Boho Daily Launch Giveaway

To officially squeeze every ounce of goodness from our new blog launch…we decided we wanted to do something extra special. Like extra-extra special.

{Cue the drumroll} We are doing a GIVEAWAY. Yay! We heart scarves….a lot. So we thought we would adorn one of our beautiful readers with one of our favourite pieces.

We love comments. Post a comment below answering this question:
“What defines ‘boho’ to you?”

For extra recognition > Hashtag on twitter #bohodailylaunch and link back to this post!

We are so excited to have you all here and we have oodles of fun things ahead. ; )


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  2. Leslie says:

    Boho – Being outgoing, honest and optomistic. I love it when i’m the only one in the room wearing a smile. I love it when i’m the only one wearing a scarf in 80 degree weather. I love it that the idea of a vacation to me is simply sitting outside, watching the clouds go by. I’m outgoing because I choose to be. I enjoy life because its the only one I have. I never take the small things for granted and always try to bring happiness to the people who are the most unhappy. I’m honest because I know who I am. I don’t work to impress others or yern for their attention. I am optomistic because there is always a better way. I am not one dimentional, so my thoughts and actions arn’t either. Life is simple, if you choose it to be. This is me:)

  3. Boho means authentic freedom to be who you are.

  4. Bella Dae says:

    A bohemian lady is a lady with wild creative abandon, love for the weather, gratitude for her love for her sensory awareness: embodying bold colors, beautiful scent, layered spice or pure fruit of the earth on her tongue. She wakes with gratitude. She seeks out moments of stillness and clarity. She travels with her pure open heart, she smiles from the center of her soul, the universal language. She dances with her whole body, activating every chakra and spiraling, feeling, and transmuting joy, and permission to BEEEEE. A boho lady is the kind of lady that we all want to know, that we all want to be.

  5. Boho = Living your truth + Being free always. :)

  6. Boho is living the lifestyle that makes you glow and wake up in the morning with a smile.


  7. Boho means power, love, freedom and peace to me!

  8. Boho is giving yourself the permission to be YOU! This is the person you love the most and the one that people are drawn too. It means living in the moment. Letting go of things and experiences that no longer serve you. Experiencing nature. Experiencing life. Loving others for who they are. Someone who can recognize the inner bohemian in others, even when they haven’t found it themselves. My bohemian natures shows through my love of color, yoga, dogs, nature, sundresses and sandals, malas, good nutritious but delicious food, turquoise and loving others for who they are.

  9. Ruth Ann Dunkerly says:

    Boho means to me peace, tranquility and breath. Live in life !

  10. Olivia says:

    Going against the norm of how society or certain people think you should talk, walk, act and so on. Being your true self with a free-spirited perspective on life. Along the way, you may get called weird and strange, but that’s just part of it and you know what? Who cares! You stand out and that makes you different from the rest of the everyday world. Who wants to be boring and sit back in the crowd?! Step out in the world with your messy hair, barefeet, sun-kissed skin, hippie-chic apparel and let them stare!

  11. adventurous, free, loving, respectful of people and nature

  12. Joanna says:

    BOHO = “B”e “O”riginal, aut”H”entic, ev”O”lving.
    Live with the intention to embrace life, love and humanity. (Without judgement).

    Cant wait to immerse in your new blog. Congratulations on the launch!

  13. Laurie Montgomery says:

    Boho say I am me. I am full of life and self expression. Everywhere I go the way I carry myself reflects my message. My freedom and joy encourage others to find their uniqueness within. Boho isn’t just a style but a way of life. We paint the world with our creative self and we spread love with our peace.

  14. Megan Dunbar says:

    I would define BOHO as “Being Open Honest and Original!”

  15. When I think boho I think free-spirited, creative, full expression and in-tune.

  16. Katie says:

    Boho means to me a return to one’s truth self! Through flowing dresses, moccasins and of course our beloved TD mala beads, it is also the language of love, respect, freedom, the colours of life and a dance that unites all of us in perfect hamony. Its the gal (and guy) who lives only for that which is pure, honours our mama earth and celebrates successes and challenges with a *namaste* and a chai tea in hand!

    Congrats BOHO Daily on your lovely launch!
    Blessings xoxoxox

  17. Sara Mae Spinale says:

    Boho means freedom. Freedom to go seek the life you want. To become comfortable with your self and with where you are right now!

