Devotion to the Ocean: How to Rock Mermaid Style on Land

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetMorning surf sessions are vital.  Although they don’t leave much time (or energy) for getting ready post-slide, we have Mother Nature to thank for helping us out.  The transition from sea to land isn’t as tough as we think.  Mermaid style is effortless.  It is as simple as cutoffs over a bikini and coconut oil in your hair… minimal or no make-up and gold dainty jewelry.  The little secret to the mermaid muse is… it’s easy.  And we like easy.  Because let’s face it.. we’d rather be surfing.  Here are a few style tips every sea babe should know:

1.  Find jewelry you can wear in and out of the water.  I am constantly in and out of the water and I don’t have time to be taking my jewelry on and off.  Tiny Devotions has an awesome line of feel-good jewelry that literally exude positive energy as soon as you put them on.  I have the Gangster Stack that came with me to Maui.. in the water, sand, and all elements.

It was packaged with a lovely reminder of what each bracelet represented.  This is a bettering stack – The ‘how to” of awesomeness for the strong goddess.  A pretty reminder of how strong you truly are.

  • Faceted Labradorite: The stone of good fortune and new beginnings.  Labradorite also helps with a good aura.  Cultivating a good energy attracts fabulous things.
  • Faceted Pyrite: The stone of luck and fire and protection.  For the fiery spirit who get’s things done.
  • Faceted Hematitle: This is a strength stone and grounding.  In ancient times, Hematite was actually used as a mirror – a vision into oneself.  If you don’t think you’re strong, who will?

2. Coconut Oil is your best friend.  Head on over to your local health food store and pick up a jar of this goodness.  You will use it for EVERYTHING.

tumblr_inline_n9a5r4CD1h1qd5fyb3. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen.  If you love the ocean as much as I do, you should make sure to give your skin constant TLC.  Protection and post-nourishing skin-care is extremely important.

4.  Effortless beach waves are a forever yes.  Don’t have time to run to the ocean to get your hair all salty?  There is still hope to waking up with those beach locks you love.  Thisthis, and this.  You’ll thank me later.

5.  Always keep a bikini, beach blanket, and sandals in the back of your car. Enough said.

6. Save money on clothes, so you can buy surfboards and pretty fins.  Find awesome statement pieces from your favorite brands, and then stick with the basics.  Boyfriend jeans, vintage washed tee’s, cutoff’s, and bikinis are pretty much what I’ve been living in lately.

7.  Sun-kissed skin can be safe.  Bronzer will give you an extra glow, you won’t have to do much more (this is the one I use and I will never go back to any other brand.. Leaves my skin bright and sun kissed all day long).  My usual beauty routine consists of tamed brows, a dust of bronzer, blush, and a little illuminating powder.

Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset8. Less is more.  Makeup is used to compliment your beauty, not cover it up.  Use the “less is more” mentality when applying and let your beauty shine through.  It gives you more time to enjoy little things, like your favorite cup of tea in the morning, or one extra wave.

9. Get a good pair of sunnies.  Keep your eyes happy and find a pair of sunglasses you love.  Sunglasses are like a marriage.. you’ll want them forever and feel kind of lost without them.  I literally take mine everywhere.  Everywhere.  I wear them more than I wear shoes.

10. Smile.  It’s good for the soul.

Now get off the computer and go in the ocean, you mermaid.

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetArtist, surfer, and designer, Taylr Kreutziger was born and raised from salt and sand.  The ocean is her home and inspiration.  With an eye for simplicity and collaboration, Taylr’s personal style is the foundation of the The August Fox aesthetic. From her study of Fine Arts, to her involvement in the surf community, Taylr is perpetually submerged in creativity. Her organic, sea-centric creative style, captured in a series of photographs, paintings, and illustrations displayed at gallery shows, paved the way for the creative adventure that is The August Fox.


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Styling Intentions with the Babes at Skinny Fat Girl Diary!

We here at Skinny Fat Girl Diary, are so thrilled to be featured on… A place that celebrates green juice, a healthy lifestyle, and agrees that the best way to explore life… is in your yoga pants! We discovered this community of goddesses after falling in love with Tiny Devotions’ scarves; handmade works of art, both stylish and practical. But more than fabric, they inspire us to focus on our intention. The scarf is a colorful reminder during a hectic day, to breathe, enjoy the moment, and reconnect– just what we need at the SFG Diary.

