Wanderlust Wednesdays with Andrea Marcum. Lusting out Loud: How to Get Your Wanderlust On!

1415479_6635654_lzI am super stoked to be on the lineup at Wanderlust Festival Aspen this year! Once you’re all registered-up and ready to wander with me, I’ve got a few pre-festival tips for you, my fellow Lust-ers:

#1 Stretch out! Taste the myriad offerings on the schedule menu. Never been on a paddleboard? Perfect, here’s your chance! From hooping to hiking, slackline to speakeasy, meditation to music – there are so many inspiring experiences to slip in between sun salutations… not to mention Winederlust and Farm To Table once you’ve rolled up your mat for the day. It’s so much fun to mix it up and build your unique itinerary! I’ve spent days just gazing at all the options, and wishing I could be about five people at once.

images-1#2 Sunblock, snacks and something warm… Nobody enjoys a sunburned savasana, so have your UV protection handy during your festival fun. Tuck a few snacks into your mat bag. You’re likely to be on the move and in need of some fast fuel between chaturangas. Have your hydration handy too. (There will be rad booths to visit with all sorts of products to try when you have time to peruse.) Whether it’s the air conditioning on the plane or in the hotel, or a chilly night under the stars, it’s much better to have than to have not when it comes to something warm to wear. When I went to Oahu last year, I brought not one long sleeve. The North Shore winds kicked up, and the bikini, sports bras and Wunder Unders I’d brought didn’t quite cut it… not even when I put them all on at the same time.

#3 Pack your open mind. Wanderlust is about adventure, not agenda If you wander in expecting every class to be just like the one you take at home, or have decided the weekend will only be a success if you master that fancypants arm balance you’ve been trying to conquer, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Wanderlust is an opportunity to take a different path and end up somewhere new. When we become bendy in new directions, we’re much more likely to find our True North.

#4 Put on your Mala beads and dance! Rock your Adventure Freedom Friendship Healing Heart Chakra Love Motherhood New Beginnings Potential & Strengthwearing your Tiny Devotions reminder! Putting on our mala is a bit like setting an intention. Every stone has a different energetic quality, resonating with specific aspects of our self and our surroundings.

Whether you’re coming to Aspen, heading to Vermont or globe trotting to any of the other exciting Wanderlust locations, here’s to Lusting Out Loud, mala, mind, body and soul!

entry-96-andrea_marcum_1Andrea Marcum is a Tiny Devotions Ambassador, Owner of U Studio in Los Angeles, and contributor to Mantra and Origin Magazine. See what she’s been up to below!

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Get Moving: Why Endorphins are Cool, and How They’ll Heal Your Soul in 30 Minutes or Less!

9801fbc4d15a7fd98231b35ebce66870Let’s face it; sometimes it can be tough to get ourselves moving. Life can get busy, and every day it seems like we have less and less time to get everything done. With the busy work and social lives we try to maintain, it’s difficult to fit in a good sweat-it-out time to bring our minds and bodies back to zen. Trust me, guys, I get it.

I also get that the last thing on the planet you want to do after dealing with all of the chaos is moving your body more. We want to relax, but what we don’t realize is moving  actually activates a magical little thing that makes us happy! In fact, the activation of these things can transform any lack luster mood into superhuman strength. Those things, dear boho friends, are endorphins.

Endorphins are a relatively recent discovery. Research in the seventies attributed them to inspiring the neuro-transmitters in the brain to trigger releases of emotional calm, euphoria, and yes, even pleasure (wink, wink). These releases not only serve as a support system for the emotional being, but also aid in stimulating the central nervous system, improving the health of the brain and spinal cord. This allows our brain to interpret external stimuli with a stronger, more grounded perspective (i.e. Coping with a huge deadline at work). There are over twenty types of endorphins that help to create emotional awareness in the body, and the more active we are, the more we release!

Linked to the creation of seratonin (the “happy” hormone), endorphins are crucial to anyone looking to live a balanced, health-conscious lifestyle. The good news here is that getting them moving doesn’t take a lot of time out of that busy schedule. In fact, doctors have recommended that up to thirty minutes per day can make a huge difference in your level of health and fitness. Though that may sound daunting at first, it’s as easy as walking to work, going out for a jog with the pooch, or even dancing it up at your favourite Saturday night hot spot!

So, what are some other ways to start inspiring those excellent endorphins? 

1.Play your favourite sport.

