Yoga Retreat Essentials with Kathryn Budig


Headed to a yoga retreat this fall?

Our fave yogini, Kathryn Budig shares her top 10 must-haves for your next adventure:

1. RMS Beauty + Ilia lip gloss, Vapour Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush. Gorgeous organic, cruelty-free make-up.

2. Peppermint + Lavender essential oils (I love Doterra). Great for a pick-me-up or calm-me-down.

3. Quay Sunglasses from Australia… they’re so chic even when I’m a sweaty mess.

4. Digest Gold digestive enzymes from Enzymedica. Especially helpful when I’m on the road.

5. Oblas inhaler. Helps my allergies and feels great.

6. See Concept reading glasses. Stylish and flexible.Screen-Shot-2015-09-08-at-2.27.48-PM-827x1024

7. My iPhone 6+. I’d be lost without it.

8. A book. Currently reading Misty Copeland’s memoir.

9. My Tiny Devotions Aim True Mala. A reminder to not only keep your aim true, but to stay true throughout it all.

10. Aim True, my new book about loving your body, nourishing your spirit, and discovering true balance.

xo – Kathryn

Trust. Your. Vibes.

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Kindness is Contagious

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5 Ways to Cultivate Confidence

mala-beads-yoga-tiny-devotions-photographer-photographer-richelle-hunter-photography-summer-of-soul-125When asked if I could only have one wish for my children what would it be, I responded, for my boys to be filled with confidence.  Confidence can be the determining factor between reaching for what you want in life or simply letting each day pass hoping your dreams and happiness will simply fall into your lap.  The power of confidence can allow you to make the mistakes you need to grow, ask for the help you need to move forward or simply to back away when necessary.  So how do we cultivate more of this magic power that can continue to fuel our inner fire.

1.  Lean into the fear. Quite often the very thing we want can also be the thing we fear the most.  However, fear can be paralyzing and if we allow it to rule our actions we move further and further away from our confidence catalyst. That’s not to say that if you are afraid of public speaking you should instantly speak to a group of 20,000 people.  However, perhaps start with a group of 5, then 10 and so on.   But keep leaning into that space of speaking in front people or whatever might be holding you back.  The more you act and the less you sit in that fear, the more confident you will become.

2.  Be active, eat well, sleep. These 3 things are an incredibly powerful foundation for life and are no exception when it comes to confidence.  When we are active we release endorphins and other happy hormones affecting our outlook on life and our abilities.  Food is fuel.  When we are filled with nutrients that support our health and well being our body doesn’t have to work to find the energy that can be required to feed our confidence.  Sleep is well…sanity.  When we are well rested our thoughts are clearer and our ability to problem solve is that much stronger.  When we feel we have the ability to solve problems indeed our confidence grows.

3.  Be willing to fail. My eldest son was once asked “Tyler can you play the guitar?”  His response “Yes I can, but I think my guitar needs to be fixed because it doesn’t sound very good.  I keep playing it over and over as I am sure it will get better”.  In order to gain more confidence with something new we have to understand that at first attempt indeed we might fail.  However, when we eventually begin to strum a tune, land a job or accomplish a dream our confidence grows.  Each time we fall and pick ourselves up we either realize we have tools to overcome the obstacle or the ability to cultivate the tools necessary.  Of course one of those tools we connect with is confidence.

4.  Surround yourself with a healthy supportive tribe. Confidence is certainly a skill that is cultivated from within.  However, there are times when we all need help or a little push to help us take that next step.  Having a positive tribe to share ideas with or to simply practice taking that leap of faith with can have a powerful impact on our confidence.

5. Get out of your head and into you, better said, meditate.  Through meditation we can create a greater sense of connection to our own personal values and beliefs.  When we operate from a place where we can take the time to find a sense of personal meaning, confidence is a natural by-product.

1506397_625393604181735_1180008492_nA lover of life, yoga instructor, motivational speaker, wife and mother. Mieka’s passion in life is sharing her belief that choosing happy is a possibility for everyone and that everyone deserves to be happy. You will find her teaching challenging and inspirational yoga classes at Chrysalis Yoga studio in Burlington. Her choosing happy workshops have frequented yoga studios, health institutions and corporations. Mieka has her bachelors degree in Kinesiology, is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Registered Yoga teacher and STOTT Pilates certified. She is also an ambassador with Lululemon Athletica. Mieka currently is studying positive psychology.  In her spare time Mieka, loves to travel with her family, do yoga, cuddle with her animals and regular kitchen dance parties are a priority.   

