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The Goddess of Protection, Courage and Victory, she represents the power of good over evil. She has many arms for protection and 3 eyes to see all. With her fierce heart, she rides a lion, representing power, will + determination. This warrior Goddess of inner strength assures you that there is freedom from fear. She encourages truth, risk-taking and personal empowerment. She is a reminder of the feminine energy which protects you from negativity.

She is the goddess of love + beauty, she exudes kindness + compassion. She adores the sea and feels at ease when the yellow rays of the setting sun warms her skin. Awaken your inner Goddess Aphrodite and embrace your feminine wisdom. Aphrodite carries a mirror and a seashell everywhere she goes, guiding her to use her intuition as she flows through life. She encourages us to experience more passion in relationships + balances our yin-yang energy.

The Goddess of Wealth and Good Fortune teaches us that there are no tests or blocks in our way, only our own projection of fear.  Let go of worry and trust that your future is bright. Signifying love and grace, allow the spirit of Lakshmi to guide you through the manifestation of your wishes through inner cosmic energy.

This Goddess of Revolution and Empowerment appears in your life to prepare you for an awakening. She liberates the soul and encourages new beginnings. She comes to prepare you for the unknown, to break down barriers and rise up anew. She is the cause of all change, manifestation, and destruction. Her spirit reminds you that today is a great day to renew your thoughts and attitudes. Let the adventure begin!

The Goddess of Wisdom, Purity and Compassion, her love heals to bring health + strength. The 7 eyes on her hands, feet and forehead allow her to be all-seeing. She teaches you to acknowledge your sensitivity in order to avoid negative relationships and situations. She helps you connect with your inner light to focus on self-care. She purifies our thoughts, actions + intentions to help us find calm amongst chaos.

This Goddess of Learning, Knowledge + The Arts encourages spiritual growth and freedom. She holds a palmleaf scroll and wears a Mala, symbolising that knowledge has an everlasting life cycle. Her name means “essense of self”, and that’s exactly what she inspires. Her four arms represent the four aspects in learning: mind, intellect, alertness + ego. Her encouraging energy inspires growth, creatively and spiritually, to allow you to be happy and be yourself through speech, wisdom and learning.

The Goddess of Inner Wisdom, Strategy and Strength, she encourages you to trust your intuition and take immediate action on recurring ideas. With her olive leaf in tow and owl perched on her shoulder, she inspired peace and prosperity on earth. She teaches us not to second guess ourselves, for her energy is powerful and wise. She is compassionate and generous, yet protective and rational. She is a reminder of the power which resides in us.

Devotion to the Ocean: How to Rock Mermaid Style on Land

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetMorning surf sessions are vital.  Although they don’t leave much time (or energy) for getting ready post-slide, we have Mother Nature to thank for helping us out.  The transition from sea to land isn’t as tough as we think.  Mermaid style is effortless.  It is as simple as cutoffs over a bikini and coconut oil in your hair… minimal or no make-up and gold dainty jewelry.  The little secret to the mermaid muse is… it’s easy.  And we like easy.  Because let’s face it.. we’d rather be surfing.  Here are a few style tips every sea babe should know:

1.  Find jewelry you can wear in and out of the water.  I am constantly in and out of the water and I don’t have time to be taking my jewelry on and off.  Tiny Devotions has an awesome line of feel-good jewelry that literally exude positive energy as soon as you put them on.  I have the Gangster Stack that came with me to Maui.. in the water, sand, and all elements.

It was packaged with a lovely reminder of what each bracelet represented.  This is a bettering stack – The ‘how to” of awesomeness for the strong goddess.  A pretty reminder of how strong you truly are.

  • Faceted Labradorite: The stone of good fortune and new beginnings.  Labradorite also helps with a good aura.  Cultivating a good energy attracts fabulous things.
  • Faceted Pyrite: The stone of luck and fire and protection.  For the fiery spirit who get’s things done.
  • Faceted Hematitle: This is a strength stone and grounding.  In ancient times, Hematite was actually used as a mirror – a vision into oneself.  If you don’t think you’re strong, who will?

2. Coconut Oil is your best friend.  Head on over to your local health food store and pick up a jar of this goodness.  You will use it for EVERYTHING.

tumblr_inline_n9a5r4CD1h1qd5fyb3. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen.  If you love the ocean as much as I do, you should make sure to give your skin constant TLC.  Protection and post-nourishing skin-care is extremely important.

4.  Effortless beach waves are a forever yes.  Don’t have time to run to the ocean to get your hair all salty?  There is still hope to waking up with those beach locks you love.  Thisthis, and this.  You’ll thank me later.