  18. Nicole Traum says:

    Boho means being me- free spirit who
    Takes time to smell roses and then wear them in her hair. It’s a state of mind where you don’t have to do anything, just become better at who you are.

  19. Ashley says:

    Boho is finding a rhythm between your spirit, nature, and style.

  20. Sierra says:

    Completely freedom. Unrestrained. Loving. Open. Rolling with it. Embracing life.

  21. Boho to me means free spirit. It means having a carefreeness and soulfulness that is rarely found each day. Boho is eclectic. Boho is unique. Boho is often misunderstood. Boho is about being different but being secure with that and being happy about it. I can relate to that concept.

  22. paige says:

    For me, Boho = Handstands, travel, laughter, kindness, beach hair, hula hoops, playfulness, chai tea, inner peace, genuine friendship, natural beauty, fearlessness, love, and light

  23. Victoria Wong Allen says:

    Boho to moi means living life from the soul. Exploring the world as you wish and loving every moment.

  24. Hayley says:

    To me, when I think of “boho” the first thing that pops in to my mind is freedom. It is an extension of my personality, and makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin and more connected to the earth and world around me.

  25. Taylor says:

    Boho to me is bohemian. The urban gypsy with fire in her eyes and a devil may care attitude. Tribal goddess.

  26. Boho…. to me the meaning of boho is being true to yourself, while maintaining your freedom to express who you are in the most beautiful way. Not allowing others to dictate your thoughts on what you look like or who you are in general. Be free, true to yourself, and beautiful!! Live life fully and the most exponential way that you can or know how. Never take anything for granted but enjoy every moment.

  27. .. ocean spray .. warm summer sun on skin .. wild hair .. freedom .. creativity and inspiration .. bare feet .. radiant smiles .. long afternoon walks .. living the dream.

  28. Jean says:

    Boho means being who I am without fear of recognition.

  29. Sondra Bloxam says:

    I define boho as my culture, my free spirited way of life that connects everything: the way I feel when I wake up in the morning, the way I care for others, the moccasins I choose to float through the city in, the freedom of being present whether it’s at the beach, in line at the market, or within my yoga practice. I feel that boho is love, shining through as gratitude.

  30. Leana says:

    Boho – never wearing shoes, feeling the vibration of the earth underneath your toes, long flowy skirts, sun-kissed hair, the sunrise on the beach, letting your inner goddess shine through, searching for & recognizing the divine in others, making a difference in the world – even if it is simply smiling at someone as you walk by, oohing over vintage tops in the little boutique window with your girlfriends, creating an inspiration board full of bohemian things you’d like to make or own, finding a way to express the creative and sunny person you know lives inside of you. Boho is being happy, at peace and full of vitality.

  31. Neen says:

    Boho is true authenticity at all times in everything that one does, not necessarily a style or a movement. It is genuine love, care, compassion, empathy and understanding of all that is around us, both our fellow man as well as the earth which gives us life. A bohemian is someone who is so completely themselves at all times that they cannot be defined or placed into any sort of group or category. They are strong and determined to accomplish what is important to them, whilst keeping in mind the needs of and ways on which it will affect humanity and the earth. They do what they love despite the odds, ceasing to fall or give up, and they live their life the way they do simply because it is a life that they love; they live in harmony and connection with the earth and all those around them, striving to create true genuine and authentic beauty in whatever way they are able to in order to leave the world a more beautiful place than they entered it.

  32. Van Hoang says:

    Boho is authentically being of one self. Living the life that is simple, pure, and loving

  33. Courtney says:

    Boho is a lifestyle & a state of mind. It’s the ocean in your step & the wind in your hair. It’s feeling gratitude in every breath & seeing beauty in the smallest things. It’s being free & encouraging others to feel the same. It is realizing the world is your oyster & living to the best of your ability. It is using your body to connect with your soul & using your soul to connect with the earth. It is music & fashion & love & life.

  34. Kelsey says:

    BOHO to me, means spiritual awakening, with a little style and flare of your own added in. Its a part of who you are, and what you do. Boho is the person you wish you could be, and strive every second to become. Boho is more than style, its an eclectic taste, that only you can describe… How do u BOHO???

  35. To me, BOHO defines truly living and being a glass that is half full :) Seeing the opportunity in every bump in the road, inspiring others to see life through rose coloured lenses, and shining optimism and happiness onto everyone in your life!

  36. Michelle says:

    Boho is the freedom to let your authentic self manifest itself to the world through mindful actions, words, and style! We become the best we can be when we are unafraid to become who we truly are!