Instagram: @MiekaForte

5 Ways to Cultivate a New Habit

10665478_505966316206485_1633729244_nYou’ve decided it’s time to break that old habit and cultivate a new one. The idea of a better version of yourself has you inspired to act, and ready to do it now! What do you no longer accept of yourself? What do you demand of yourself to be better? Whether it’s going to bed earlier, meditating, getting a sweat on every day, or giving your diet an overhaul, these 5 tricks will have you chasing down your goals and living the life you’ve imagined.

 1. Start Small. Take a close look at what it is you want to achieve and all the potential steps to get there. What is the first and simplest of those steps? Now that is where you will start! So if your goal is to go for a run every day. The simplest step will be to put on your running shoes and head out that door. And once your shoes are on and you’re outside, well you might as well run! Break you habit into the simplest version of itself and start there.

2. Plan Ahead. Examine your schedule and make time for you. Sure, once your shoes are on, going for the run becomes a straightforward task, but have you carved out the time for this to happen? Examine your day with a fine toothed comb, and just like you wouldn’t cancel on that meeting with your boss, or brunch with the girls, time to form your habit must be non negotiable too!

3. Set a Reminder. This behaviour is new, which means it might not always be on the top of your mind. So consider leaving yourself some loving and gentle reminders throughout the day to help you make the right decisions. If your goal is to drink more water, then have a reusable water bottle ready to be filled at your desk. Want to sit less at work? Try setting a phone alarm to remind you to get up and move. What to think happier thoughts? Why not change you phone background to someone you love, family or friend, whoever brings a smile to your face and heart. Setting up a visual reminder takes the thinking out of your goal making it much easier to remember.

4. Be Accountable. Let everyone you know aware about this awesome new habit you are forming. You’ll be working hard to make these changes; the moral support will help you to keep at it and push through. Share your habit on social media, give daily updates which people will expect, and let everyone know that you’ve got this!

5. Reward Yourself! It’s important to celebrate your successes no matter the size.  Every time you remember your habit consider a little verbal “way to go!” After one week of success, how about an extra long bubble bath. One month, maybe a picnic in the park. Rewards don’t need to cost money, but they do need to make you feel good. Give yourself some praise and enjoy every success.

Talk to us about your habits. . .

What good habits have you developed recently? What helped you form them? What motivated you throughout the process? Are there any habits you would still like to develop?

Share your thoughts in the comment board!

HGardner2An athlete most of her life, Heather is passionate for expressive and enjoyable movement to promote healthy, active living and building community. As a yoga instructor, marathon runner, and indoor cycling coach, Heather has nearly two decades of experience in group and personal fitness. Heather can be seen as the resident fitness expert on CHCH Morning Live, in coaching videos with Canadian Running Magazine, and in the pages of Best Health Magazine as Canada’s top fitness blogger. As the creator of Tribe Fitness, Heather is dedicated to the development of community and connectedness through informed and fun fitness experiences.


Twitter: @RunSoulCycle

Just Because we Love You. . .


Disconnect to Reconnect

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It’s Saturday: Go Forth and Inspire!


Crisis? 10 Mantras for Getting Unstuck

5CVvUHlWHh7mfxS4HGU5n_reDb1Drob3B2Apfs0bUWUWe all experience the feeling of being stuck in our lives – in our job, relationship, living situation, growth, and it is up to you to shift your perspective in order to move past the boundary you’ve created for yourself and have a breakthrough!

Choose 1 of the following mantras that speaks to you, and begin to meditate on this single thought. When you feel yourself come into a space of frustration, anger, resentment in the current situation – take a breath, repeat your mantra, and let go.

 I realize my true potential and take action to accomplish my dreams.

I choose to live beyond my perceived boundaries.

I accept my fears, yet do not allow them to define me.

I lift myself from the heaviness I feel.

