Karma. Every action has a reaction. Good deeds and good seeds lead to positive future effects and the opposite lead to suffering.

Your intentions affect your actions. If you take full responsibility of your thoughts, beliefs and actions – you take accountability for your reality.

There are believed to be 3 different types of karma:
Instant Karma (Parabda): How you act now affects your current or instant karma. Instant means the next few minutes, days, or months.
Acculumlated Karma (Sanchitta): This is Karma from earlier in your life as well as potentially past lives.
Future Karma (Agami): Unresolved Karma in the present can lead to future Karma.

Remember, karma can be both good and bad. It’s like a bank account. If you haven’t built up good karma start today:

1. Speak positive words
2. Be generous (with your time, thoughts, money and possessions)
3. Meditate
4. Be non judgmental and forgiving
5. Be a reflective student of life. Reflect on the lessons you have learned.
6. Think positively and be a beacon of good energy and vibes.
7. Love yourself. When you start with yourself you will love others deeper.
8. Connect – meet your neighbours, become friends with your dry cleaner – go deeper in the relationships you have with people you see each week.

Lots of love and good karma from tinydevotions.com xx



Let It Flow


Flow. Being “in the flow”. This means living in the beautiful place somewhere in between boredom and anxiety. Somewhere in the middle lies “the flow”.

This is the place where you are working with ease – you’re not lazy but you aren’t burning out. Just a perfect amount of doors are opening – you’re not overwhelmed with opportunities, its just right. You sleep peacefully at night, you have energy during the day, you meet friends serendipitously wherever you go, you’re living your purpose, you’re abundant, you’re playful, you feel healthy, life is just…. mmmmmmm.

Here’s our top 5 ways to flow through your life {or get into the flow}

1. Choose to spend your life doing work you love. If you don’t want to be a laywer even if the pay is good – don’t do it. Create another path – work with dogs for a living, become an artist, write books, do landscaping… whatever is calling your heart for work – do that. So much of our time on earth is spent working – do what you love – if you don’t know what that is – dedicate your free time to find it!

2. Create sacred alone time every day. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours for all you introverts out there. Being in the flow is a result of being connected to who you are. If you don’t spend time be yourself you aren’t building this deep inner relationship and not hearing your inner murmurs of direction and longing. Danielle LaPorte would call it Desire!

3. Create Space. You need rest time and you need it likely more than you think. Don’t overplan – leave a few nights a week that you can be spontaneous – where life can fill in the blanks. If you don’t have space then nothing unplanned can happen. There is a way greater plan out there than you can dream up for yourself so make sure you leave room on the canvas for it.

4. Practice vinyasa flow (ok any yoga will do). There is something about doing a vinyasa flow class that gets you in the flow – you become in-tune – you feel the ocean inside of you – you feel connected! Other ways to do this outside of yoga is to go get an ocean inspired massage or go for a walk near water.

5. Play everyday. When you take on a relaxed and playful attitude you are more open and receptive to the flow. Laugh, sing, dance, play. When something out of the ordinary or accidental happens – roll with it. If you open the “wrong door” stay for awhile. Sometimes the silliest things in life lead to the most epic, beautiful stories… don’t be too serious and miss the playful moments that lead to magic.

Lots of love and flow from tinydevotions.com xx

Whats In Her Boho Bag with MB LaRue

She’s a yoga teacher + life coach, as well as a lover of avocados, French press coffee, hip hop, Mala Beads and dogs – especially her lovable English bulldog Rosy. Mary Beth Larue is the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss a yoga + goals movement inspiring and empowering others to live their yoga both on and off their yoga mats.



We caught up with MB to find out whats in her bag!

my iPad mini: My husband surprised me with this gift last Christmas and I carry it with me everywhere. It’s chock full of all of my favorite music (Lapsley, Erykah Badu, Bonobo), my favorite books (anything by Byron Katie plus a billion other books) and notes for my classes, retreats, blogs, etc. It’s a creative Virgo’s dream come true!
Stinky Yogi’s Pranayama Blend: I am obsessed with this blend of essential oil by my girl Stacey. The blend is peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon.
my Rock Your Bliss mala: I love the mala Jacki and I designed with Tiny Devotions. My favorite stone is the Howlite guru stone which influences you to release stress and let go of negativity so you can create space in your heart and mind for love, creativity + bliss. The stone inspires us to receive wisdom and attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine. And the mala is GORGEOUS. (ya… we totally agree MB! :))
my red, tattered, so-loved Moleskine notebook: Oh man, this notebook has been loved up. It’s full of class sequences, musings, to-do lists, etc. I love looking through it. And the back pocket is stuffed with notes, things ripped out of magazines, etc.
my headphones: I adore my noise cancellation headphones for solo coffee shop dates. It says “I’m focused, no chit chat.” :)
my Moo business cards: You know how some people get offended by the question, “So what do you do?” I find this the juiciest question ever and am absolutely never offended. I love hearing what people are passionate about and what lights them up. And I’m always into building community. (Except in a coffee shop with my head phones on. :) )
my Ganesha keychain: I’ve had a Ganesha keychain in my bag for 9 years and have lost it several times and always find it. Ganesha is a Hindu deity and the remover of obstacles and I like to think that he’s working for me all the time.
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Just Add Bliss

When you own a company called Rock Your Bliss you are kinda held accountable to, ya know, rock that bliss. That being said, we don’t wake up every single day bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the day. We no doubt have our slumps. But these are our top three tried and true ways to shortcut our way to bliss. Let us know what you think and share your own in the comments below.