  37. Hannah says:

    ‘Boho’ to me is living free and not conforming to those around you. Staying true to yourself, your views and outlook on life. Being comfortable in your own skin, wearing your Mala beads and waking up each day with your feet planted firmly on the ground and a smile in your heart that shines upon your face!

  38. Blu says:

    Being true to myself and learning who I am. Loving my friends & family unconditionally.

  39. Jessica says:

    Boho is an expression of who we are. What we represent. Live life to its fullest and embrace each day as a gift.

  40. Karen says:

    Boho is ‘me’. Flowy, natural, understanding, accepting. Scarf, mala beads and moccasin. It’s like the ’70’s only better!

  41. Boho to me means truly being yourself in every aspect – being free to express yourself, living simply so others can simply live and being grounded through nature, empowerment, love, soul and experience.

    Congrats on your launch – I know the feeling all to well as my website launched on Friday! :)

  42. Natasha says:

    Boho means free – it means being unique. It’s an individual. It’s love. It’s happy.

  43. To me, boho means following your heart, embracing honesty, and living a soulful life rooted in love and nature.

    Those are gorgeous scarves. Nothing completes an outfit better than a bright scarf. Texture is one of my great indulgences in life.

  44. Congratulations, Boho Daily! What Boho means to me: Living authentically, freely and with joy. To find oneness and peace in every situation. To follow one’s heart and dreams, even if it’s scary. To tread gently upon the Earth and appreciate the beauty all around us. Finally, it is striving for balance between mind, body and spirit while wearing the most breathtaking mala, of course!

  45. Debbie Searcy says:

    To me boho means a trip to no-where with the top down. It means endless summers, bonfires on the beach tll dawn, surounded by friends. Skinny dipping, horseback riding and absolutely no worries.
    Going through life looking for the next big adventure with no fear!
    Congrats on your launch!

  46. Rebecca says:

    What Boho means to me: Being fearless! Being unapologetically you! Walking through life with a smile and making others smile along the way! You are free to live the life you’ve always wanted and share that joy with others! Being beautiful inside and out! You are an earth-loving beauty, calm and peaceful, braids-in-the-breeze, green goddess of love!

    Congratulations on the launch! I’m so happy to be a part of this community and can’t wait to share with all the other Boho Beauties. <3

  47. Candice says:

    To me boho means living life as a free spirit, being deeply connected to nature, and loving yourself and others (animals included) unconditionally! Throw in some beautiful comfy clothing, mala beads, beachy hair waves, and bare feet and you’ve got it! :)

  48. BOHO means to me:
    B eautiful
    O pen H earted
    O neness.

    Its the essence of living openly and lovingly – to both yourself and those around you. Living presently and in the moment, being grateful, taking the wisdom that life has to offer you gracefully, and helping those in need with love filled intentions!

  49. Jennifer says:

    Boho mean – spiritual freedom, natural beauty, bare feet, feeling connected to the earth, letting your hair down, braids…always seeking inner peace, radiance <3

  50. Rachel says:

    Boho is not only personal style but a way of life. It encompasses beauty, freedom, openness and the confidence to make your own choices. Boho is representative of a centered, honest lifestyle and a desire to make the world a better place. Congrats on the launch!

  51. Hannah Kate says:

    Boho to me means living in the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. It means truly being myself and walking in whatever path I choose.

  52. Lisett says:

    When I think of ‘Boho’, here are words that come to mind: Freedom, Movement, Individuality and Spirituality.

  53. Boho means being the gypsy free self that you are- loving and expressing exactly as you are tears and smiles and that is in between!

  54. Tiffany Whinery says:

    Boho means finding bliss and joy in each present moment. Appreciating the life you have been blessed with and taking advantage of the freedom you have to do the things you enjoy. A BOHO lifestyle is rich in spirit and love, always appreciating the small yet beautiful things in life and nature!

  55. To me Boho can mean a lot! First, Boho IS fashion and my personal style! It’s the freedom to dress comfortable and chic at the same time! Boho also means to live and love playfully! :)

  56. Tisha says:

    Boho: free to BE

  57. Tam C says:

    Allowing yourself permission to be free. :)

  58. Boho to me is being authentic, loving, and peaceful. Living your own personal sunny stamp on this world!

  59. Authentic, fearless, dreams & dances to the beat of her own drummer (or heart!!). Wavy & wet ocean soaked hair flowing in a salty breeze is also a plus!!

