Accessorize this Fall with Sseko Designs & Tiny Devotions! Giveaway

What are your favorite things about Fall? Is it the red and orange hues that begin to cover the landscape? Your first sip of hot apple cider? Or wearing your favorite Fall boots and scarves? There are too many things that we love about Fall that we wanted to spread the love and make sure you are accessorized with Tiny Devotions and Sseko Designs!

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8 Bohemian Fall Fashion Must Haves

As the leaves change color, we are forced to take a look with-in ourselves. To gather perspective on the ways we’ve grown over the past season, and how we can take this growth and transition beautifully into the fall. Here are a few ideas to keep that inner beauty that you have cultivated over the summer months flourishing into the fall.

Set your intentions on embracing the changing seasons. Autumn brings an entirely new opportunity to experience the transformational beauty of the environment around you. The Tabula Rasa Mala sets your energy to welcome bold new experiences.

With your intentions set on embracing the new experiences brought on by the changing seasons you need to protect the energy you’ve accumulated over the summer. Hold on to the sunshine you’ve soaked in. Trap that warmth inside you and let it radiate outward with the Word for Word cardigan by Billabong.

On top of holding onto the warmth, you need to maintain your sense of adventure. There is a tendency to fall into hibernation mode when the wind starts to blow cold. The world is still very much alive, and full of beauty during the fall months. Protect yourself from the elements, and experience the beauty nature has to offer during this time of transition with the Goa Scarf.

You’ve set your intention on opening your self up to exploration and excitement. To continue to moving forward with your summer momentum, you need to keep your feet warm and protected. The Cozy Sweater Tall sock by Free People is a perfect first line of defense. Compliment your foot cozies with a pair of Double Fringe Tramper Boots by Minnetonka Moccasins and move with beauty and confidence through the autumn months. Accessorize this free moving bohemian look with an Escote Lasercut Scalloped Crossbody Bag from Urban Outfitters.

The only thing left to do is go out in the world and enjoy. Take a walk in the park, play in the falling leaves, and breathe in the essence of new beginnings. However, never forget the importance of reflection. After an amazing day take the time to curl up with people you love and share your energy in a Wildfield Quilt by Anthropologie.

Your inner radiance is safe, and your warmth has taken the place of the summer sun. Your intentions are set on ushering in the new season with openarms and a receptive soul. The Transition Stack puts your intentions on display. Your imagination and creativity will flow freely like the autumn leaf drifting gently to the ground. Embrace the changing season, and experience your true potential.

5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing a Mala

There is nothing we love more then when our community shares the same values and passions as we do. Angela Kukhahn is one of those lovely ladies. Here are the 5 reasons she believes you should wear mala beads.

1. It is a reminder of the infinite in the midst of the mundane. When I wear my mala it is a reminder of something true and good, regardless of whatever else may be happening at that moment. It reminds me to take the high road, even during those times when let’s be honest, I would rather kick someone in the shins. It reminds me that there are forces greater than me working together for my good. That I am a spiritual being in this human experience. That even though I may not see it at the moment things are working out exactly as they should.

2. They have healing qualities. My Tiny Devotions Mala is made of Rudraksha beads and the Guru Bead is an Amethyst. They say that crystals choose you, and in my case I am starting to believe it is true. This is the third Amethyst that I have been given this year. They are said to have a spiritual quality to them aiding in meditation, restful sleep, conquering addiction and healing of all types.
3. They are stylish and beautiful and add a bohemian flair to any outfit you put on. I am constantly in yoga clothes, in fact without yoga clothes on people barely even recognize me. Sometimes it is challenging to look stylish and cute when you are constantly wearing some type of spandex and sweating all day. A beautiful mala is just the thing to add a little flair to any outfit whether you are teaching a yoga class or headed out for the evening.
4. They are excellent for meditation adding a tangible and tactile way to count your breaths or chants. I am a bit of a baby meditator and have only been meditating now since last October. As anyone that has tried meditating knows staying present is hard work! One minute you are meditating and the next thing you know your mind has wandered and you are obsessing over what you are going to make for dinner later. Malas have  long been used to keep the hands busy and help to focus the mind by running your fingers over each bead as you meditate, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…you get the idea.
5. Stones create a magnetic field that our body responds to. Crystal healing works on the electromagnetic field around the body, known as the aura.  Any form of disharmony or disease in our lives can cause blockages or other disturbances in our aura, which may eventually manifest as illness and dis-ease in the body. Wearing a crystal balances your electromagnetic field keeping your body happy and healthy.


