Q&A with #BohoSelfie Winner, Tiffany!

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1. In your #BohoSelfie you’re sporting the Full Moon Mala. What was it about the Full Moon mala that captivated you? And what intention did you give your mala? 
I had a connection to the Full Moon Mala right away. I’ve always been fascinated with Full Moons, so the name was my initial attraction. Turquoise, a protection stone was very important. Amethyst, allows me to overcome fears and attracts positive energy into my life. Since starting a new chapter and journey in my life (new hubby, 5 years cancer free, new house & new job!) —it was the perfect piece. And pairing the Full Moon Mala with my Soul Stack, is absolutely harmonious.


2. You’re a newlywed! Congratulations. What’s the best love lesson you’ve learned on the road to marriage? 
Find your best friend and marry them! It’s just as important to truly like someone, as it is to love them. Open communication needs to happen constantly. Find time for your relationship every day. Give more. Set dreams together.


3. What’s your favourite yoga pose and why do you love it? 
My favorite yoga pose is the ending pose, Savasana. It’s my time—to enjoy that sacred place, a place for stillness, quiet and reflection; to live in the now.


4. Your wedding day was on your five year cancer free anniversary. It must feel awesome to be a full-fledged cancer survivor. What wisdom can you share with women currently going through their own cancer journey? Some things I’ve learned along the way: You MUST be your own advocate, because no one else is going to do it for you. Remove all negativity from your life. Remember that bald is beautiful. Find your inner peace. Dig in your heels and keep fighting—you are a force to be reckoned with! Smile, carry positive energy, eat veggies, breathe and do yoga. If you see a fellow cancer pal, give them a high five and tell them how cool the world is because they’re in it. Finally, you’re a survivor every step of the way.

5. What intention are you going to give your brand new mala and why? 
My intentions: I am Strong. I am Awesome. I am Present. Why you ask? Well, now, that’s a secret :)

Calling all Bohemians! Our #BohoSelfie Contest Starts TODAY


We are constantly blown away by the photos our community shares of them wearing their malas, stacks and scarves, so we decided to do a little something special…

The Tiny Devotions #BohoSelfie Contest!

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The soul behind the most creative and inspirational #BohoSelfie will win a Tiny Devotions gift bundle including a scarf, a mala and a stack, valued at $300. They will also be featured in a live Q&A on our Boho Daily blog. The contest runs June 25 – June 28.

Can’t wait to see what magic you stunners create….  xx

Peace, Love, Mala Beads,

The Tiny Devotions Team