5.  Always keep a bikini, beach blanket, and sandals in the back of your car. Enough said.

6. Save money on clothes, so you can buy surfboards and pretty fins.  Find awesome statement pieces from your favorite brands, and then stick with the basics.  Boyfriend jeans, vintage washed tee’s, cutoff’s, and bikinis are pretty much what I’ve been living in lately.

7.  Sun-kissed skin can be safe.  Bronzer will give you an extra glow, you won’t have to do much more (this is the one I use and I will never go back to any other brand.. Leaves my skin bright and sun kissed all day long).  My usual beauty routine consists of tamed brows, a dust of bronzer, blush, and a little illuminating powder.

Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset8. Less is more.  Makeup is used to compliment your beauty, not cover it up.  Use the “less is more” mentality when applying and let your beauty shine through.  It gives you more time to enjoy little things, like your favorite cup of tea in the morning, or one extra wave.

9. Get a good pair of sunnies.  Keep your eyes happy and find a pair of sunglasses you love.  Sunglasses are like a marriage.. you’ll want them forever and feel kind of lost without them.  I literally take mine everywhere.  Everywhere.  I wear them more than I wear shoes.

10. Smile.  It’s good for the soul.

Now get off the computer and go in the ocean, you mermaid.

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetArtist, surfer, and designer, Taylr Kreutziger was born and raised from salt and sand.  The ocean is her home and inspiration.  With an eye for simplicity and collaboration, Taylr’s personal style is the foundation of the The August Fox aesthetic. From her study of Fine Arts, to her involvement in the surf community, Taylr is perpetually submerged in creativity. Her organic, sea-centric creative style, captured in a series of photographs, paintings, and illustrations displayed at gallery shows, paved the way for the creative adventure that is The August Fox.

Website: taylranne.tumblr.com

Instagram: @taylranne

Q&A with #BohoSelfie Winner, Tiffany!

_6C_KXzxqHQ9q2-8oqHOD81FQNztkj68H8Ovte51r7U,Jc2Oz_TsZDJqmFTuniWnYDRUPcwUCjgAVX2YWi_yvMY,HQ4DP21d6azHeqxN0NxrR6B1ZNUaHYvRrgL6mYCALfE,d_UXY8c2iqbOa1TA7eJNwCb5auFXz-gPeAMresJh63IMany thanks to all of the stunning gypsies who submitted their gorgeous selfies as part of our #BohoSelfie contest! Your all serious babes and it was super hard to choose a winner. But, when we saw Tiffany’s wedding day selfie and heard her inspiring story, we knew we had our girl.


1. In your #BohoSelfie you’re sporting the Full Moon Mala. What was it about the Full Moon mala that captivated you? And what intention did you give your mala? 
I had a connection to the Full Moon Mala right away. I’ve always been fascinated with Full Moons, so the name was my initial attraction. Turquoise, a protection stone was very important. Amethyst, allows me to overcome fears and attracts positive energy into my life. Since starting a new chapter and journey in my life (new hubby, 5 years cancer free, new house & new job!) —it was the perfect piece. And pairing the Full Moon Mala with my Soul Stack, is absolutely harmonious.


2. You’re a newlywed! Congratulations. What’s the best love lesson you’ve learned on the road to marriage? 
Find your best friend and marry them! It’s just as important to truly like someone, as it is to love them. Open communication needs to happen constantly. Find time for your relationship every day. Give more. Set dreams together.


3. What’s your favourite yoga pose and why do you love it? 
My favorite yoga pose is the ending pose, Savasana. It’s my time—to enjoy that sacred place, a place for stillness, quiet and reflection; to live in the now.


4. Your wedding day was on your five year cancer free anniversary. It must feel awesome to be a full-fledged cancer survivor. What wisdom can you share with women currently going through their own cancer journey? Some things I’ve learned along the way: You MUST be your own advocate, because no one else is going to do it for you. Remove all negativity from your life. Remember that bald is beautiful. Find your inner peace. Dig in your heels and keep fighting—you are a force to be reckoned with! Smile, carry positive energy, eat veggies, breathe and do yoga. If you see a fellow cancer pal, give them a high five and tell them how cool the world is because they’re in it. Finally, you’re a survivor every step of the way.

5. What intention are you going to give your brand new mala and why? 
My intentions: I am Strong. I am Awesome. I am Present. Why you ask? Well, now, that’s a secret :)

To the Boho Babes, Gypsy Gals and Goddesses, Happy Easter from Bohemia xx