Finding Your True Path with Namaste, Heather

Namaste! I’m Heather. Around the net I’m Namaste, Heather. I’m a yoga teacher, writer, domestic goddess, mom, wife, lover, peacemaker and intention setter. At least those are some of the labels I give myself. mail-attachment

Our thoughts create our reality which is why I love the act of intention setting. Visualizing my day and setting intentions in the early morning is one way I’m able to live a life I love.

It wasn’t always this way though. In fact I used to hate my life. I wasn’t so nice. I worked for ‘the man’ and got pretty good at it. They promoted me – over and over again. I made a lot of money but I was miserable. After a long hiatus, I started practicing yoga regularly again and enrolled in teacher training. Things got better but repeatedly I’d slip back into that ‘I’m Ms. Oh So Important’ role because my life was defined by my career. I finally wised up and quit in a most radical way – at least to my parents and other ‘you must do it this way’ adults. I quit without having another job to go to. (Gasp!) I said to myself, ‘I’m just gonna teach yoga.’ Five years later, that’s exactly what I’m doing, but it’s far better than I ever could’ve imagined.

After a year of undoing and unpacking who I thought I was, plus teaching yoga all over the place and earning no money, the pieces began to fall into place. I wrote, a lot. I figured out who I really was. I was offered a job teaching yoga to enrolled students at a state college. A year later I gained employment in the writing/web development field.

Today I hold both of these jobs. In fact in 2014, I’ll expand my yoga teaching to 3 separate campuses and begin teaching yoga to athletes. My web/writing work is now completely on my terms, and I’ve developed my own business to help other yogis with their online media. LOVE.

I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not taken a leap of faith. I am so thankful that I trusted my gut instead of my head.

Over these five years, I’ve lived intentionally. Practices like meditation, yoga, writing and walks in nature keep me centered and allow me to continue to set intentions and to grow into who I’m supposed to be. tiny-devotions-malabeads-truepath-rudraksha_large

My favorite Tiny Devotions Mala is the True Path Mala because it guides me to do what I love. Connecting to my truth, making decisions that are part of that truth, living compassionately and lovingly, while striving to meet my highest potential is a lesson I learned in the process.

“If you want to know where your heart is look where your mind goes when it wanders.”


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