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#1 Infuse Intention.
When we’re not operating from a space of intention, we’re relying on our habitual ways of being. “Getting by,” if you will. Infuse intention into everything you do. How do you decide on the intention? First ask yourself what you want more of in your life. Creativity, playfulness, compassion. Then operate from that soul space.
#2 Move your body.
Jacki is a runner and a lover of yin yoga. MB is currently digging meditation, CrossFit and an occasional Pilates ass kicking. Whatever gets you out of your head and into your body (hello, dance party!) is all good. Just play.
#3 Unplug.
Leave your phone at home and go for a long walk with your pup, a hike in the mountains or along the shore. Look around. Observe. Instant dose of creativity and spaciousness.

Want bliss? Join MB and Jacki in Sayulita, Mexico October 10-17 for a transformational week in their favorite place on the planet. Amidst ocean breezes, expect life changing conversation, sweaty yoga sessions and blissed out evenings on the sand. @marybethlarue and @jackicarr designed a program that will uplift and inspire, and create big shifts in your daily life. At the same time, enjoy a vacay in a tropical paradise – surfing, snorkeling and sipping margaritas.Space is limited so snag your spot fast.


How To Host a Full Moon Party


…By hosting a Full Moon Party!


The energy of the new moon brings about a perfect time to energize your crystals, set new intentions, and cast away anything that no longer serves you. Full moons are symbolic of turning points, manifestations + closure.


During a Full Moon, the Moon is on the exact opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, bringing us a brightly lit spectacle. People used to plant, hunt, fish and even move by the seasons and cycles of the moon.

Living by the natural cycles of the universe and can keep you grounded and in a flow of abundance. Here are some simple steps to throwing your own Full Moon party:


1. Pick your venue:
Are you hosting the party in your home or outside? Lanterns, fairy lights, sparkly tinsel and starry decorations add moon-vibes to your indoor space. Drape your space in silver + white accents to bring light to outdoor settings. 
Tealight candles or a burning fireside will add a soft glow until the moonlight shines upon your party.


2. Recruit your Full Moon crew:
Rally together friends + family who motivate you, spark your soul and bring awareness. Invite those who may not be as spiritually advanced, too. You might be surprised and impressed by their Full Moon manifestations. 


3. Gather supplies:
Make sure you have everything you need for you + your guests to feel comfortable. Grab some note pads and pens for guests to manifest their intentions – or release baggage – by writing it down. After writing your intentions down, go around your circle of friends and share. Set up crystal grids with gemstones to direct cosmic energy towards a certain goal.
Cleanse your gemstones by placing them outside in the moonlight, or burn candles + smudge sticks to symbolize something you’re letting go of. Tarot cards are also a fun, spiritual activity you might wish to include.


4. Set the mood:
Cushions, blankets, incense burning, fire crackling. Play some soft, inspiring music and snack on fresh, detoxifying foods. Take your tribe on a stroll to watch the moon (or howl away!)


5. Place your written intentions somewhere sacred:

Perhaps it’s under your pillow, or placed neatly within a spiritual crystal altar. By writing your intentions down and verbally sharing them with friends, you hold yourself accountable to achieve them. The best part of this? It’s proven you’re actually more likely to achieve goals set this way. Take the time until the next New Moon or Full Moon to reflect upon how far you’ve come and what needs work.

We’ve put together the perfect kit for cleansing your gemstones! Check out the Full Moon Party Activation Kit



The 3 Most Common Mistakes That Block Your Success (and how to fix them)

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Gabby Bernstein discusses the 3 most common mistakes that block your success and how to fix them.


Over the years I’ve witnessed countless people in my community step into their power and gain the confidence to lead and serve. When they embrace their leadership, they often feel called to turn their purpose into their profession. People from all walks of life hear the call: Bankers, publicists and lawyers alike want to bring spiritual principles into their own lives and practice.

You may be thinking, “That’s great and all … but how can I earn a living as a spiritual teacher?!” Or maybe you’re slammed with another common limiting thought: “It’s not spiritual to charge for my work.”

My friend, New York times best selling author Gabrielle Bernstein, busts those myths in this new free training video! In it, she teaches the 3 most common mistakes that block you from running a spiritual business and how to fix them. Watch the video to learn how you can earn money for your healing work.

