“Do YOU” advice for the boho girl from Margaux Permutt

We connected with Margaux Permutt to share the inspiration she has for all the boho ladies out there!

IMG_2042How do you set intention in your life?

My meditation practice is the most profound tool I have found for getting clear, getting connected, and being true to myself. One of my yoga teachers and mentors Kk Ledford suggested I try a daily sitting practice a few years ago. My intention surrounding incorporating seated meditation practice in my life was to find access to a place deep within myself that could serve as a source of inspiration and energy. When I go to that place, everything else becomes clear, the obsessions, the anxieties, the fears, settle out, and I am left with this delicious sense of my essence in its pure form. I sit in the mornings, followed by my asana practice. At the end of asana I sit with my eyes closed and express gratitude for my body, my mind, my practice, and all the other gifts in my life. From that place of clarity I set my intentions for the day. I set intentions on a physical level of what I need to accomplish for the day, but also an energetic level of how I want to feel moving through my day. As the day goes and I get busy, I find little moments to drop into my breath and remember my morning practice, and the intentions I set, this helps me to keep going.

My advice for the boho yogi’s out there:

Do YOU! I spent so many years of my life trying to squeeze myself into a mold, or become the perfect version of myself. I’ve realized that who I am flawed and funky is fantastic! I make people laugh, put together ridiculous outfits, swear too much, and strangely people respect me for being me! I am my best when I am authentic. My meditation practice keeps me true to me. I am responsible for myself, and I take that position very seriously. Take time to cultivate yourself based on your own unique pattern of being. You are unlike any other that has ever existed, revel in that, celebrate that.

My favorite mala: The River Dance Mala

I have a strong connection to rivers. I spent my childhood summers swimming in the Tuolumne River outside of Yosemite. I love the sounds of water rushing over rocks and how the river can go from calm to rushing to deep wide pools to cliffs all in the same flow. I had a teacher once tell me “let the river of your life flow” basically telling me to get out of my own way. I also have a deep reverence for the Hindu Goddess Saraswati the river goddess of knowledge, learning art and poetry whose name means, “having many pools.” For these reasons this mala calls to me as a reminder to let the river of my life flow and to allow the goddess of knowledge to flow within me keeping me moving towards right action and my highest destiny.

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