for everyone (especially if you’re looking for office wear), pairing a tribal blazer or purse with pastels or black and whites will give you that exotic boho look while keeping your outfit office appropriate. Looking to take a walk on the wild side? Rock a tribal dress or full tribal skirt with your favorite crop.

Tribal can be as adventurous or as safe as you’d like this Spring and Summer!

5. Show Off Your Ears

Last but not least, when embracing your beautiful boho locks this summer in trendy low ponytails or fishtail braids, don’t forget to accessorize your ears to complete the look. This Spring and Summer, we’ll see the return of the 90’s ear cuff, with the more the merrier.

It’s time for an “ear party” as Elle calls it: be wild and adventurous with your jewelry! Wear multiple styles at once and mix diamonds, golds, and colors freely. Limited to one hole? Shop for this seasons must-have style — studs that give the illusion of multiple piercings.

No one will be able to tell the difference!

Renee Warren is the founder of Onboardly, and has been a successful entrepreneur since the age of 17. She’s passionate about women in business, entrepreneurship and of course, fashion! Find out more about Renee below.

LinkedIn: Renee Warren

The gift of mala beads with Britney Stables.


“The blue moon kissed her forehead and the delicate aroma of sandalwood washed through her hair of gold. Devotion draped around her neck and into her heart. The night was her favorite cup of tea. And she smiled because she knew what bliss was.”

                                                Yogini | bohemian | gypsy | hippie; I am.

Naturally, I am inspired by all things that make the world a happier, healthier and more beautiful place.

I travel around the world seeking wisdom, healing, inspiration and beautiful, things.

I was at an ashram in northern India when I discovered something that embodied the essence of all things I intuitively seek out. I was gifted mala beads by my spiritual teacher (and I fell in love.)

Mala beads, (aka japa or prayer beads) are beautiful garlands of 108 sacred beads that have been worn for thousands of years around the world for spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, and intention setting. Current and anciently, they are used in devotional practices to recite and repeat the name of a deity, a positive mantra, or affirmation, and are known for their unique spiritual and energetic healing qualities.

The number 108 is highly auspicious in yogic philosophy. 1 meaning One, 0; nothingness, and 8; infinity. These three digits symbolize the ultimate reality of the Universe; the paradox of unity, emptiness and the infinite, simultaneously. We are one. We are nothing. But too, we are infinite.

Precious materials are used to create these devotional beads. Highly sacred seeds or woods of rudraksha, tulsi, sandalwood or of the Bodhi tree (the sacred fig tree that our Buddha friend was enlightened under,) and various gemstones are often infused in each piece to support the manifestation of enlightenment in its many forms; peace, love, harmony, bliss, etc.

Basically, the unique vibes of these natural beauties jive with our vibes, and transform our energy. It’s magical.

In the quest of sharing my love of mala, I found Tiny Devotions; a hip, fresh and inspired company that creates the most divine mala’s for us bohemians, gypsies, hippies and yogis. They are beautiful examples of the free spirited lifestyle; living your dreams, following your passions, living more peaceful intention based lives (and looking good as you do it.) 

Wearing my mala and using it in meditation is both grounding and enlightening. It anchors me into a calm and connected state, aligned with the intentions and values I live my life by. Mala’s are a sacred gift that we’ve been blessed with, and I am excited that more conscious and passionate people are discovering the blessing of these beads and using them to invite more happiness, health and beauty into their lives.

britney3Find more of Britney at www.lovethenakedtree.com
Twitter: @britneystables