Here’s what you can expect from this free training:

  • Bust the myth that it’s not spiritual to earn for your great work!
  • Get Gabby’s step-by-step process for running a successful spiritual business.
  • Find out the 3 most common mistakes that block you from running a spiritual business — and how to fix them.

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The Bohemian Goddess at Tiny Devotions.

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Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital


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We’re excited to announce that we’ve partenered with the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital!Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be gifting 3 training videos on how to be an authentic leader + run a spiritual business. These videos are epic!

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What are your conversation with yourself?


What do the conversations with yourself sound like?
Are they beautiful? Encouraging? Inspiring? Gentle?
Do you affirm yourself or do you cut yourself down? 

You’re gorgeous!
You’re brilliant!
You can do this!
Wow, you’re so wonderful.
You’re amazing!
I’m going to make this happen!
I’m so lucky.
Life is so beautiful.
How can I be so blessed?

What are your conversation with yourself?

What are the thoughts that continuously show up? Are you being mindful of them? Are you enhancing them? Are you reframing them? Are you feeding your mind the thoughts that you want to think? That will create the reality you want to create?

Love and beautiful thoughts from tinydevotions.com xx

108 things we want to share with you



108 things we want to share with you.

1. Life is short (live it)
2. Giving is receiving.
3. You heal in quiet and solitude. 
4. You are never alone.
5. Forgive yourself.
6. Chocolate is not a bad word.
7. No dream is too weird.
8. To do yoga, you don’t have to “do” yoga.
9. You are loved.
10. The purpose of life is whatever you want it to be.
11. You will never regret a workout.
12. You will never say you travelled too much.
13. Express yourself.
14. Call people you love and haven’t spoken to for awhile.
15. If you love someone, tell them.
16. If it feels wrong, it’s probably wrong.
17. You can be a hippy at heart and wear a business suit each day.
18. Wine is made of fruit. (that said)
19. Bras are overrated (especially on weekends)
20. Art is whatever you think it is.
21. Feel your feet settle into the earth each day.
22. Get in your body and stay there.
23. There are no rules.
24. Anything green is probably a good idea.
25. Turn off your computers and phones as much as possible.
26. Go to the beach. (and don’t bring your phone)
27. Paint something (anything will work)
28. Write something (a journal will do perfectly)
29. That thing that scares you, try it.
30. Take singing lessons (or whatever other lesson you long to try)
31. Meditate (or atleast attempt to once in awhile)
32. Take steps towards freedom each day.
33. Live with less. (get rid of clutter in all aspects of your life)
34. Get a life coach. Just do it and you will understand.
35. Have a flight booked somewhere at all times
36. Always have another girlfriend date planned
37. Surprise people with things/experiences
38. Carry a water bottle.
39. Recycle, compost, conserve.
40. Best honest with yourself.
41. Be honest with others.
42. Know when to walk away from anything
43. Know when to stick it out.
44. Listen to your heart
45. Play
46. Forgive them.
47. Laugh
48. Play board games.
49. Take long walks.
50. Go on spiritual journeys.
51. Write hand written letters to people.
52. Look in the mirror and talk to yourself here and there.
53. Live somewhere else for a bit.
54. Carry a book.
55. Carry a crystal (or 3)
56. Actually USE your mala beads.
57. Hustle.
58. Think bigger.
59. Cry. Really let yourself cry.
60. Talk it out.
61. Hang out in nature.
62. Aspire to be wise
63. Create a sacred space.
64. Create boundaries that work for you.
65. Embrace change
66. Dance.
67. Diffuse essential oils.
68. Do something extremely generous for someone else.
69. Save your money (put a certain % away each month)
70. Always be learning.
71. Do something crazy (Trapeze will do)
72. Use your vacation time.
73. Call your parents, siblings and family members.
74. Host dinner parties.
75. Plant something.
76. Cook. Bake. Create something in the kitchen.
77. Go to local markets.
78. Speak your mind.
79. Chat with strangers in coffee shops.
80. Invest.
81. Enter a contest or buy a lottery ticket just once.
82. Get a massage or reflexogy treatment. Release.
83. Soften
84. Believe in yourself.
85. Share.
86. Go on an adventure.
87. Follow your intuition.
88. Eat Dessert with no guilt.
89. Have faith.
90. If you’re struggling ask for help.
91. If you’re thriving, help someone else.
92. Hold hands.
93. Leave a legacy.
94. Kiss.
95. Love. Really, really, really love.
96. Comfort someone.
97. Random act of kindness. Do it.
98. Rest.
99. Breathe.
100. Find a mentor.
101. Mentor someone else.
102. Be in Gratitude.
103. Be empowered.
104. Splurge on something that one time.
105. Believe in magic.
106. Don’t avoid things.
107. Don’t procrastinate.
108. Never give up

Lots of love from www.tinydevotions.com

The Hamsa


You are safe. You are protected.

All is as it should be.

Pure Energy is all around you.

You are supported. You are blessed, powerful and strong.

Let the magic of the world ignite you.

Love and protection from tinydevotions.com