Rock Your Bliss Mexico Style: A Video Blog

There are few words that can explain the absolute magic that took place on our first Rock Your Bliss Sayulita retreat in February.

Thus, we are stoked to share with you the beautiful video journey of our trip. We literally cried watching and re-living the moments.

Pack your bags, rock your calendar and get ready to rock the bliss with us on our next retreat in SLO in September or back to Sayulita in March 2015.

Let’s rock the bliss and make magic. #rockyourblissmexico

Video skills a la Sera Lindsey (

Rock Your Bliss-Yoga retreat from Sera Lindsey on Vimeo.

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How do you craft your bliss, boho babes?


We’v e partnered with our ambassadors, Jacki Carr and Mary Beth Larue, from Rock Your Bliss to set your boho soul on fire! We know you are all bliss crafters who live their lives with intention, dream up big plans, and are serious soul sisters. This is why we created the Craft Your Bliss challenge! We want to know how you make your life blissful everyday. Today is the last day to turn in your beautiful Craft Your Bliss challenge pictures and videos for the sweet soulful prize of a Rock Your Bliss Mala. We just can’t wait to see what you have for us, boho beauties! We will announce the lucky goddess tomorrow morning. Now go boho bellas and show us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook how you Craft Your Bliss!