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5 Ways to Cultivate Confidence

mala-beads-yoga-tiny-devotions-photographer-photographer-richelle-hunter-photography-summer-of-soul-125When asked if I could only have one wish for my children what would it be, I responded, for my boys to be filled with confidence.  Confidence can be the determining factor between reaching for what you want in life or simply letting each day pass hoping your dreams and happiness will simply fall into your lap.  The power of confidence can allow you to make the mistakes you need to grow, ask for the help you need to move forward or simply to back away when necessary.  So how do we cultivate more of this magic power that can continue to fuel our inner fire.

1.  Lean into the fear. Quite often the very thing we want can also be the thing we fear the most.  However, fear can be paralyzing and if we allow it to rule our actions we move further and further away from our confidence catalyst. That’s not to say that if you are afraid of public speaking you should instantly speak to a group of 20,000 people.  However, perhaps start with a group of 5, then 10 and so on.   But keep leaning into that space of speaking in front people or whatever might be holding you back.  The more you act and the less you sit in that fear, the more confident you will become.

2.  Be active, eat well, sleep. These 3 things are an incredibly powerful foundation for life and are no exception when it comes to confidence.  When we are active we release endorphins and other happy hormones affecting our outlook on life and our abilities.  Food is fuel.  When we are filled with nutrients that support our health and well being our body doesn’t have to work to find the energy that can be required to feed our confidence.  Sleep is well…sanity.  When we are well rested our thoughts are clearer and our ability to problem solve is that much stronger.  When we feel we have the ability to solve problems indeed our confidence grows.

3.  Be willing to fail. My eldest son was once asked “Tyler can you play the guitar?”  His response “Yes I can, but I think my guitar needs to be fixed because it doesn’t sound very good.  I keep playing it over and over as I am sure it will get better”.  In order to gain more confidence with something new we have to understand that at first attempt indeed we might fail.  However, when we eventually begin to strum a tune, land a job or accomplish a dream our confidence grows.  Each time we fall and pick ourselves up we either realize we have tools to overcome the obstacle or the ability to cultivate the tools necessary.  Of course one of those tools we connect with is confidence.

4.  Surround yourself with a healthy supportive tribe. Confidence is certainly a skill that is cultivated from within.  However, there are times when we all need help or a little push to help us take that next step.  Having a positive tribe to share ideas with or to simply practice taking that leap of faith with can have a powerful impact on our confidence.

5. Get out of your head and into you, better said, meditate.  Through meditation we can create a greater sense of connection to our own personal values and beliefs.  When we operate from a place where we can take the time to find a sense of personal meaning, confidence is a natural by-product.

1506397_625393604181735_1180008492_nA lover of life, yoga instructor, motivational speaker, wife and mother. Mieka’s passion in life is sharing her belief that choosing happy is a possibility for everyone and that everyone deserves to be happy. You will find her teaching challenging and inspirational yoga classes at Chrysalis Yoga studio in Burlington. Her choosing happy workshops have frequented yoga studios, health institutions and corporations. Mieka has her bachelors degree in Kinesiology, is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Registered Yoga teacher and STOTT Pilates certified. She is also an ambassador with Lululemon Athletica. Mieka currently is studying positive psychology.  In her spare time Mieka, loves to travel with her family, do yoga, cuddle with her animals and regular kitchen dance parties are a priority.   

Website: www.mieka.ca
Instagram: @MiekaForte

Our interview with Angela Leigh

971230_10102099047049788_559752014_nI am pretty sure in my past life I was a journalist as I love asking questions of those that inspire me. In fact, I love asking others what inspires them, drives them, lights them up, pulls at their heart strings and essentially what sets their soul on fire.

So, today, I answer a couple questions to see how the other shoe fits.

What brought you to the mat for the first time?

Stress. I was a big ball of anxiety. I was a young, ambitious, career-driven and emotionally-devoid woman who was subcounsciously craving a connection within myself that was clearly lacking. I was always looking outside for the answers…little did I know the answers were already within me. My soul sister, Suzy Nece, dragged me into the studio and within a few breaths & tears I was hooked. I uncovered an outlet to connect to myself in a way I hadn’t experienced before. I was able to turn off everything and be still, honest, raw, vulnerable and open to change. My practice is deeply special & personal…it is a mirror to my soul, it will never lie to me, it keeps me pure and focused.

How do you set intentions in life?

Intention evokes action.

Action creates change.

Change inspires growth.

Growth develops confidence.

Confidence trumps fear.

Fear loses to bravery.

Bravery is necessary to dream beyond what is comfortable.

I set intentions daily. To create pure intentions I changed my lens of life from fear to love. When I changed how I saw myself life became more clear, more fun and much more FULL.

Intentions are only as good as you are willing to take the actions to feel the change. And yes, that takes a leap of faith and probably a lot of courage. But I personally would rather feel the free fall than the safety of staleness.


What inspires me?

Vulnerability. I connect to authenticity. I respond to realness. I love hard. When the walls are down this heart opens up and it runs deep. That kind of connection truly inspires me to take action and create change. Our world is not going to fix itself. We need to share our stories, support one another and encourage everyone along the way.

What is your favorite mala & why?

Awakening Mala.

There is a purity of the mind, body and soul that needs to be aligned to create intentions and that purity comes from self-acceptance. Without that pure, unconditional love for ourselves it is challenging to overcome obstacles that stand in our way of our intentions. This mala awakens that purity. And I love all things PURE.

-Angela Leigh