Let It Flow


Flow. Being “in the flow”. This means living in the beautiful place somewhere in between boredom and anxiety. Somewhere in the middle lies “the flow”.

This is the place where you are working with ease – you’re not lazy but you aren’t burning out. Just a perfect amount of doors are opening – you’re not overwhelmed with opportunities, its just right. You sleep peacefully at night, you have energy during the day, you meet friends serendipitously wherever you go, you’re living your purpose, you’re abundant, you’re playful, you feel healthy, life is just…. mmmmmmm.

Here’s our top 5 ways to flow through your life {or get into the flow}

1. Choose to spend your life doing work you love. If you don’t want to be a laywer even if the pay is good – don’t do it. Create another path – work with dogs for a living, become an artist, write books, do landscaping… whatever is calling your heart for work – do that. So much of our time on earth is spent working – do what you love – if you don’t know what that is – dedicate your free time to find it!

2. Create sacred alone time every day. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours for all you introverts out there. Being in the flow is a result of being connected to who you are. If you don’t spend time be yourself you aren’t building this deep inner relationship and not hearing your inner murmurs of direction and longing. Danielle LaPorte would call it Desire!

3. Create Space. You need rest time and you need it likely more than you think. Don’t overplan – leave a few nights a week that you can be spontaneous – where life can fill in the blanks. If you don’t have space then nothing unplanned can happen. There is a way greater plan out there than you can dream up for yourself so make sure you leave room on the canvas for it.

4. Practice vinyasa flow (ok any yoga will do). There is something about doing a vinyasa flow class that gets you in the flow – you become in-tune – you feel the ocean inside of you – you feel connected! Other ways to do this outside of yoga is to go get an ocean inspired massage or go for a walk near water.

5. Play everyday. When you take on a relaxed and playful attitude you are more open and receptive to the flow. Laugh, sing, dance, play. When something out of the ordinary or accidental happens – roll with it. If you open the “wrong door” stay for awhile. Sometimes the silliest things in life lead to the most epic, beautiful stories… don’t be too serious and miss the playful moments that lead to magic.

Lots of love and flow from tinydevotions.com xx

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