To find your own beautiful mala check out!
Angela Kukhahn
Instagram @ajoyfulyoga
Facebook KukhahnYoga
Twitter KukhahnYoga
YouTube ajoyfulyoga

Feature Studio: Country Zen Hot Yoga

We had the chance to connect with Country Zen Hot Yoga, a buddhaful yoga studio in the Village of Schomberg, King Township, Ontario. Here is all about what inspires them and how they empower their community.


What inspires you?
Putting our creative energy into an inviting, safe space for our community to take refuge. It is also the chance to teach what we love everyday. Everyone comes from different walks of life but when we all come together to breath and let go, it truly shows that we are all equal, we are all imperfectly perfect, we are all in this together.


What is your most memorable moment?
Our memorable moment is an ongoing journey of experiencing aha! moments with our students. Letting the tears flow at the end of class, floating in bakasana for the first time, coming to the realization they have a tight psoas…the list goes on and on! Another highlight was our 1st Anniversary/Earth Hour Candlelit Karma Class this past March. Seeing people come together is such a powerful force.


How did you find Yoga?
Yoga found us as a compliment to our athletic routines in a gym setting. Quickly we realized there was much more to this ancient practice – breathwork, drawing inward, concentration, meditation, connection: the start of devoted studio practice, teacher training and creating our own space. What a blessing to be able to share this joy with those around us!


What is your fave Mala?
We LOVE the beauty and symbolism of the Guardian Mala. Very reminiscent of the guardian angel pendants our father gave us when we were just little ones. A little token to protect and guide you on all of life’s journeys.


Any encouraging words for the community?
Take the time each day to come back to yourself, to be in a natural state. Whether it’s unrolling your mat or sipping your favorite tea, do something that makes your heart sing. And nature, enjoy the awe of our natural world, beauty is everywhere if we choose to see it <3

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Living Pretty, Naturally

Get to know Kate, a beauty products fan- natural ones that is.

Who Am I? 

Who Am I? Well, I’m a bit of a paradox. They say, “Wherever your head goes when you have a spare moment, that is where your heart is”. While I don’t have many spare moments, whenever I do, I am on my mat. I am a yogi at heart and also, a passionate blogger. I write about wellness, natural skincare & cosmetics, and of course, yoga – you can find my online home at Living Pretty, Naturally. While I do all this out of love, the paradox comes in because I equally love my, what I would classify as, “the other side of the yogic spectrum” job. I am a businesswoman by day, with a hectic schedule and a love for big challenges – the kind that make your heard hurt.

Why I was Brought to the Mat:

What first brought me to a mat was a broken leg that wouldn’t heal. After months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation I still wasn’t getting anywhere fast (literally). I did some sessions of reconnective healing (a practice with similarities to reiki) and my practitioner suggested I try yoga. And so became my love of yoga. But I wouldn’t say this is what kept me there. While yoga healed my body, it also healed my soul, calmed my mind and brought a sense of peace with every practice.  No matter what challenges or difficulties transpire, as soon as I connect with my mat (both physically or figuratively speaking), I know I have the power to get through and find peace. It’s that connection to spirituality and faith that keeps me there.

My Inspirations: 

Growing up, I spent a lot of time on the ocean. At an age where most children won’t sit still, I was content sitting and watching the waves for hours. The ocean still captivates me and is a place where I feel I am renewed every time. It is a place that inspires me to reconnect, slow down and give thanks.

While Mother Nature inspires to no end, I would also have to say my family. The unconditional love we have for one another is something that I cherish dearly. It inspires me to bring that kind of love into every area of my life. 

What advice do you have for boho yogis out there?

I have two bits of advice. The first is simple: at least once in your life, travel to a foreign country alone. It will open your eyes in ways you couldn’t imagine and connect you with people that will impact your life in the most amazing of ways.


Second: I think it is easy to forget that yoga is a “practice”. Yoga never was, and never will be, perfect. That’s the beauty of it. It’s a place free from judgment, full of love and complete acceptance. The sooner one gives into the notion of practice, the more fulfilled his or her yoga journey becomes.

Favourite Mala:

My favourite mala is the Luminous Mala. The combination of amethyst and white jade make it a mighty one. The amethyst is soothing and calming but is combined with the white jade which helps you reset and refocus on what matters in life – the most pure and basic necessity.  When you act with a calm mind and focused heart the possibilities are endless.

Where you can connect with me: 
Instagram: @livingprettynaturally

Boho Lifestyle

Tiny Devotions Lifestyle Video – HD
Tiny Devotions Lifestyle Video

8 things I love this summer with Virginie

Summer is not over yet! This is definitely my favorite season of the year. I love summer activities, being outside and although I am not a “fashionista” I quite love summer trends. With a little tan, I feel carefree and I’m attracted to everything that reminds me of California! So I decided to make a small list of things I love. Enjoy !

