Karma. Every action has a reaction. Good deeds and good seeds lead to positive future effects and the opposite lead to suffering.

Your intentions affect your actions. If you take full responsibility of your thoughts, beliefs and actions – you take accountability for your reality.

There are believed to be 3 different types of karma:
Instant Karma (Parabda): How you act now affects your current or instant karma. Instant means the next few minutes, days, or months.
Acculumlated Karma (Sanchitta): This is Karma from earlier in your life as well as potentially past lives.
Future Karma (Agami): Unresolved Karma in the present can lead to future Karma.

Remember, karma can be both good and bad. It’s like a bank account. If you haven’t built up good karma start today:

1. Speak positive words
2. Be generous (with your time, thoughts, money and possessions)
3. Meditate
4. Be non judgmental and forgiving
5. Be a reflective student of life. Reflect on the lessons you have learned.
6. Think positively and be a beacon of good energy and vibes.
7. Love yourself. When you start with yourself you will love others deeper.
8. Connect – meet your neighbours, become friends with your dry cleaner – go deeper in the relationships you have with people you see each week.

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