Confessions of a Bohemian Fashionista – Going Boho… It’s an Inside Job!

Hey Boho Beauties,

When you remember something sweet, it’s a crime not to share it.

A couple of years ago, I did a 30-day challenge. Attend yoga every day for 30 days straight. It seemed simple—all I had to do was plop my yoga mat down (back row, center), do some downward dogs and try not to wobble too much in tree pose.

It happened one evening, mid-challenge. I was sitting there post sweat, one eye open, wondering what all of these ‘yogi’s’ could be thinking about (other than grocery lists, next weeks to-do’s, or that fight they had last week.) They all just seemed so relaxed, so together.

As I left the studio, there she was.  I thought I’d seen her here before—or maybe it was at that café or in the market. In a glimpse she flashed me a crooked smile, shot a peace sign my way and danced off.

She didn’t have to say it. There was a glitter from below her eyes that told me she’d walked along the ocean’s edge, kissed an elephant in Bali and Om’d until her voice went soft. You could tell she was a light-worker. She’d been through tough situations and come out lighter and shinier.


She was so Boho.

It’s been years since I saw that girl who seemed like a real live goddess. She was practically wearing a crown. Since that sweaty night I’ve mastered my tree pose, learned to keep both eyes closed in my favorite yoga poses and most mornings I sing to myself.

It was one of those mornings today; I could feel it in the air.  Something stopped me in the mirror before I left for work. There she was staring back me, the soft glitter under her eyes, the divine intention in her smile. It hit me, hard—that boho girl is me, that boho girl is you.

I’m wearing my Divine Wisdom Mala as I think back on that night, and remembering that going boho is an inside job. So go ahead, boho goddesses, flash your beautiful smiles at a stranger and remember you’re divine.

Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia – xx

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