    1. Tiny Devotions : Canadian boho-chic jewelry made out of precious stone with a signification. The perfect piece of jewelry for those who love yoga or are looking for something different. Let me tell you that it looks magical when worn with a maxi-dress. Moreover, each time I wear it I think about my intentions and I feel empowered.
    2. Have you heard about SUP-Yoga lately? Stand-up paddle is THE summer sport, adding yoga to it is what makes it even better! This sport allows us to discover new landscapes, appreciate the present
      moment and work our stabilizing muscles.
    3. Colored shorts! They are so many this summer and it’s super cute with loose tops. Of course it motivates us to do more squats!
    4. Outside Bootcamp/fitness/yoga. Isn’t it amazing to practice or workout in nature? Find a class near you and get your free dose of vitamin D.
    5. It’s super important to protect our eyes, so why not do it with style! Oakley‘s Daisy Chain or Holbrook are incredibles, useful and trendy.
    6. Beach Babe 2 DVD from the Tone it Up girls! They are super inspiring and their DVD is perfect to feel on vacation in Hawaii even during the rainy days.
    7. Kronobar. I discovered these bars lately and they are delicious. This is a super healthy snack and easy to bring with you while traveling or in your sport bag. These are also great after an intense workout. Bonus: they are made in Montreal!
    8. Local markets. Fruits and vegetables taste better and it’s so much fun to speak with the workers.

Let me know what inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle this summer. What are your favorites recipes, styles or activities? I can’t wait to discover even more fun things to do!


Connect with Virginie:

If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed.

Boho Lifestyle

Aimee from Orra Active on Boho Daily

I believe in destiny. I believe that we all have one. The universe works in mysterious ways and guides us by its own instruments. It can be difficult to navigate the tough times and remain centered. It’s during times of perceived failure that lower vibrations seem most real. We can become our own worst enemy and impede our path to what we want most.

I was recently in this space. My mind created such powerful doubt that I questioned the universe, why is it so hard? Why are things not lining up? What are you tryingto tell me? Crest fallen and heartbroken I began to loose sight.

In 2004, bright eyed and full of euphoria from yoga teacher training I set out to start a yoga apparel line. I had never sewn a stitch, knew nothing of the process and naively thought, how hard could it be? I’ll just Google it right? I figured if this was my destiny than everything would fall into place as it had so many times in the past.

Initially things came easy, I had support and enthusiasm from friends and family. I met the right people and doors began to open, I was well on my way, so I thought. Slowly things began to derail and the road got bumpy, then really bumpy.

My faith was being tested, and I began to question. It started taking a toll on me, having to continually hoist myself up out of the hole I created daily by worry and doubt.

Watching the secret for the100th time wasn’t changing the frequency of my thoughts. I was faking it and therefore I wasn’tmaking it. I had resigned that my dream was but a dream and put it on a shelf. I would polish it every now and then reminiscing about the good old days when I was full of explosive possibility.

One fateful day I heard myself speaking. I leaned into the advice I was offering my students. Start from where you are. Work with what you have. Try again. Dig deep. Show up. Be all of who you are. Be seen. It was an Ah-ha moment.

I realized I was focused on the results, looking to the final product for confirmation. I was avoiding what the universe was asking of me. There was something bigger seeking to be expressed. I let my fear of not being perfect, of not being received, and not being accepted bring everything to a stand still.


It takes guts to go after your dreams. It requires vulnerability and a willingness to be cracked wide open, to let go of all that holds us back. You go to your edge to fulfill your destiny. In creating Oraa I realized my potential. I wear the White Jade Mala as a steady reminder of what is possible.

Orra Active is a USA made women’s active wear company based in Kauai. Orra has many sustainable practices and dedicates proceeds to the preservation of wildlife and habitat conservation.

Find out more + Follow Orra Active:



Our Favourites | Sseko Designs

We love sharing other products, people and companies we love – especially ones that are moving mountains in Uganda.

Sseko Designs uses fashion to provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty.

Female students in Uganda, due to a lack of economic opportunity, are not able to continue on to university and pursue leadership positions in society.

Sseko Designs provides employment during the 9 month gap between high school and university where high potential young women are able to earn and save enough money to pay for college tuition. 50% of their salary each month goes into a savings account that is not accessible until tuition is due. This ensures that their income goes towards education. This also protects the women in our program from the social pressure they often feel from their families to give away the money the are earning which can perpetuate the cycle of poverty. At the end of each term, Sseko Designs grants university scholarships that match up to 100% of the savings each woman has made during her 9 month session with Sseko.”

Need we say much else.

Richelle got a chance to hear the founder speak at the What If Conference in Portland, OR. Totally moved by the intention behind this company, Richelle came back with a fire to tell everyone about the fearless efforts behind Sseko.

(It also helps that the sandals are super duper cute.)