We are three health fanatics living in LA, with crazy work schedules – all while, cooking, yoga-ing and bedazzling for our blog. It’s overwhelming what we strive to accomplish in an hour, day or week… and we know we aren’t alone! That’s why we created a space to find the silver lining along life’s journey. Why cry, when you can bake vegan-inspired carrot cake and laugh together?

Here’s three different ways to style your intentions…

Jackie, the brunette amongst blondes, embraces the bohemian look… it’s sexy, laid-back and looks fabulously effortless.  When I saw their hipster scarf, it was love at first sight!  My first fashion rule is “comfort,” so any way I can jazz up a simple outfit with something stylish… I’m in! The Hipster scarf makes me feel like I can conquer anything, and not to mention look pretty chic while doing it… it even makes my yoga pants look inspired!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.34.08 PM

Lauren seems to never stop running… that is until she saw the Prana Del Mar scarf. I’m absolutely obsessed with bright colors this summer. Until recently, I never really embraced my body type and used to hide it behind lots of dark colors. Something shifted after a couple month in hot yoga rooms and I became grateful to be strong. So, I’m embracing my sense of adventure with bright teal jewelry, pinks, cut-offs and my Prana Del Mar scarf in tow.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.34.00 PM

Valorie never sleeps. Seriously… this girl is like the energizer bunny– she does it all (until 4 am) and still looks fabulous! Summer is usually hotter than Haiti but thankfully in Los Angeles, summer evenings tend to get pretty chilly– especially close to the water! I’m all about laid-back California style—splashes of color and a white jean are the perfect beach-side combo. This Sanibel scarf is seasonal perfection, glowing with hues of pink and orange… Colors are a reflection of your attitude; I’m staying in the spirit of summer by staying happy and active in bright, light colors!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.33.54 PM





How to Add a Little More Magic to Your Yoga Wardrobe

RNl66iZ5DDEI_Nt6t_DEEFYtNzQZpo81nmQEzNkdWEEIf you’re anything like me, you need to shake it up every once in a while. This is true for nearly everything in my life, from what I eat, to what I do for my exercise routine. The desire for a little something special infiltrates every aspect of my being. Naturally, you can be sure that this impacts my my life as a Boho Maiden! I spend a good bit of time making sure that I add a little bit of magic to everything I do. After all, isn’t that we are all put on this planet to do?

I believe that the boho magic should transcend all areas of our lives, including our wardrobe. It can be difficult to add a little glamor to the way we dress, especially when we’re on our way to get our sweat on. When I go to yoga, I love to add a little touch of something special to my wardrobe because, to be honest, it gives me a little boost in my practice. When you feel good about how you look, that feeling has a beautiful influence on your life. It’s only fitting that it should work your way into your yoga flow.

As with all things bohemian, you don’t need to break your budget to add that little “something-something” to your yoga wardrobe repertoire. Here are a few hints on how to add that touch of magic to your yoga class style:

1. Grab some pieces that you can mix and match. There are a lot of great companies who create wonders, including reversible shorts and tops (you basically get two looks in one). Do a little bit of research and pick up about five or six items that you can shake up. That way, you’ll never be wearing the same thing twice!

tiny-devotions-mala-beads-balance-stack-aventurine-rosewood-sandalwood_large-12. Add a little sparkle! Luckily, Tiny Devotions has everything you need to make your boho beauty shine. A piece of jewelry that inspires your practice is the perfect addition to your yogic journey. A beautiful mala can also be useful during meditations, working to keep you grounded on and off of the mat. Wear a stack to help you keep balanced in focus during your yoga flow. Take a look at the gorgeous pieces on our web site and have fun letting your heart decide!

3. Remember; comfort is key. When you’re heading off to a yoga class, it’s not as important to look your best as much as it is important for you to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Whether you prefer something more loose fitting or something that is tight, choose pieces that are going to be comfortable, that inspire you get moving, and make you feel confident in your practice.

4. Make it colourful. Black is classic, but nothing adds a spark to your yoga gear like a thousand different flavors! Check out some of the colors for each season and decide on which ones would make you look most ravishing. Nothing makes you have more fun with your work out than a brightly colored add on!

5. Magic doesn’t need to cost a fortune; a little research will tell you all that you need to create the perfect yoga wardrobe without spending too much money. And of course, never forget about sale season! A lot of great shops drop their prices in the middle of the summer, so bide your time, and you may come across a fortune in cropped pants and OM-tastic tank tops.

When heading into your practice, you never need to leave your confidence out of the studio. You’d be surprised what a little boost in your wardrobe can do to enhance your practice. Enjoy the flow and let your true colors shine. Be bold, be beautiful, be you!


Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.