Dance, Dance, Yoga. With Sandra Thornburg.

sandratAt the age of three, my mother enrolled me in a ballet class. Although, I hardly remember that day, I truly believe that day has led me to where I am presently. I found my passion. DANCE! As I grew, I became more involved and was classically trained. Dance was the avenue I used to express myself. When I performed I felt alive. Through the ups and downs, I can confidently say that dancing saved my life.

About six years ago, my dear friend invited me to her yoga class. To be honest, I was hesitant. After my first class, I knew she introduced me to something special. That day my yoga journey began! After taking may different classes and different styles of yoga, I realized I was also able to express myself through movement. During my home practice, I always enjoy incorporating some of my dancing technique into my yoga practice. Yoga has allowed me to take the time I need to express myself, reflect on my thoughts, show gratitude towards others, and love myself.

After much soul searching, I decided to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training Program. I completed my 200 Hour YTT Program in February 2014. After completing this training, I realized how much more I have to learn, and how I can’t wait to share my love of yoga with others!

My true intentions are to inspire people to express themselves. This can mean through dance, yoga, movement, art, words, music, fashion, etc. Differences should be embraced. Everyone is different and I am inspired by so many people that specialize in so many different subjects. I find our differences to be beautiful. I believe the more we express, the more we accept and learn to love the differences of others. To me, it’s all about love, acceptance, creativity, learning, and self-acceptance.

My short-term goal is to start teaching yoga this spring.  I am very interested in working with people one-on-one to help them meet their specific goals. Yoga is so wonderful and fascinating because people practice for so many different reasons, and it is an honor and privilege to take part in their journey. I also enjoy teaching and participating in large classes. I love the energy, and will always be a student.  My future goals include continuing to raise awareness on self-acceptance, acceptance of others, self-expression, and self-love. I hope to do this though teaching, practicing, continuing my education, and collaborating with other individuals that place high importance on love, acceptance, and creativity.

sandrat2I can say without a doubt, I am drawn towards the Rock Your Bliss mala.  Life is about dreams, goals, and love! Dream big! Set goals! Spread love to all! Strive to make that difference!

IG: @sandra_thornburg

Twitter: @ThornburgSandra