2.Enjoy an outdoor activity with a friend or loved one.

3.Go swimming at the beach, if the season and weather permit it.

For me, I love to get my heart pumping by taking in a blissful yoga class. It helps me to get the stretch I need, and serves as a heart-pumping work out that my body will thank me for. There are no bounds to the fun and exciting ways you can get your body moving, so get creative and get ready to reap the benefits of active, endorphin inducing lifestyle!

With real balance in life comes a true and perfect way to heal the soul. When the body finds a state of bliss, the mind and spirit quickly follow. You will be surprised at the wonderful changes your Being will experience with a little extra movement in your life. Trust me, boho friends, taking a little extra time per day will make a big difference in the long run. You can count on it!

Namaste from Lauren, xx

Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.

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Dance, Dance, Yoga. With Sandra Thornburg.

sandratAt the age of three, my mother enrolled me in a ballet class. Although, I hardly remember that day, I truly believe that day has led me to where I am presently. I found my passion. DANCE! As I grew, I became more involved and was classically trained. Dance was the avenue I used to express myself. When I performed I felt alive. Through the ups and downs, I can confidently say that dancing saved my life.

About six years ago, my dear friend invited me to her yoga class. To be honest, I was hesitant. After my first class, I knew she introduced me to something special. That day my yoga journey began! After taking may different classes and different styles of yoga, I realized I was also able to express myself through movement. During my home practice, I always enjoy incorporating some of my dancing technique into my yoga practice. Yoga has allowed me to take the time I need to express myself, reflect on my thoughts, show gratitude towards others, and love myself.

After much soul searching, I decided to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training Program. I completed my 200 Hour YTT Program in February 2014. After completing this training, I realized how much more I have to learn, and how I can’t wait to share my love of yoga with others!

My true intentions are to inspire people to express themselves. This can mean through dance, yoga, movement, art, words, music, fashion, etc. Differences should be embraced. Everyone is different and I am inspired by so many people that specialize in so many different subjects. I find our differences to be beautiful. I believe the more we express, the more we accept and learn to love the differences of others. To me, it’s all about love, acceptance, creativity, learning, and self-acceptance.

My short-term goal is to start teaching yoga this spring.  I am very interested in working with people one-on-one to help them meet their specific goals. Yoga is so wonderful and fascinating because people practice for so many different reasons, and it is an honor and privilege to take part in their journey. I also enjoy teaching and participating in large classes. I love the energy, and will always be a student.  My future goals include continuing to raise awareness on self-acceptance, acceptance of others, self-expression, and self-love. I hope to do this though teaching, practicing, continuing my education, and collaborating with other individuals that place high importance on love, acceptance, and creativity.

sandrat2I can say without a doubt, I am drawn towards the Rock Your Bliss mala.  Life is about dreams, goals, and love! Dream big! Set goals! Spread love to all! Strive to make that difference!

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e-mail: www.yogawithsandrathornburg@gmail.com

Confessions of a Boho Fashionista

Hey Boho Beauties,

I’m warming up with a cup of sweet cinnamon tea and I thought I’d open up my moleskin and pop down some intentions for the weekend. That’s right bellas—it’s not just for New Years or special occasions, the power of intention works all the time.

The greatest time for goddesses to set intentions is in the soft light of the morning, while your dreams are still fresh and your heart is wide open.

It’s winter-time in Canada, but a true gypsy keeps her summer-heart all year round. That’s why as I write this down, I’m reflecting on the spirit of the summer passed and the nights I spent watching dragon flies dance (just like we gypsies do) and the Super moon that lit up the night sky.


A Super moon is a special phenomenon that happens very rarely. This chance occurrence creates a serious sense of magic and creativity. In ancient times, beautiful princesses who adorned themselves in crystals and gemstones would sit under the moon, cast their dreams below its light and pray for the creative genius that would spark from the moon’s light.

The Super moon does more than just spark creativity—it wraps a warm sheath of unconditional love and divine power on the beauty who dances under its light. When you’re under the glow of the super moon, you trust in your creative nature without a shadow of a doubt. This is because the Super moon provides unconditional love that guides us on our bohemian paths.

In the chill of the winter, when the sky is dark and the moon is nowhere to be found, I’m wearing my Supermoon Mala and setting my intentions on the divine creativity that lives deep within us all.

Put on your Super Moon Mala’s beauties, remember your summer-heart and go light some creative sparks.

Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia