Getting to know Sara: Boho Beauty, Inspirational Woman and Survivor

We met Sara Keeler earlier this year. We knew she had a spark she had to share from the moment she came into our community.

Here is her story.

In 2010 I became unbearably ill, desperate for answers. In 2011 doctors found I had a rare, life-threatening injury. A CSF leak (holes in the dura protecting my brain) and an eroding skull, my brain penetrating the hole.  Life would never be the same, I was painfully, yet beautifully led down a path of awakening my soul into it’s power. A strenuous, raw, unveiling of who I truly was at the core of my being.

I dealt with this, as many do when it comes to illness. I dug my nails into life, desperately clung onto what I knew – and I fought this torturous, painful injury.  All I had built of myself and life, was ripped apart, and torn down despite my efforts to hold onto my carefully constructed reality. But, by fighting, I was completely resisting, creating an energetic imbalance.  It was not what my sensitive, fragile body, or delicate heart needed – more struggle. So, I surrendered into acceptance – I nurtured myself, drenched myself with compassion. I stopped resisting life’s process, and embraced it instead. Soon, I began to see deeper.  I created, acquired, expressed and achieved in order to be accepted, loved. It is with honesty and vulnerability that I admit this. It is true within so many of us, to seek through the external. It is painful, and I can only hope to touchsomeone with my words and awaken them to their own divine love within.

When pain is so deep it brings one to tears, I see it as something to be released.  I’ve seen that I have slowly been processing energy I held deep within, from years of painful experiences. What was wounding me externally – was healing me within. My tears, were cleansing my soul. They existed to set me free, from the invisible restraints by which I was held for so long.  A force greater than I, placed me in the midst of this to strip me bare, awaken me, and allow transformation. I trusted.

Through the illness, the universe slowly helped peel away each layer of the identities I created. Eventually, leaving me vulnerable, raw, and open.  Ready to be filled with the love existing within me, but blocked for so long. I didn’t need anything external now.  I was an empty vessel, and I was filled with unconditional, divine love! The universe took me apart – only to allow me a rebirth, into a more beautiful, authentic existence – to serve, exist in love, and live my dharma.

I believe that the universe ignites flames within us. Sometimes they’re intense, always allowing a higher good to blossom. Allowing the layers we’ve unknowingly wrapped ourselves in to be released, so that we can see who we truly are, beyond labels and identities we’ve grown to exist in the confines of. One by one, we transform and create a healthier collective consciousness.

I am drawn to mala beads/crystals, after experiencing their energy. After a difficult restorative yoga class, I bought my first angel aura crystal because I was drawn to it’s beauty. It vibrated in my hands!  Afterwards, I experienced miracles in my health. My crystal never left my bedside. I can’t prove it created miracles, but I can’t prove it didn’t 😉

The earths resources for healing + creativity (always coming from the soul!) + loving intentions directly from the women at Tiny Devotions, to create, contributes to making these necklaces and stacks powerful and filled with loving, powerful energy!

I wear the Awakening Mala & the Transition stack, the moment I awake (they hang on my bed rail) – as reminders to embody my intentions, for their energetic properties and to bring my awareness into the now moment.

I am blessed to have been a part of this beautiful, light filled, community! Sending this with immense love, gratitude and positive energy! 

To support Sara or get into contact with her please visit

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