  60. Heidi Rootvik says:

    BOHO to me signifies freedom, flexibility, LOVE, openness, fun, laughter, free-SPIRITED, flowy {scarves, braids, clothes, etc.}, kindness, intention-based living.

  61. Margaret says:

    Congrats on the launch! To me, the meaning of bohemian is one that means embracing the world around me and having an open mind. It also means not letting other people’s perceptions shape you.

  62. Hallie says:

    Boho means being the strongest and proudest you possible. It’s means you creat your own reality and doing it with a smile and good intentions!

  63. Rachael says:

    To me, ‘boho’ is the socially unconventional way of expressing yourself through an original style. Whether that style be in life, love, fashion, work or play, it’s embraced with an open heart and a free-spirit. The little things are what keeps us all going – whether we know it or not. It can be found everywhere and anywhere – like that extra 5 minute of sleeping in this morning, a courteous driver on your way to work, a cute scarf you threw on that makes you feel beautiful, or a loving embrace from someone special. Just having the knowledge that, no matter what happens, you have a choice in your perception and attitude and the belief that the good things you send out to the universe, make their way back around again

  64. Boho is a state of flow- of being in the flow, welcoming the moments as they come, and celebrating the simple joy of it all- gorgeous scarves, sandy beach hair, and sisterlove. Freckled shoulders, rainy days for reading, and a worn-in yoga mat. A little unconventional, very off-the-beaten-path, and very much a goddess.

  65. Sarah says:

    Boho to me is being a beachy lady who sets her own rules and acts with kindness towards others. She lives peacefully and follows her heart towards her inner goddess.

  66. Marie Michèle Dionne says:

    To be as colorful and unique as your heart and your true self.

  67. Krystin says:

    Boho for me in living in the NOW, in the PRESENT and being FREE!! :)

  68. BOHO: Loose waves in my hair, long flowing dress, pretty scarf, my beloved mala beads, and a smile on my face. A feeling of knowing who I am, and what’s important to me in life… Never being swayed by the opinions of others!

  69. emily says:

    Effortless style, laid back attitude, always giving & receiving love.

  70. Boho: being free to be ones self. Living and loving in harmony. Being unique and confident. Giving without expecting.

  71. janine messenger says:

    BOUNTIFUL adventures
    OPEN heart
    HARMONIOUS living
    ONENESS oriented

  72. kirsty says:

    freedom and truth…do YOUR thing! :)

  73. Boho to me means FUN, fulfillment, freedom and living with an open heart.

  74. Kristin says:

    To me, authenticity defines boho. It means honoring your truth, who you are at your core, and living in that truth even when it’s hard. Boho is beautiful!

  75. Taylor Cook says:

    To me, boho is about finding inner peace and harmony in a crazy hectic life. I achieve this harmony by finding beauty in every aspect of my life, I stay true to myself, I live freely and I love passionately. Beauty, Truth, Freedom and Love.

  76. Michele says:

    BOHO to me means free spirit and being your true self!

  77. Isilda says:

    Boho means beauty and freedom to be beautiful in your own right. It’s having a zest and energy for life while being completely comfortable with how you choose to go about your daily life.

  78. boho: long flowing skirts, moving to the music, lots of tie dyes and finding your own groove wherever you are. site looks great ladies! kudos

  79. Carolee says:

    Being totally you however that manifests!

  80. Jennifer says:

    Boho to me means free to be yourself…

  81. Gretchen Stelter says:

    To me, boho is all about the state of mind. It’s about being a creative, unconventional, nonconformist who accepts others as they are and life as it comes.

  82. Rebekah Bernard says:

    To me, “Boho” means love. Love for artsy fashion, love for the goodness of others, love for a natural and beautiful sense of being, and love for life! :)

  83. When I think of boho I instantly think….chic, comfy, stylish while staying true to yourself…whether it is in fashion or in life. :-)

  84. Marcy says:

    “Boho” is that feeling of being me, the real me; the me that dances in the living room and smiles at the sun. “Boho” is the feeling that I work at embracing every moment of everyday!

  85. Gwenn says:

    Boho to me means freedom–physical, spiritual, psychological. It is an expression of your love of life being free spirited, unique and peaceful! It is a beautiful expression of ones’ self through all of the arts—visual arts, dance, music…and of course…FASHION! xo LOVE Boho! Congrats on the launch! xo

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