How to Create the Life of Your Dreams with Papaya Wellness


Our bohemian pals at Papaya Wellness recently told us a little bit about how to live your bohemian dream lifestyle. Check out what they had to say to our team.

Let your true self shine, find your natural alignment- act from a place of balance, and calm- and joyfully expand from that place! Create the life of your dreams and do it with a smile from ear to ear, a smile from the heart.  Allow the bright fire within the center of your being to guide you along your path.

These are our mantras; happily recited with our favorite Mermaid Mala in hand (we are surfers of course)! From that perspective, our yoga practice has blossomed.

For us yoga is a lifestyle, a way of being that trickles into all aspects of life, relationships and work. We are easy breezy surfer girls and gypsy globe trotters, who have found home in a foreign and tropical land.

Yoga practice has become the constant, steady force of grace in our lives and in our business~ Papaya Wellness! Our daily practice keeps us on track. Sometimes the yoga is soft, and nourishing, offering some respite from the more stormy waves of life, and sometimes our yoga is fiery and challenging, bringing us to a place of vulnerability and ultimately a deeper sense of strength and self confidence.  Always our yoga is blissful, and with a sense of humor, a part of each day to be savored completely.

IMG_1096fxThrough regular practice slowly we begin to quiet our minds. We tune into the deeper and more subtle hum of our spirit- our inner wisdom, allowing that to be our guide through movement and actions.  Slowly we learn to listen, and to give our bodies what they really need.

We see the benefits of daily practice manifest in all things. More focus in our work, more mindfulness when relating to loved ones, and more compassion in our community, more love to share! And of course, our favorite piece of the puzzle- yoga provides us with more fluidity in the ocean. Our yoga practice allows us to flow with the waves. Not fighting the ocean and Mother Nature but rather connecting, and yielding when needed. In the ocean’s embrace we connect the body + mind + breath, it all becomes so simple.

Through our practice we learn daily to be present, mindful, and to embrace the bliss of each moment.  As our eyes begin to open to all the joy and abundance around us, we feel a deep sense of gratitude. We take time to make daily offerings of gratitude, for the small things~ for all things.

Waking up first thing, for deep and delicious yoga flows, we spend our days surfing in the waves, connecting with our community and allowing the ocean to dictate our rhythm, letting the warmth of the equatorial sun kiss our skin. We are grateful- for yoga, for our lifestyle and for the opportunity to live our dreams everyday!

With Love~ Namaste, Papaya Wellness!

radianceAbout Papaya Wellness:

India Reinartz and Carly Chivers joined forces resulting in Papaya Wellness Yoga and Surf Retreats. They are a dynamic duo of beautiful and strong surfer chicas pioneering a remote Nicaraguan village with world class waves on all sides.

A note from India & Carly:  ”We aim to deepen your well being through movement and breath, nourish your body with healthy balanced meals, and introduce you to new cultures, new people and new destinations.”

In hosting retreats Carly and India bring all elements together through yoga, community involvement, philanthropy and of course infectious positive energy. Check out their upcoming retreat dates here:



  1. Hi Jinx,

    We loved having Kristin down here and I look forward to meeting you very soon! California in the fall?

  2. Jinx Ring says:

    Love that I know Kristin experienced this retreat .. She just loved it.. Someday I hope to come and experience it myself.. It sounds wonderful!

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