An interview with Megan from OhmCulture

OhmCulture is home to a group of inspired wellness warriors. Their Chicago Studio, designed to calm the senses and focus the mind, hosts a large practice space with some of the best teachers Chicago has to offer and a separate meditation space.

Their motto? “We don’t do yoga, we live yoga.”


What is your most memorable yoga moment?
That is such a unique question! I’ve actually never thought about this before. I guess my most memorable yoga moment was in my early introduction to yoga in college. I was 18, and I forget how but I stumbled upon a little Kundalini Yoga Center in my college town at Indiana University. I was intrigued by this pre-sunrise yoga session, so I stumbled into this low-lit wooden room at 4am. This was before yoga pants were stylish, and few people had yoga mats. It was just me, a couple devotees, a guru, chanting, incense, meditation and an inexplicable sense of connection. It was quite the immersive first-time yoga experience, but I found it absolutely magical and sacred.

What inspires you?
My most inspirational moments have been traveling. Traveling to foreign countries, particularly with no destination or plan. Even just being on an airplane really puts me into a flow-state. Those have been the most inspirational and influential moments of my life. Im also inspired by knowledge, human stories, authenticity and unabashed creative genius.


How did you find Yoga?
I went to Indiana University Bloomington, and the campus boasted a really incredible array of worldly and cultural immersions. My first formal introduction to yoga was an old Victorian-style home turned Kundalini Center that I cant even remember the name of. I dont remember how I found it. I later started frequenting a small, local Buddhist monastery. My yoga journey started in meditation, contrary to current trends. I recall finding yoga on a gym schedule to be odd because at the time I didnt have much exposure to Asana. That came later, and having worked in politics for many years, yoga as a career came much later as well.

What is your fave Mala?
I’ve already started a nice little Mala collection, but I’m still drawn to my Tiffany Cruikshank Mala, which was my first. I got it in the midst of opening OhmCulture, while I was simultaneously moving into a condo with my boyfriend, traveling to Costa Rica and turning 30 all in a matter of a month. I was all in my head, and the grounding properties of the Fire Agate and Labradorite attracted me. I find myself unconsciously pressing the guru bead to my lips or chest when in deep-thought or making a big decision. I still don’t know why.

Any encouraging words for the community?
I think confidence in your own authenticity and truth is the most attractive thing in a human. And, I don’t necessarily mean attractive in the commonly used sense, although that’s true as well. I mean that it attracts you to things you need and attracts things that need you, to you. The whole concept of manifesting and the “law of attraction” really starts with knowing your Self deeply…the greater Self, out beyond ego or perception. My advice is be authentic and give the Universe permission to let things fall into place.

Megan Trusnik
Owner, OhmCulture

When she’s not nurturing and supporting her Tribe at OhmCulture, Megan is traveling, boxing, crafting concoctions with her juicer and being an unabashed cat-lady.


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