I live in abundance, I have all that I need to move forward.

I embrace change.

I am excited to see what life has to offer on the other side.

I am open to receive.

I deserve happiness. I choose happiness.

I trust my path.

 The first step in getting “unstuck” in your life is recognizing that you’re stuck in the first place. Once you create awareness around this fact, you can begin to transform your thoughts and therefor open yourself up to possibility and a new way of life!


MarissaRoseYoga8Marissa is a Yoga Instructor inspiring others to live a fulfilling and healthy life.  She has completed two 200hour Yoga Alliance certifications in Hatha and Power Vinyasa yoga. Marissa is also Reiki certified, Yoga Sculpt certified, and a SUP Yoga instructor. She was brought out to California via social media and has made beautiful Southern California her home ever since. Marissa believes in manifesting and setting goals in order to reach your most desirable dreams in life. She teaches and leads trainings for CorePower Yoga as well as offers private yoga, SUP yoga, and reiki healing sessions for those who are ready to dive deeper into themselves and discover their true life purpose.  Photo by: Brian Crawford Photography. 


Instagram: @marissaroseinspired


Twitter: @marissaroseyoga 

Facebook: Marissa Rose Inspired 

Keep the Tribe Tight with Delicious Girls Night Dinner Dates

tiny-devotions-mala-beads-richelle-hunter-photography-23I consider myself an introvert. I tend to be quiet, an observer.  I prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings and would certainly not put myself in the category of ‘social butterfly’. I would not say that I have a lot of friends, however, the friends I do have are friendships that are rooted in strong foundations of loyalty, love and kindness. The relationships that I hold so close to my heart are ones I cherish and ones I know will last a lifetime.

As I get older I have learned that it’s not about the quantity of friends I have but more the quality of each of the relationships I invite into my life. I tend to have deep conversations right off the bat and feel very foreign when I am in a situation where I am surrounded by individuals who look past me when they ask me a question, inquiring about surface matters such as the weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the weather is nothing to speak of.  I Love talking about sunny days and warm summer evenings, however, I’m talking about ‘filler’ conversation. You know, the more superficial conversation that you seem to inevitably find yourself in from time to time. I like to cut to the chase and if I feel a connection with you and feel as though the Universe has bought us together for some special, sacred reason –which is most always the case- I’m the type of person who will jump right in and ask you about, You. I’ll ask you about who you are, where you’re from and I don’t mind getting deep with the nitty-gritty straight away. I realize that’s not for everyone nor is everyone comfortable with that, however, the people I am drawn to seem to always be on the same wavelength as I am and that can make some pretty remarkable, memorable get-togethers.

When I find myself longing for the connection of these beloved friendships, I always plan our dates consciously, keeping in mind that the space and time we are going to share is one that needs to nourish both body and mind. Because I don’t get the opportunity to see my gals on a regular basis, we plan our dates with as much love as we can to make our time together truly special and meaningful. From the clothes I decide to wear to the food we eat, these times are planned with the nourishment of body and soul at the forefront.

When planning a night out with my girls, I always pick a place to eat that is vibrant and rich in both taste (Indian and Ethiopian are a few of our favs!) and energy yet quiet enough that we can hear one another speak. The times are rare that we can all meet so we like to gather in a setting where we can chat, discuss and share stories without too much strain. We laugh over dinner and catch-up, talking about how we need to get together more often. Enjoying a tasty treat is also top priority so we all dig in and share a few yummy desserts and more convo over tea. Our girls night is not complete without a nice glass or two of vino and a little letting loose on the dance floor, laughing the evening away and feeling as though only a day has passed since last we were together.

The evening ends as quickly as it started and even though they may only happen a few times a year, these moments we share with one another are sacred and are ones that I will carry with me for a lifetime. . .

Megan Casten-1735Megan Casten is a lover of life and adventure. Creator of, she gains strength and confidence in sharing her own life experiences with others in hopes that she might touch someone’s heart who may need it. Megan’s passion is to inspire and motivate others and being able to do this full-time is, well, a dream job come true! Her adventures are far from being over and she embraces each day with arms wide open, all while doing so with compassion, love and grace. 


Twitter: @megancasten 

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