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As a writer, blogger and teacher, my gift lies in my ability to communicate. It comes as zero surprise that my fifth chakra (communication) is my most open energy.

As we move into our fifth post on the chakras, we move into the ethereal energy. The first four are located in the roots of our physical body and are easily accessible with asanas (poses). The energy begins to thin and become more open to universal input as we travel along with the Kundalini energy up the spine. In some of the ancient texts, it is actually believed that Kundalini energy (the energy along the spine where the chakras travel), actually starts at the heart and not the spine, allowing for a more ethereal view on the chakras. Wherever the energy begins, Vishuddha or our throat chakra is definitely the beginning of our higher consciousness and our upper chakras.

Communication can be tricky as it has so many meanings. It is the spoken and written word, which now includes text letter-tiny-devotions-writingmessages, social media and email. These new technologies leave much room for misinterpretation and miscommunication. On top of all this, we communicate with loved ones past; we wish, we pray and we manifest to a higher power as well as freezing communications during arguments or when society tells us we are no longer allowed to communicate a particular idea.

This is why for so many boho babes the fifth chakra is the most easily blocked energy. The business owner who holds her tongue in front of a rude customer, the sister who is estranged, or the wife who lost her husband in combat; often times the things we wish we could say are stuck in our throats and our hearts. This is why I love to suggest an opening technique as one of my many suggestions to the women I work with on self-love.

Write a letter. With EVERYTHING you have ever wanted to say on a particular subject. Every single thing you can think of. Anger, joy, sorrow, love, laughter, hate. Whatever emotion begins to arise, continue writing in your stream of consciousness and allow the words to flow.

Once you have entirely purged all you need to say, rid yourself of the letter. Do not send it to the person you’re angry with or yell into the heavens. Allow yourself to burn the letter and then release the ashes into the woods or the sea. Chant these words: OM GUM GANAPATEYI NAMAHA. It is a chant to Ganesha who is the remover of obstacles. He will allow this message to go out into the universe for you and allow these words to be released from your throat chakra energy

When this chakra is blocked: When this chakra is blocked you may feel tightness in your shoulders, experience neck injuries or even experience problems with your jaw and teeth. You may have a thyroid condition, get frequent colds or sinus pressure. Sometimes our breathing suffers (pneumonia, shortness of breath etc). In public, you are soft spoken about a particular subject, but to yourself or in private you experience a completely different (often heated) emotion.

When this chakra is open: You feel free to speak your mind and are often able to breathe with ease. You neck feels open and fish pose is easily obtainable for you. If this chakra is a bit too open, you may be chastised for speaking your mind too freely or often. People who have open throat chakras are usually in fields that require difficult communication: lawyers, writers, creative artists etc.

How to open: Use the releasing ceremony above by writing your emotions onto a piece of paper and then burning it in order to let go of anything that no longer serves you. Use crystals in your purse or on your desk at work. Surround yourself with the color blue.

Crystals:  Turquoise, aquamarine, sapphire, sodalite.

Color: Blue. Allow yourself to wear blue more often, place clouds in your work or home environment and add in this color to as much of your environment as you can imala-beads-tiny-devotionsf you feel any stuck energy around communication. Wearing your new vishuddha mala with its vibrant colors will also give you a much needed boost.

Sound: Ham (a long A sound). Ethereal, choral or airy music.

Poses: Fish pose, neck rolls, shoulder releases.

Element: Ether

Location: Throat

Vishuddha is one of the most difficult energies to keep open in the line of our chakras and is something we often need to work on continuously. Allow yourself a break and tap into a deep pranayama (breath) practice. Deep breathing can begin to heal, open your heart and open the energy within your throat immediately. Try alternate nostril breathing to balance out your internal energies before you go to sleep or moments before that big meeting in order to give yourself a sense of balance and calm.

tiny-devotions-yogaJenny Ravikumar is a yoga teacher, blogger and studio owner of Barefoot Yoga Shala. As a teacher and self-proclaimed boho mermaid, Jenny has been bringing her yoga lifestyle knowledge to the online world for years through her blog, jennyravikumar.com. She specializes in helping women dig deeply into self-love & care, while also explaining yoga philosophy and love on her blog and through her courses/private online groups. You can catch her teaching 6 days a week in Massachusetts or pouring love all over the internet 24 hours a day.

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