Wellness Wednesdays: DIY Skin Care

Welcome to Week 6 of our Wellness Wednesdays series with Ange of Hol:Fit !

Today Ange is sharing her favourite 3 Step DIY Healthy Skin Care approach with us! She’s showing us all of the DIY tips and tricks of how to get the at home Boho-glow, so check it out in the video below.


Try Ange’s DIY Recipes:

Oil Cleanser: 50% Castor Oil + 50% Avocado Oil
Mask: 50% Aztec Clay 50% water + 1 drop of doTERRA Lavender Oil
Nourishing Face Oil: 50% Jojoba + 50% Almond, doTERRA Frankensense + Cedarwood Oil

Ange Peters, the founder of Hol:Fit  is a holistic personal trainer & nutritionist, online holistic health teacher, podcaster of The Holistic Health Diary and an Ambassador for Tiny Devotions.
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Ange Peters
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  1. jessica says:

    didn’t know about that combination for oily skin! very cool.

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