So you want to be a Pilates Instructor? Core Moves to Reach Your Goal

306678_415889805116183_397922527_nIt seems like just yesterday I dropped into a Pilates Studio Mat Class and experienced my first 100.  If you have done Pilates before you  know that feeling. The deep connection that seems to draw inward and yet move outward.  I was hooked! I  changed my work schedule around to go to as many classes as I could.  Pilates became a large part of my fitness life.

Like many Instructors out there becoming a Pilates teacher was a career change.  Pilates Instructor wasn’t on my “When I grow up” list. Luckily my previous jobs and life experiences prepared me for success.  In fact I believe most of you have many of the traits needed to  teach. You just need the right Pilates training and a few of my favorite tips.

So, you want to be a Pilates Instructor?

What’s your Why? Why do you want to teach Pilates? This will help you when the learning gets tough, tiring and daunting. Like all new things there is a lot to learn. There will be days when you just feel like you need a break.  Knowing WHY you wanted to start teaching in the first place will keep you on track to your goals and dreams.

 Getting to the Core of Success:

1)Picking a program! This is the biggest leap.  Go to Pilates Method Alliance website. They have a list of approved programs in the world.  No two programs are alike but this list will help guide you I’m the right direction.

2) The Price is not always right…When researching programs make sure you are finding out all that is covered. Programs come in a WIDE range of prices and in the education world you really can end up getting what you pay for. Often times lower cost programs mean less apprentice hours, one on one attention, less equipment learning or less levels of training. Make sure the program you pick gives you training on equipment but also anatomy, business and Pilates history.

3) Who trained them? Pilates is young enough you can trace the lineage back to Joe Pilates himself. Can the person training you do that?

4) Who do you want to teach?  If you want to teach in a physical therapy office pick a program that can gear you up for that. Also, you want the studio to have clients to observe that are most like whom you would want to teach. If your goal was to teach pre natal pilates then you probably wouldn’t want to pick a program that was mostly elderly clients.

5) Policy’s make them and stick to them. It’s hard to charge a client a late cancel but your time is just as valuable as theirs. Your teaching is your business and you need to run your schedule that way by making and following policies.

6) Days off. Everyone has to have a day off and so do you. Make one and keep it sacred. Being unavailable can make clients want you even more!

7) Continue taking Pilates sessions! Having Pilates in your body is just as important as your clients. Find a mentor, schedule a standing session and make sure it happens regularly… No excuses

8) Take other fitness classes to see what it is your clients and future clients are in to. You can get cues that you can use to help make an exercise make sense. Taking other classes is great for networking with other fitness professionals that can refer their clients to Pilates sessions with you.

9) Exposure! You need to be Google-able. A website, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yelp etc is necessary for allowing potential clients to find you! Then enjoy your clients becoming your walking billboard. Help them hit their fitness goals faster and they’ll tell all their friends about you!

10) Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do! Seriously, there is no such thing as burnout if you keep yourself inspired by learning, taking, teaching and resting!

Training takes 6 months to a year and then you’re on your way to teaching your Why! It’s an  incredible journey to a career that constantly inspires you, challenges you and teaches you. Working with people and helping them become their best selves is incredible. So, you  want to  be a Pilates Instructor? Amazing, Go and Do!

photo (13)Lesley Logan author of Profitable Pilates and Los Angeles Magazines Best of LA Pilates instructor has been teaching in LA since 2008.  She currently  teaches at Westwood Pilates and Equinox West Hollywood  where she also runs the Pilates studio.  As a goals coach for Fitness Instructors around the world she enjoys seeing her clients hit their personal and career goals!


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